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Position Title:
Position Focus:
Period of Appointment:
Deputy Principal
Curriculum, Timetabling and PR
Band B-6
Roma Mitchell Secondary College
From 28/01/2016
Fraction of Time
The Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) is entrusted by the South Australian
community to work together with young people and their families to lead and deliver high quality public
education and care.
DECD is a diverse organisation made up of local school, preschool and care communities that are
open to all. Schools respect the local ethos, culture, history, vision and values within their own distinct
community, providing all students the opportunity to excel.
The school context is defined by the Governing/School Council constitution, the School Context
Statement, Site Improvement Plan, Annual Reports and other planning documentation. The School
Context statement and other general information about the school is available on the school’s website.
Roma Mitchell Secondary College is a large complex multi campus secondary college which has four
campuses co-located onto the one site – Girls’ Education Campus, Special Education Campus, CoEducation Middle Years Campus and Co-Education Senior Years Campus.
Statistics Relevant to the Position
Index of Educational Disadvantage:
Total Student Enrolment (Feb approx.):
Total Teaching Staff (Feb approx. FTE.):
(including 24 leaders)
The position is classified as Band B-6 by virtue of the requirement to provide leadership of significant
whole school programs or functional areas in schools. Refer to Table 3 in Schedule 5 of the 2012
Enterprise Agreement for further clarification.
A School Leader Band B-6 will be involved in the analysis of the needs of students and the translation
of DECD educational policy and frameworks into appropriate education programs to meet the needs of
all students.
A School Leader Band B-6 will be an active contributor to whole school leadership.
Typically a School Leader Band B-6 will be accountable for the effective management of the teaching
staff and/or resources of a defined area of the school's operation and for the oversight and leadership
of the educational programs provided utilising these resources.
Work Level Definitions
Required Knowledge and Experience
- Demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of several areas of expertise and detailed understanding
of the relationship to other areas of expertise
- Has prior successful experience in school-wide educational leadership
- Authorised to make significant decisions relating to the area of designated responsibility within
the framework of the school's strategic plan, policies and budget
Responsibility and Accountability
- Has delegated accountability for significant school programs or functional areas
- Contributes to the overall management of the school through active leadership in policy
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Updated 02/14
formulation and decision making
Working Relationships
- Reports directly to the principal
- Cultivates and influences the professional practices of a significant component of the
personnel at the school
- Provides direct performance and development support for a number of other leaders
- Accountable for a significant proportion of school staff
Role Diversity
- Has responsibility within key school programs or functional areas
- Undertakes a significant diversity of tasks to contribute to whole-school leadership
Complexity in the Role
- Leads whole school improvement by using high creativity, innovation, and breaking with the
past to create new modes of operating
- Responsible for multiple improvement projects
- Focus of role is on leadership to transform practices or processes i.e. cultural leadership
Resource Management
- Delegated to make significant decisions regarding the staff and budget relating to the area of
designated responsibility
- Entrusted to use the available resources to deliver the best organisational outcomes
Strategic Outcomes Required
- Shapes and leads the strategic directions of the school in the area of responsibility
- Inspires the sense and purpose of the school’s vision and goals
- Leads whole-school improvement
General Requirements
All DECD employees are expected to uphold the Code of Ethics for the South Australian Public
Sector. Note: A copy of the code and related information for DECD employees is available at:
Employees have a responsibility to ensure they are aware of, properly administer and comply with all
legislation and regulations relevant to the performance of their duties and/or their role including equal
opportunity and relevant workplace health and safety legislation and related departmental
responsibilities and procedures, including child safety.
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Updated 02/14
Summary of Key Responsibilities
School leaders have specific designated areas of assigned responsibility.
School leaders may carry out teaching duties pursuant to the conditions of the Enterprise Agreement.
(Brief role description – 5 dot points or less)
Provide leadership across a large complex multi campus secondary college, which includes
the four campuses of the Girls' Education Campus, Special Education Campus, Co-Education
Middle Years Campus and the Co-Education Senior Years Campus. Ensure whole school
planning is managed by developing, implementing and reviewing policies, procedures and
practices to continually promote a positive school culture for staff and students; improve
student behaviour and learning outcomes; evaluating programs in consultation with the school
community; managing change and quality assurance processes, and implementing the shared
school vision and priorities as outlined in the Site Improvement Plan.
Provide leadership in the development and implementation of the curriculum (ie IB MYP,
Australian Curriculum, SACE, VET, specialist programs) across all four campuses of the
school to ensure that all curriculum pathways are dynamic, engaging and challenging. Ensure
the availability of effective professional development opportunities for all staff by coordinating
professional development programs consistent with the needs of the staff, curriculum and
other school priorities.
Provide leadership in the development, coordination, and implementation of a range of
initiatives, community and school based, to support the improved attendance, achievement
and retention of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) students Years 8-12.
Oversee the timetabling and human resource systems and ensure they reflect the school
priorities and associated targets.
Provide leadership in the development of a positive public image of the school through
effective marketing and promotion practices, maintaining good public relations and
communicating regularly with the school community.
Other duties as may be required by the principal from time to time
Reporting/Working Relationships
Responsible to and answerable to the principal
Reports directly to the principal
Provides direct performance and development support for leaders including Learning Area
Assistant Principals, Senior Leaders and Coordinators, Assistant Principal Timetabling and
Operations and other leaders
Leads and is accountable for curriculum planning, assessment, reporting, timetabling, HR,
performance and development, Aboriginal Education and promotions.
Is a member of the Executive Leadership and Leadership teams
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Specific Requirements
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For a Deputy Principal Position:
 Provides leadership and management across the school.
 Deputises for the principal in his / her absence.
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School leaders are required to provide both leadership and management in a school, an alliance or
cooperative of schools, or a unit attached to a school.
Statement of Key Outcomes
(Group into major areas of responsibility/activity (with headings if preferred))
There is a safe and success oriented learning environment for all students and staff across
the complex muti campus secondary college, which includes the four campuses of the Girls'
Education Campus, Special Education Campus, Co-Education Middle Years Campus and the
Co-Education Senior Years Campus.
Student learning outcomes are improved through the development of a cohesive school
curriculum, timetable structure, human resource practices, teaching strategies and
assessment practices that engage students across the four campuses, resulting in improved
attendance and learning outcomes.
Quality assurance procedures are in place to systematically collect, monitor and analyse
student data, for example, achievement data, such that the learning progress of students are
mapped, student learning outcomes are improved and is communicated within the Annual
The IB MYP, Australian Curriculum, SACE, VET and specialist programs are successfully
implemented consistently across the four campuses.
School and community initiatives have been successfully implemented and improvements in
the attendance, achievement and retention of ATSI students in Years 8-12 have been
Teaching practice and student learning outcomes are improved through effective staff
performance development practices together with appropriate professional learning programs.
Policies, practices and procedures which encourages responsible behaviour have been
There is a positive public image of the school in the wider community.
The school operates smoothly and professionally in the absence of the Principal.
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Appropriate check box (external or internal) must be selected
☒Externally advertised positions
Applicants do not need to be currently employed in DECD. However, applicants must be either
currently registered or able to be registered to teach in South Australia, and meet DECD’ minimum
employment requirements before taking up an appointment.
Minimum DECD requirements include:
Recognised teaching qualifications and registration as a teacher in South Australia;
an active on-line application in the Employable Teacher Register (ETR);
a cleared DECD Employment Declaration;
Australian residency or current work permit;
Reporting Abuse and Neglect training; and
an approved First Aid certificate.
NOTE: For positions with a period of appointment of 12 months or less the minimum DECD
requirements above must be current at the time of lodging the application.
At the conclusion of a term of appointment:
permanent DECD employees will be placed according to the terms of their substantive
appointment and the policies in operation at the time;
employees originally from other public sector organisations with a right of return, will be
managed according to the provisions of the Public Sector Act 2009 (SA) and any applicable
public sector determination or policies;
applicants who are not permanent employees of DECD do not hold placement rights with
DECD at the conclusion of the appointment.
DECD is an equal opportunity employer.
☐Positions of 12 months or less advertised internally at the site
Commences in the current year:
Applicants must be in a permanent, PAT, TPT or temporary (contract) position (not TRT) at this
worksite during the period for which applications are being accepted for the position.
Please note: If a teacher in a temporary appointment at the site is the successful applicant for a
position that extends beyond the term of their original appointment to the school, the original
appointment will not be automatically extended.
Commences in the following year:
Applicants must have a guaranteed placement at the worksite at the beginning of that school year.
Teachers who are currently in a temporary position or TRT role in a school are not guaranteed a
teaching position in that school for the following year. These teachers cannot apply for leadership
positions being advertised internally with a commencement date during the following year.
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Updated 02/14
In addressing these criteria, it is essential that applicants provide evidence which demonstrates their
personal skills and abilities, knowledge and experience.
These should be developed with reference to the role statement and school’s context statement.
Essential Requirements
(Maximum of 6 criteria)
Personal Skills and Abilities
Demonstrate high level skills in establishing effective working relationships with staff, students,
parents and members of the wider community.
Highly developed communication skills, both written and verbal which are effective with a
diversity of groups and individuals.
Demonstrated ability to initiate and manage whole school change processes, and support
teams to achieve educational and organisational improvement.
A comprehensive knowledge and understanding of current educational theory and practice
within state, national and international contexts, and the implications of these for improving
learning outcomes for secondary students, including students at risk.
Experience (including community experience)
Demonstrated success in leading, modelling, promoting and documenting effective
pedagogical practice which meets the learning needs of all secondary students.
Demonstrated high level organisational and educational leadership and a record of success in
achieving agreed goals in collaboration with others within a complex site.
Desirable Requirements
(Maximum of 2 criteria)
Desirable requirements will only be used as a final determinant in distinguishing between applicants
who have otherwise met all the essential criteria to an equivalent degree.
Appropriate check box (full or modified) must be selected
☒Full Application
The length of the written application and CV should each generally not exceed 1,500 words. (Refer to
Merit Instruction 5 http://www.decd.sa.gov.au/hrstaff/pages/recruitment/meritdocs/)
☐Modified Application (for positions of 12 months or less)
Provide details re application and CV
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