Student Handbook 2012-2013 - Socorro Independent School District

Hueco Elementary Student Handbook
**Reading the Hueco Elementary Student Handbook and signing the 2012-2013 Socorro
Independent School District Student Code of Conduct acknowledges your agreement to both
Mission Statement
It is the mission of Hueco Elementary School to provide a safe and positive learning environment in
order to develop the highest academic, technological, psychological and social potential for all of our
community thinkers. Hueco Elementary promotes independent and creative thinking, high moral
values and positive self-esteem to ensure that all stakeholders are responsible and successful members
of society.
Entrance and Dismissal
Students are expected to line up in designated areas at 7:40 a.m. each morning. Teachers will escort the
children to the classroom. All students should be ready to begin the day by 7:45 a.m. Upon dismissal the
teachers will escort the children out of the building. For safety reasons parents are required to wait
For the safety of our students, ALL VISITORS ARE REQUIRED TO SIGN IN AT THE OFFICE when coming
into the building for ANY reason. If you are going to any other area of the building, you MUST wear a
visitor’s badge. Badges can be obtained in the office by showing a picture identification card that will be
returned upon departure.
Adult volunteers are needed in various capacities. Parents interested in volunteering may contact the
office for an application. All volunteers must pass a yearly background check. They will be required to
sign in daily at the office and pick up their volunteer badge.
Attendance and Tardy Policy
Tardies: Please have your children at school by 7:30 a.m. so that they may get to class on time. The
instructional day begins at 7:45. Students will be tardy at 7:46. Teachers will document each time a
student is tardy. On the 3rd unexcused tardy, a parent-teacher conference will be needed. Students
with excessive tardies will receive consequences.
Before/After School Monitoring
Monitors are on playground duty from 7:30-7:40 a.m., during the lunch hours, and from 2:30-3:30p.m.
For your child’s safety, it is imperative that you make arrangements to have your child dropped off and
picked up according to monitor hours.
Student Drop-Off
Please use the parent drop off driveway in front of the building when dropping off/picking up your child.
Please follow the instructions indicated by the monitors to allow more vehicles to approach the area.
Do not leave your vehicle unattended or park at any time in this zone. The front parking lot has been
designated for Hueco staff members. Vehicles will be admitted only to maximum capacity and
handicap spaces are accessible with proper official identification. Please respect reserved spaces. There
is additional parking on the south side of the school where parents may park.
Inclement Weather
Students may come inside the building to designated areas before school if weather prevents them from
being outside. If the weather is such that school might be cancelled, please refer to major local media
coverage (TV and/or radio).
Socorro Acceptable Use Policy
It is expected that anyone having an account with SISD Network accepts and abides by the established
policies. Students or parents may request a copy of these policies from the Instructional Technologist.
All students must have a Photo Release form on file in order to be photographed or filmed for
instructional purposes. Acceptable Use Policy information is embedded in the Socorro Independent
School District Student Code of Conduct.
Emergency Information
Nursing services are provided for all students and emergency cards are kept in the nurse’s office. If a
student becomes ill during class, the teacher will send the student to the nurse’s office with an
appropriate pass. The school nurse will notify the parent or guardian if the child needs to go home. All
medication must be given in the nurse’s office and a valid prescription must accompany it specifying the
name of the RX, the dosage and the time medication is to be administered. Please notify the nurse,
teacher and the office when a change of address or telephone number occurs.
Fire/Emergency Drills
Fire and emergency drills are held regularly during the year. The signal used will be one continuous horn
meaning leave the building. After the drill the entrance bell will ring to indicate return to the building.
Other instructions will be given over the Public Address system. If you are visiting the school during a
drill, please follow the same instructions.
Electronic Devices
Electronic games, devices, smart phones or Mp3’s are not allowed on campus at any time. Cell phones
may be used before or after school. The cell phones must be turned off during the instructional day
between 7:45-3:15. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
The school issues books to students each year and those books are the responsibility of the student.
Students must pay for the books if they are destroyed, damaged, stolen, or lost. Fines will be
determined by the administration according to policy.
The library is a learning resource center .It is open from for students 7:00 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. to check out
and return books. The librarian and the library aide will be available to assist students. Teachers
schedule their classes to visit the library at least once every two weeks.
Physical Education
P.E. is taught daily by a certified physical education teacher and two P.E. assistants for students in
grades K-5th. Pre-K and Kinder students will participate in daily activity through the regular education
program or P.E. All students are expected to participate in this program. Parents may have children
excused from P.E. when necessary with a signed and dated note.
If non-participation is for more than 3 days, then a note from a U.S. licensed physician will be required.
Students are encouraged to come by the counselors’ office and discuss concerns they might have. A
counselor is available to help with study habits, personal concerns, health problems, social questions,
career plans and general decision-making.
Field Trips
Field trips are planned as additional educational experiences for our students. Each child will receive a
permission slip that must be signed by a parent or guardian and returned to the school in order for the
child to take part in the field trip. Students may be asked to contribute a small amount toward the cost
of the trip and approved volunteers may be asked to assist.
There will be opportunities for children to participate in a variety of contests, clubs, and activities such
as but not limited to the following.
 Art Show
 Spelling Bee
 Literacy Anthology
 Breakfast Club
 Library Club
 Safety Patrol
 Destination Imagination
 After School Soccer/ Basketball
No Pass No Play Policy
Students Must be passing all courses in order to be eligible to participate in the chosen extra
curricular activity such as (soccer, basketball, UIL, etc…) Students lose eligibility for a three-week
period, which is defined as 15 class days. Students may regain eligibility an unlimited number of
times throughout the school year. Passing means a minimum grade of 70 on all courses.
Report Cards
Progress reports will be sent out every 3rd and 6th week of each 9-week period with students. Report
cards are sent home one week after the end of each 9-week period. Your child’s grades may also be
viewed on the EHAC system online.
Report Card Dates are as follows:
Student Safety
Students are permitted to ride bicycles to school with parental knowledge and permission. We do ask
that you walk your bike to and from the edge of school grounds to prevent accidents. The school is not
responsible for lost or stolen bicycles. SKATEBOARDS, ROLLER SKATES, IN-LINE SKATES, OR SKATE SHOES
Parenting Classes
Parents are invited to attend Parenting Classes. Activities and topic of discussion vary. Notices will be
sent home with children regarding dates and times. Please call Parent Liaison at 937-7600 for questions.
Additional Forms:
Uniform Policy
Attendance/Tardy Policy
Nurse Information
Consent for Medical Treatment
Parent-Teacher-Student Compact
Parental Involvement Survey
Free Lunch Application
Acceptable Use Policy
Parent Emergency Information
Photo Release
Volunteer Application
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