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Rehabilitation Services and Sports Medicine
Marketing Planning Team
March 10, 2011
11:00 AM- 11:45 AM
Marketing Conference Room (Minutes)
Attendees: Joyce Julien, Jeff Spence, Susan Mollman, Dominic Favia, Gary Hartwig, Theresa Taylor, Lynda
Schlarman, Diane Bielo
Excused: Scott Helton, Bill Twehues, Michael Miller, Theresa Taylor
Review minutes from February meeting
Assignments from February meeting
Updates on program peripherals and web site information
Current activities
Open forum
Minutes from the February meeting were approved as written.
Ed noted that a brief marketing presentation on rehab services and sports medicine was
completed on March 8 for the St. Elizabeth Physician’s practice managers and directors; Joyce
and Jeff attended; follow up to be sent requesting local staff meeting presentation; distributed
new smaller version of the referral pads and a laminated sheet of locations and services
Gary: explained pricing structure for the updated program brochures: Lymphedema; Dizziness
and Balance; TMD. The group discussed available print options and elected for 500 each
Ed: to check on hand therapy brochure revisions
Joyce: to check with Lauren on any need for updates or new printing of the hand specific
conditions brochures
Dominic: to check with Amy G if the incontinence brochure needs revision or new printing
Susan: noted that ST/Aud is using the St. Elizabeth file folders with specific information inserts
per patient- regarding their condition, home programs, attendance expectations
Jeff: noted PT/OT previously used new patient packets; asked to bring in their samples of
patient information to the next meeting.
Gary: shared a sample of the new St. Elizabeth file folder- they are more functional in nature
and contain an area for a business card
Gary/Joyce- noted that the Hand Therapy Open House for associates is Wed, March 16, 4-6 PM;
will use connections, email, Twitter, FB for promotion
Susan: will work on cafeteria table tents for National Speech and Hearing Month in May
Jeff: will work on OT month (April) ideas for Fl/FT
Joyce: celebrate HT month in June
Dominic: noted that external signage for the new Hebron clinic is via Facilities; working on the
architectural plans
Gary: has information regarding ImPACT to develop a program brochure
Joyce: noted new legislation regarding PTs recognized as qualified practitioners in concussion
Gary: noted that Guy Karrick will work on press release for fall sports (July 15) and updates to
continue ImPACT success; work is underway to comprise and send a follow up note and
information following completion of the ImPACT tests
Dr. Miller is presenting March 25 at the Fifth Annual Northern Kentucky Traumatic Brain Injury
Conference in Erlanger.
Lynda/Diane: continue to work on the updates to the on-line biographies including removal of
surnames and other personal information; no bio will be on-line without the individual; asked
about the “Lisa Blank” manager communication regarding the changes and Ed will forward;
associate pictures are needed per standard; adding testimonials on the website regarding sports
medicine; working on banner and table top display information/pricing
Gary- high school athletic trainer proposals ready to go to new targeted schools; waiting on the
physicians information including bios and which physicians for each of the new schools
Dragon Boat festival: Sept. 10; there is a new Event Coordinator, Nancy Loomis- all lauded the
success and energy in the 2010 event
Discussion ensued around community events and give-a-ways- no specific budget is available;
non-rehab specific items can be obtained from marketing (pens, bandaids, sanitizer)
Scott/Bill’s report concerning March National Athletic Training Month are as follows:
1. Table tents will be displayed in the cafeteria the week of March 21 – the table tents are printed
and ready to go (Diane noted error: Calvary Christian School- not Academy)
2. Our email tag promoting the month has been sent to our staff to incorporate on their email
3. The article to put in The Connection will be sent to Guy Karrick – will use copy prepared for In
Touch that wasn’t used
4. The public address announcements at our school sites have not panned out secondary to the
basketball seasons ending and no current sports using PA announcements
5. We will prepare some sort of recognition for our AT staff at our March 25 staff meeting
2011 Rehab and SM Marketing Goals
Improve new patient referrals to outpatient services by 2% over 2010 historical new patient
Increase awareness of St. Elizabeth and community physicians of rehab services and sports
medicine by creation and distribution of physician referral pads; placement of tri-fold rehab
brochures in physician offices; placement of program brochures in key locations; attendance at
St. Elizabeth physician staff meetings; meeting with their referral coordinators; creation and
distribution of rehab clinical associate directories; providing articles of interest for physician
communications(In-Touch); create method for holiday recognition and support of rehab
Increase awareness and visibility of rehab and sports medicine services with St. Elizabeth
Creation and distribution of table tents in the cafeterias during respective professional months;
create specific activities associated with respective professional months to engage StE associates
and improve level of interest; create informational articles for Connection
Increase general consumer awareness of services available in the multi-county service areas:
Providing articles of interest in Healthy Neighbors; attendance and support at multiple
community events noted above; discuss with Jenelen regarding Prime Wise and identify at least
two presentation or media opportunities to highlight areas of interest; identify plan for rehab
booth coverage at designated St Elizabeth community events, with possible activities to garner
additional consumer interest (i.e. hand grip assessment; back or neck pain screens, etc.)
The following are targeted specifically for sports medicine:
Provide articles of interest, press release, etc to follow up and continue success and momentum
of ImPACT; investigate and take advantage of marketing opportunities available related to
athletic trainer outreach such as banners, sign boards, program advertisements, etc; provide at
least one visible community sports medicine coverage (ie Flying Pig marathon; Dragon Boat
festival?; continue monthly runners screens with Bob Roncker; investigate radio commercials
(KRS proposal)
Create four community events in association with the St Elizabeth employed, or community
physicians (COC) for education that involves rehab; examples include total joint replacement;
hand pain; neck pain; back pain; stroke prevention; fall prevention; sports injury prevention;
Identify two patient stories of interest related to personal success in rehab for appropriate
marketing and media utilization; suggest vestibular/balance; fall prevention; total joint
program; hand therapy; oncology/lymphedema
Host “Open House(s)” for St Elizabeth and community at one or more clinics
Create multiple methods of expanded use of available social media
Provide input and review of St. Elizabeth print, television, radio, and media which includes
rehab services and sports medicine components to improve technical accuracy and
internal/external perceptions
Complete updates of existing marketing peripherals (tri-folds) with new designs and format
Identify and create new marketing peripherals (tri-folds; brolder inserts) for multiple audience
Update website personal information to reduce personal information and add new associates
that are not currently listed; review web site clinical and service information and update as
Identify and order give-a-way items for distribution at various events
Create table top display and/or vertical banner for consumer events
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