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2015 ELHS Commencement
Tropicana Field
June 3rd, 2:30
General Information
Guests do not need tickets to attend
$10 cash per car parking fee
The Ceremony will start at 2:30 and end by 4:15.
Gentlemen should wear dark dress pants or khakis (no jeans), dress shirt, and tie.
Ladies should wear white or pale solid colors. Dresses, skirts, and blouse/shirt with dress pants or
Bermuda length shorts are permitted.
SHOES All students will wear dress shoes. NO sport shoes, sandals, flip-flops will be worn. It is
suggested that ladies wear flats, pumps or wedges. There are several sets of stairs that must traversed.
You will also be traversing the grassy field.
Cap and Gown
Caps and Gowns MUST be worn. Caps and Gowns shall not be altered in any manner. No decorating of
caps. Nothing shall be added to regalia. Your tassel should hang on the right side.
Arrival at Tropicana Field
Arrive no later than 1:45 p.m. with cap and gown. Park in any lot available. There is a $10 cash parking
fee per car. Graduates will enter at Gate 6. Family and Friends will enter at Gates 3 and 5. Tickets are
not needed. There will be bag/purse checks and wanding of everyone entering the facility. No strollers
are allowed inside, there will be stroller parking at Gates 3 and 5. No flowers, balloons, air horns, or
other such items will be allowed into Tropicana Field. Wheelchair/Disabled drop off is at Gate 4. There is
no wheelchair transport provided. Guests will be seated in sections 108-135.
Lining up in the Hallway
Students will find the correct sign for their last names. The Faculty member assigned to your alphabet
will return your name card to you and assign you a place to stand. You need to stand in
ALPHABETICAL order. Cell phones are not to be taken into the ceremony. The faculty member who
hands out the reader card will take any cell phones. Confiscated items will be returned upon the pick-up
of the diploma. Two lines will process to the Floor. Follow single file in a dignified manner. Do not let a
gap open up between you and the person ahead of you.
On the Floor during the Ceremony
Once at your seat, students will remain standing until instructed to sit. Remember this is a dignified
ceremony. No improper noises or distractions on stage. No inappropriate gestures from stage.
Misbehavior during ceremony will result in NOT receiving your diploma June 3rd.
Receiving Diplomas
Entire row stands at same time. Faculty members are stationed to help guide your walking path. The
photographer will take your picture (make sure the diploma cover is right side up). Hand name card to
reader with name spelled phonetically. When your name is read, walk towards Mrs. Haley. Take
diploma cover in left hand and shake her hand with your right hand, pause for a photo. Shake all the
Honored Guests’ hands. Exit the stage. Return to your row and remain standing until everyone in your
row has received diploma (you will be signaled to sit).
Recessional and Diplomas
When the Ceremony is over, you will be signaled to stand and will walk out in two lines back to the
Corral. Find your alphabetical sign at the tables. YOU (no one else may do this) must sign and receive
your diploma. Place it in your diploma cover. Meet your friends and family outside.
This hand out and PowerPoint will be available on the ELHS Website.
The Operations Team request that all high schools remind graduates that they are NOT allowed to throw
their caps at the end of the ceremony.
All Pinellas County School Board policies and procedures are in effect until after completion of the
GradImages will be photographing all graduates at the upcoming graduation ceremony. Visit and click on Pre-Event Email Registration. Enter your email and up to 6 emails of
loved ones who would like to share in your accomplishment by viewing and ordering your photos.
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