The Miniature Harlequin Sheep Registry Hope E. Bennett, Registrar

The Miniature Harlequin Sheep Registry
Hope E. Bennett, Registrar
P.O. Box 2237 Cleveland GA 30528—(706)348-7279
[email protected]
Breeder’s Name: __________________________________
Owner’s Name: ___________________________________
Farm Name: ______________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________
Phone: _________________ E-Mail: ________________________
Sheep Name (max 35 letters including farm name):
______________________________________________ Tag #:__________
DOB: ___________
Sex: ____
# in Birth: ___
Males: ___
Female: ___
Description of Markings: _______________________________________
Sire Name: ________________________________
Dam Name: ________________________________
Sire #: ___________
Sire #: ___________
If Grandparents are registered, please include their registry names and, or numbers. If with
another registry, please include the registry name.
Paternal Grandfather (Sire’s Father)
Paternal Grandmother (Sire’s Mother)
Maternal Grandfather (Dam’s Father)
Maternal Grandmother (Dam’s Mother)
(If applying for foundation status then the sheep must be 2 years old and you must submit 4 pictures;
front view, back view, and both side views, and you must submit their height at the withers.)
I certify that the above information is accurate and will abide by the standards set by the MHSR registry.
(Applicant Signature)
Description of Fees
Membership in AMHSR is on a calendar year basis, January 1-Dec 31 and dues are $35.00/year.
Herd name Registration: $25.00 (one time fee reserves a herd name and tattoo letters as long as active
membership is maintained.
Membership Fees: $35.00
Open Registrations:
$35.00 per animal
Registration of offspring of already registered Harlequins in the program: $15.00
Transfer of ownership $10.00
Certificate Correction or replacement $5.00
Service charge for Incomplete Application $5.00
All fees doubled for non members.
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