Date and Applicant`s Signature

(Return Completed Form to Development Officer*) fax: 1.506662-7060
Name of Applicant:
Address of Applicant:
Applicant's Contact info:
Owner of Lands:
Project Location:
NBGIC Property Identification No.:
Nature of Intended Work (check one):
New Construction
Placement of Structure
of Structure
Non Maintenance Alteration
Intended Use of Building or Structure:
Name of Contractor or Self (If Applicable):
Estimated cost of the Proposed Building Project: $
I, the above named Applicant hereby make Application for a
Building Permit authorizing t= he within described work.
Annexed hereto and forming part of this application is a
description of the work to be undertaken including specifications
and a scale drawing.
Annexed hereto and forming part of this application is a
SKETCH SHOWING the following:
i) dimensions and area of the land referred to,
ii) the position, height and horizontal dimensions of all building
or structures on, or those proposed to be located on, the land
referred to,
iii) the setback of the proposed building or structure from the
street center line and all abutting properties (with the names of
the owners if known), and
iv) the location of the intended highway access or right-o= f-way
to the lands.
Attached hereto is the Department of Health approval for the
sewage disposal field construction (where such is applicable for
the nature of the structure and stated intended use of the
I am aware of the requirements of the Grand Manan Building
By-Law and the applicant’s responsibilities under the By-Law,
and I understand that the above referenced structure may be used
only for the purposes as stated in the building permit (if one is
Date and Applicant's Signature:
Note: Building Permit Fee is $0.50 per square metre except that
there is no fee for a building permit to demolish a structure or to
relocate an existing structure elsewhere on the same property.
Note: All Demolition Debris Material must be disposed in a site
approved by the Provincial Department of the Environment.
*No Building Permit is required for the following maintenance
work: roofing, siding, repair doorstep or new doorstep, changing
windows, painting, well curbs, repair patio or new patio, inside
alteration and non commercial green house.
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