Chapter 5 Why does my screen look different? If you have business

Chapter 5
Why does my screen look different?
If you have business information sets saved on your computer, your list may contain data in each field.
Publisher displayed the Business Information dialog box. What should I do?
Click the New button to display the Create New Business Information Set dialog box.
Why does the Individual name text box already have a name in it?
The person or company that installed Publisher may have supplied data for the business information set. You will
replace the data in the next step.
How do you use the other commands in the list (shown in Figure 5 – 4)?
The Add Selection to Business Information Gallery command allows you to add selected text and graphics as a
Publisher building block. The More Business Information command opens the Building Block Library from which
you can add objects to your publication.
How do I delete data once it is inserted in a field?
In the Create New Business Information Set dialog box, you can select the text in the field and then press the delete
key. To remove a business information field while editing a publication, you simply delete the text box from the
publication itself; however, this does not delete it permanently from the set. You can remove entire business
information sets once they are stored; you will see how to do this later in this chapter.
Does saving the business information set also save the publication?
No, you are saving a separate, internal data file that contains only the data in the fields and the logo.
All of the words do not display in the text box. Should I fix that?
No, you will fix it in the next set of steps.
My Measurement toolbar covers up my text. How can I move it?
Drag the toolbar’s title bar to move the floating toolbar.
Should I change the value in the Rotation box?
No. A zero value is appropriate for an object that should appear straight up and down.
Does it make any difference whether I use the Font Color button on the Home tab or on the Text Box Tools Format
You may use either one. Typically, when you select text, Publisher automatically displays the Text Box Tools
Format tab, so that button would be quicker to use.
Why did the name also appear in the ‘Style for the following paragraph’ box?
Publisher assumes you will want to use the same style for subsequent paragraphs. If you want to change that
setting, you can click the ‘Style for the following paragraph’ box arrow (New Style dialog box), and then click a
different style.
Will I be able to use this style in a different publication?
Publisher attaches new styles only to the publication in which they are created; however, you can import styles
from one publication to another. The process copies all of the styles, not just the new ones.
Could I use the Format Painter to copy the formatting attributes?
Yes, you can edit the formatting either way.
Why am I setting the font before I type?
It is easier to set it before typing than to select all of the text later and then set the font.
What does the Default button do?
When you click the Default button, the current settings for date and time are chosen automatically every time you
insert the date or time.
Why is my date different?
Checking the Update automatically check box causes Publisher to access your computer’s system date. The
publication will display your current date.
My search produced no results. What should I do?
Your file should be the most recent and appear at the top of the list, provided you saved the publication recently. If
your file is not displayed, click the ‘See more results’ button and then navigate to your storage location.
What is the difference between applying a read-only attribute and creating a Publisher template?
Publisher templates do not prevent users from saving the template with the same name, which would destroy the
default settings and user text box features. The read-only attribute keeps the file unchanged and the same for
every user.
Why is my shortcut menu different?
You may have different programs installed on your computer that affect the shortcut menu.
What does the Quickly access this number of Recent Documents check box do?
When you place a check mark in that check box and then enter a number in the box to the right, the number you
enter determines how many recent publication file names appear on the File tab, just below the Close button. They
also appear in the Recent Documents list.
Can I change the total number of publications listed in the Recent Documents list?
Yes. To do so, click the File tab to open the Backstage view. Click the Options button, click Advanced, and then
change the number in the Show this number of Recent Documents box in the Display area.
Is there a way to position the insertion point automatically for the user?
Yes. In a later chapter, you will learn how to write a macro event to help the user further with data entry.
Could I copy and paste text in a custom template?
Yes, you can perform any of the text editing techniques and use the Ribbon as much as you want.
What would happen if the file were not read-only?
Clicking the Save button would have saved the edited letter, replacing the custom template.
Why is there a different number on my title bar after the word, Publication?
Depending on how many publications you have opened or created during the current Publisher sessions, the
number will vary.
Could I use a mailing label instead of typing the address?
Yes. In later chapters, you will learn how to create both mailing labels and a mail merge for customers on a mailing
Why is the envelope displayed across two pages?
The default value for page settings is to place the envelope in landscape mode on an 8½-3-11-inch piece of paper.
The envelope will not fit, so Publisher tiles it until you change the setting.
Why does my display look different?
Your computer may not have the same PDF reader installed. In that case, the file opens with an XPS reader.
What will users see when they open the file?
A dialog box will verify that some fonts were embedded and allow the user to substitute those if necessary.
What does the Embed/Don’t Embed button do?
If you own the font but do not want others to use it, you can click to select the specific font in the list and then click
the Embed/Don’t Embed button. In that case, the Embed Font column changes from yes to no, and the Don’t
Embed button changes to the Embed button. You must select a specific font in the list to enable the button.
Will this delete the fields from the current business card?
No. It will delete only the set. All publications containing that data will remain unchanged.
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