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Fall, 2008
Girls' Night In the Office is Back!
Join us at York Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center's Girls' Night In the Office on
Wednesday, September 10 from 6 - 8 pm. You won't want to miss out on this event's
raffles and fun demonstrations - see full details below!
Registration is required. Please call 207.351.3001.
Body After
Baby: Getting
Back your
Physique after
One of the more
frequent complaints
I hear from patients
is their struggle to
get back to their
prepregnancy shape.
They've tried
approaches such as
dieting and exercise,
yet the extra tissue
that comes from
a stretched belly
and changes in the
breasts during and
after pregnancy can
show little
despite these
Give Your Girls' Night Out A Nip, Tuck & Facelift!
Give your girls' night out a makeover and join us on September 10,
2008 from 6 - 8 p.m. at York Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center for
Girls' Night In the Office. Come into the office to get some "work"
done! Your overtime will pay off! Meet board certified plastic
surgeon Sarah W. Holland, MD and aesthetic staff and:
Enter to win a free Obagi skin care travel kit!
Watch a live demonstration of a Botox treatment! See before
and after results! New patients who schedule an
appointment for Botox will get $25 off!
Watch a live demonstration of laser to treat broken facial
Get 25% off all IPL hair removal packages!
Enjoy elegant appetizers and beverages and tour our office
There is no charge for this event to be held at the York Plastic
Surgery & Aesthetic Center offices at 12 Hospital Drive in York,
however, registration is required. Please call 207.351.3001.
To address both
concerns, I often
suggest a tummy
tuck and breast lift
augmentation that
can be done
simultaneously. The
benefits include a
one-time exposure
to anesthesia and a
combined recovery
period. There are
financial benefits to
procedures as
well. As part of my
cosmetic surgery
patients watch
videos that provide
overviews of these
procedures, then
we discuss the best
approach (es) for
Most patients can
return home the
day after surgery,
and overall recovery
time usually takes
about two full
If you're considering
options to return
your body to prepregnancy shape, a
cosmetic surgery
consult is the place
to start. We're
happy to discuss
your individual goals
and to develop a
strategy that meets
your needs.
Ask the Aesthetician by Hilary
Douglass, LA
Got a question about skin? Email me at:
[email protected]
HELP! My face is all red and I have
little red lines all over my face!
Facial redness can be the result of many conditions including rosacea, dermatitis,
product overuse or misuse, and sun damage. Sometimes we create our own
problems by aggravating the skin, trying to solve the issue on our own (by picking,
poking, etc).
Two of the most effective treatments for facial redness include laser and Intense,
or Intelligent Pulsed Light (IPL): both can be used to treat diffuse redness and
discrete vessels (broken capillaries), regardless of the cause.
If unsightly broken facial vessels concern you, a simple laser procedure can resolve
them, usually in one treatment. More diffuse redness can be resolved with either
a series of laser or IPL treatments, or a combination of both.
One of the best ways to prevent more facial redness is daily use of suncreen. Start
wearing it today!
And, plan to join us on September 10 at 6pm for our quarterly Girls' Night In the
Office and watch an actual laser treatment for broken facial vessels. Or, feel free
to call me at 207.351.3001 to arrange for your personal skin care consultation at
which time we can tailor a personal plan to meet your individual needs.
York Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center offers the following services:
Cosmetic surgery of the face and body
Cosmetic surgery following major weight loss
Reconstructive surgery of the face and breast
Injectables, including Juvederm, Botox, and Radiesse
IPL hair removal
IPL pigmented spot and redness treatment for the face and body
Bye, Bye
Skin tightening of the neck, face, arms and abdomen with Titan
Laser for fine lines, wrinkles, texture, pore size, redness
Laser for facial and leg veins
Say goodbye to
unwanted hair
forever! IPL hair
removal destroys
the hair where it
grows, and in 5-9
treatments, you can
be smooth and
sleek! All hair
removal packages
are 25% off through
the end of
September so call to
arrange for your
consultation today
to see if IPL hair
removal is right for
you: 207.351.3001.
Chemical peels, including the prestigious Obagi Blue Peel
Crystal-less microdermabrasion
Facials designed for your skin type and needs
Facial waxing, including brow shaping
Professional skin care
Monday - Thursday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. to noon
12 Hospital Drive, York, ME 03909
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