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Summative: Impact of Plate Boundaries on Earth’s Surface Unit B: Dynamic Earth
Learning Targets
c) I can identify which boundaries are ‘building’ and which are ‘destroying’ crust and use this
information to predict future plate movement and resulting changes in the Earth’s surface.
d) I can identify and explain the relationship between plate boundaries and the distribution of
volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis on the Earth. (DOK1-2)
Impact of Plate boundaries Research
 Where is your region located on Earth? map – latitude, longitude
 What is happening geologically in this region? (type of plate boundaries, hot spot,
volcano, earthquake)
How are these features formed?
 What are some potential benefits of this region (resources) to humans locally?
How can this region’s resources benefit humans world-wide?
IMPACT - RISKS (to Humans)
 Have there been past geologic events at this location? If so, what, when, and how
What are the impacts both locally and globally?
How could humans plan and prepare for the natural hazards of the region?
What predictions can you make next hazardous event?
 What are other factors or variables that would help in your decision on whether this
location is the most or least hazardous?
Part 1: Directions for the Hazardous Region PowerPoint, Prezi, or
With your assigned region of the Earth that has some geological hazard significance you are to
make a presentation. A geological hazard would mean that this region could be a hot spot or a
plate boundary and it could also have earthquakes and active volcanoes in the region. Your job
is to find out as much information as you can about the area keeping in mind that your
research should focus on being honest about your findings because it will be used to make a
decision on whether to move to this location or not.
Impact Risks
Title, specific location and accurate map included.
Accurately described geological feature:
 Plate boundary
 Hot spot
 Volcano
 Earthquake
(or a combination of features)
Accurately describes how feature formed on Earth.
Properly reflects scientific information, ideas and themes related to the topic.
Provides at least 2 local benefits and 1 global benefit with specific details.
Information & details are accurate.
Provides all four impact risks:
1. Past events-what, when, how often
2. Local and global impacts
3. Hazard Plan
4. Future predictions
Information & details are accurate
Explains at least 3 special or additional considerations with specific details (risks and/or
Special and
Poster is neatly organized according to poster format provided.
Easy to read, clearly written, no spelling/grammar errors.
Colorful and pleasing to the eye.
Additional images included.
Student Worksheet to Collect Data from Gallery Walk
Geological features
(hot spots, type of plate boundary, volcano, earthquake)
Impact Benefits
Impact Risks
Special & Additional
Impact on Plate Boundaries Writing Prompt
Student Prompt: You work for this awesome company where you love your job. The job you are currently performing is
being cut from the Colorado Springs location. The company has offered to transfer you to one of the following
Big Island of Hawaii
Yellowstone National Park in NW Wyoming
Reykjavik, Iceland
Northridge, California (San Andreas Fault)
Aleutian Islands, Alaska ( Mt. Cleveland)
Washington State, Cascade Mountains
7. South Island of New Zealand
8. Kuril Islands (between Kamchtka and
9. Port au Prince, Haiti
10. African Rift Valley
You notice that some of spots have geological hazards and they might not be good places to live. The
company is willing to pay for moving expenses and give you a huge raise. You will need to base your
decision on the factors you have researched in your graphic organizer from the gallery walk.
Role: You are an employee
Audience: Your boss
Format: Formal letter
Topic: Your most and least desirable locations to transfer
Directions: You need to the following information in your letter:
In your first paragraph, rank all 10 locations from the most (#1) to the least (#10) desired place
you would like to transfer to.
In your second paragraph, justify your first choice using a minimum of four reasons using your
geological evidence (geological feature, impact benefits, impact risks and special and additional
considerations) to support your answer.
In your third paragraph, justify your last choice using the same criteria. Remember to use your
graphic organizer from the gallery walk to help you decide. [Claim – Evidence – Explanation]
Writing Rubric:
Student took the appropriate role as an employee
Student address the writing towards their boss
Format was a letter with 3 clearly written paragraphs1. Rankings
2. Most desired location
3. Least desired location
 Includes location
 Includes all 4 pieces of evidence from resources:
1. Geological features
2. Impact benefits
3. Impact risks
4. Additional and special considerations
Information & details are accurate and properly reflect scientific information, ideas
and themes related to the topic.
If you are having trouble you could possible start out by:
Based on my research, I would rank the locations in the following order:
I have chosen _______________________ to transfer to because of
(location name)
(describe geological feature)
My first piece of evidence to support my decision is
(explain evidence to support geological feature)
A second piece of evidence to support my decision is
_________________________________________________________________________ .
(explain impact benefits)
My third reason for transferring is
(explain impact risks)
Finally, some additional considerations are
(explain special & additional considerations)
Write a concluding sentence to sum up your paragraph.
You can use the same format for your least likely choice.
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