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The following assignment is REQUIRED for all EDP students who did not fully participate in the
Educational Psychology subject pool research studies. To complete your EDP course’s research
participation requirement, you MUST either (1) have fulfilled the subject pool studies option by
earning 4 study credits by the study completion deadline, OR (2) fulfill the written paper option by
completing this alternate assignment. If you have not completed one of the above two options, you
will receive an incomplete in your EDP course.
The assignment is due BY MIDNIGHT ON FRIDAY, MAY 8TH, no exceptions! Email your
completed assignments to Kadie Rackley at [email protected] Include your name
and your course unique number in the subject line (e.g., Hermione Granger - 12345).
The assignment:
1. Read the posted article:
Padrón, Y.N., Waxman, H.C., & Lee, Y.H. (2014). Classroom learning environment differences
between resilient, average, and nonresilient middle school students in reading. Education and
Urban Society, 46(2), 264-283.
2. In approximately 5 typed (double-spaced) pages, answer the 10 following questions/prompts. Write
your answers in full sentences as thoroughly as you wish, and explain everything in your own
words (no quotes please). Please limit your maximum page number to 10.
Do the researchers state their purpose(s) for conducting this research? If so, what is it/If
not, what do you think it is?
In your own words, what is educational resilience? Why should we view this as a
process rather than a student trait? Discuss an example of a student demonstrating this
resilience (hypothetically or from your own experience).
In your own words, describe classroom learning environments and why the researchers
analyzed student perceptions of them. Discuss two of the findings the authors cite about
these environments related to resilient students (from the Classroom Learning
Environments section of the article).
What are the research question(s) that guided this study? Did the researchers describe
their hypotheses? If so, what are they/If not, what do you think they are?
Describe the participants (any demographics or characteristics given, how they were
recruited, etc.). Include how students were classified as resilient, non-resilient, etc.
Describe how and when the researchers collected their data (the measures they used, the
format of the survey, when/where the students completed the questionnaires, etc.).
What are the main findings in relation to the research questions/hypotheses?
a. What variables did resilient students have higher perceptions of than the other groups?
b. What variables did nonresilient students have higher perceptions of than the other groups?
c. What were differences in the aspirations of the student groups? What were some differences
in other characteristics?
Discuss two implications of the study findings that the authors discuss. Do you agree
with these? What makes these important (or not important if that’s your opinion)?
Do the researchers acknowledge any limitations to their study? If so, what are they? Can
you think of any other limitations? How do these limitations influence your perception
of their findings?
In approximately 250-500 words, relate this article and the study findings to your own
classroom experiences as a student or while working with students.
Papers must be typed (12 point font) and address the points outlined above. Papers not meeting
these criteria will not be accepted, and the student will receive an “incomplete” (X) for his or her
course grade. Include these instructions as a coversheet, with the above identifying information filled
in. E-mail your completed assignments to Kadie Rackley at [email protected]
Include your name and course unique number in the subject line (e.g., Donna Noble - 98765). The
deadline for completing this assignment is Friday, May 8th at midnight.