Heritage day Reminders

Heritage Day Reminders
Thursday, 11/19/15
*The food will be served in the gym. Please drop off food on your way to the K Building so
our volunteers can get it organized ahead of time.
*If you aren’t able to come, your child may bring in their dish when they come to school, but it
will need to be something that can be served at room temperature, as we don’t have an oven or a
refrigerator to store it until 10:45.
*Please bring your food in a disposable container with disposable serving utensils, unless you
know you can stay the entire hour and take your container home with you at that time. This will
take the burden off of the kids to take the unwashed containers home on the bus, etc.
*Since most of the kids have water bottles that they bring to school, we are just asking that you
bring your own drink with you.
*Since every student is bringing in a dish, there is not a need for you to make enough to serve
100+ people. Not everyone will try everything. There is always plenty of food!
*Include a folded index card (or other label) to include the name of the dish, country of origin,
and any allergens (peanuts, nuts, shellfish, dairy, wheat, etc).
*The program is ending at 12:00, so you are welcome to check your child out afterward. I’ll
have a sign-out sheet in the classroom. We look forward to seeing everyone there!
You are invited!
Kincaid’s Fifth Grade
would like to invite you to our
Heritage Celebration
Thursday, November 19th from 11:00-12:00.
Each family is asked to bring a dish that celebrates your cultural heritage.
Some suggested dishes are Italian pasta, Irish soda bread, latkes, schnitzel, burritos, bhindi, wots,
or anything else you wish!
Enjoy some food as the students show off the heritage projects that they have been
working on during this unit.
Food should be brought to the gym at 10:45, and then you should join your child
in his/her classroom. We will stagger the times for classes to go through the food line.