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St Thomas CE Primary School – Year 5 Autumn Term 1 and 2 Homework Grid (Topic: Ancient Greece)
1 point
2 points
Write out the Ancient
Greek alphabet then
choose 5 English words and
write them in Ancient
Write a poem about the
solar system or one of the
planets/ the Sun in
Keep a moon diary for a
month using the template I
give you.
Write your own mnemonic
to remember the planets in
the solar system. E.g. said
= sausages are in danger.
Based on your research,
create a postcard for the
Greek Tourist Board
displaying several
different aspects of
Ancient Greece.
Design a picture to put on a
plate that displays an
aspect of life in 2014 so
the historians in the future
can discover what life was
like in the 21st century.
Personal, Social
and Emotional
Think of 6 targets that
you want to achieve by the
end of Year 5.
Think of an alternative
title for the book you are
reading and design an
alternative book cover.
Language and
Problem Solving,
Reasoning and
Knowledge and
of the World
3 points
4 points
5 points
6 points
Imagine you are stood on
The Ancient Greeks loved
Write a newspaper article
Write a myth set in Ancient
one of the 7 other planets
going to the theatre.
recounting the first moon
Greece. Use the features
in the solar system and
Write a play script
landing. Ensure you include
of a myth e.g.: mythical
have to describe what it is
(either a comedy or a
all the relevant features:
creatures, good vs. evil,
like to NASA. Do research
photo, caption, heading, bybattles, heroes, Greek
first to make sure the
line, 5w’s, quotation etc.
description is accurate and
use all the senses.
You will earn 1 point every time you bring in your maths homework. You will earn 1 point every time you either achieve full marks in the weekly maths test or improve on your
previous week’s result.
Research the effects
space has on your body.
Complete a labelled
diagram of the body
explaining the effects
Read a Greek myth &
produce a comic-strip of
the story.
Research what it was like
for children growing up in
Ancient Greece and write
a report on it.
Write a set of instructions
titled ‘How to Care for a
_______’ selecting the pet
(e.g. dog, cat, hamster,
horse, fish) of your choice.
You don’t have to own the
animal (better if you don’t
but do research instead.)
Read the interviews
(collect from blue tray)
with the 6 people who do
different jobs then answer
the questions.
Read a non-fiction book
then present 5 things that
you have learnt from
reading the book on a
Learn a poem by heart and
recite it to me.
You have noticed that
one of your friends
regularly steals sweets
from the local
newsagents. Write a
letter to them to
persuade them to stop.
Give plenty of thought
out reasons.
Write a character
description of the main
character in the book you
are reading.
Make a model or collage
or draw/paint a picture
of the solar system.
Point Target – at least ________ points. (You must complete at least 1 activity from each row).
Find out what it was like
for slaves in Ancient
Greece. Imagine you are a
slave and write a diary
entry describing your
Invent your own Greek god.
Draw them and then write
a description of their
powers, appearance and
what they were in charge
of e.g. the god of thunder.
Write a story about peer
pressure. Write in first
person. Must be at least 1
and ½ to two sides of A4.
Write an alternative ending
to the book that you are
Create an information book
about Ancient Greek homes.
Include floor plans and
drawings and comparisons
between the homes of the
rich and poor.
Write a funny song/rap in
the style of “Horrible
Histories” relating To any
aspect of Ancient Greek
life. Don’t forget to think
of a tune and create
actions to go with the song.
Make a ‘How to Stay Safe’
leaflet for younger
children. Include headings:
staying safe at home,
staying safe out and about,
staying safe at night,
staying safe near water and
staying safe on the road.
Choose a theme then select
and arrange poems into an
anthology based on that
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