Human Anatomy Alien Critter Use the directional terms that we have

Human Anatomy
Alien Critter
Use the directional terms that we have studied recently in class as a guide and draw an anterior
view of the alien critter described below.
1. The head is superior to the trunk (body).
2. One appendage is medial & inferior to the trunk. It has five digits located distally; the
two lateral digits being the largest & the medial the smallest.
3. Two appendages are located lateral to the trunk. These have one joint, with one digit
proximal to the joint & two digits at the distal end, the lateral digit being larger.
4. One appendage is superior & medial to the head with two equal digits located distally.
5. There are two organs of smell located lateral to the head.
6. The two mouths are on a sagittal plane, located in the head lateral to the eye & superior
to the ear.
7. The ear is medial to the head, anterior to the face & inferior to the eye.
8. The eye is medial to the head, superior to the ear, & medial to the mouths.
9. A line of scales extends down the midsagittal plane of the trunk.
10. There is an umbilical opening (belly button) in the trunk, superior to the extremes
(appeandages) but inferior to the head.
11. There is an indentation on the transverse plane in the center of the trunk.
Now that your alien is drawn, make a copy of the drawing. On the copy you will label the
following planes as well as the body sections listed below. You will staple both drawings
together & turn them in.
Planes: frontal plane, midsagittal plane, sagittal plane, transverse plane
Body Sections: epigastric region, hypogastric region, hypochrondriac region (both left &
right), iliac region (both left & right), lumbar region (both left & right), umbilical
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