Creating a Feminine Culture Welcome ladies! What a wonderful gift

Creating a Feminine Culture
Welcome ladies! What a wonderful gift you have given yourself and your friends by purchasing
this program. This is truly a powerful program and a way for you all to empower yourself
through gathering together. We naturally do these things but with a conscious intention and
knowing the details of what creates that strong collaborative power, we can move quickly
together toward becoming a strong feminine culture.
Each month you will receive a new template that offers the topic, practices, and ideas for
discussion. This is a guideline for you. We are all individuals and each group of woman different
with different gifts. Personalize it how you feel and see fit. This is meant for self development of
you and your community so there are not steadfast rules about it. This is not a thinking process,
it is to develop your intuitive essential nature so it is all a practice in doing so. Personalize it to
your gifts, enjoy the fun of adding whatever you feel will make it yours and individual to your
friends. This is a creating of the red tent in modern culture so follow your feelings of what you
and your group need and desire. The guideline is just a starter for you to begin. Your essence
will lead as you develop it.
We are developing our vibrational nature so it must include our feelings which is so important.
It should be fun, giggly, emotional and like play. You know how we are when we gather. It is not
at all like a business meeting. It is set in a home or relaxed environment, with all the delicious
details we love. Flowers, soft pillows, essential oils or candles, music that inspires, all the things
woman love to have about that makes for a gathering. Design it with your pleasures, your
sensuality, your gifts that you like to have when you gather with woman. These things create
relaxation and safety for woman so we can be in oxytocin. These are very important to the
process and naturally what we do so enjoy it. Create a sacred space!
A very important component of this gathering is to use the universal energy that comes in when
woman collaborate. Be very careful not to let a gossip, complaining session occur for the
evening. This putting forth where we are emotionally, with the issues and stresses we face must
not override the flavor. It is okay for us to bring forth our problems, our dilemmas, but
understand that it is only done to bring to light what we are needing to learn. After they are on
the table it is about the becoming of what we want rather than where we are. If you don’t put
forth an idea of where you want to move your path, you ground in where you are with universal
energy. That is what we often do and we do not want to continue this.
Also, when one puts out their issues, our natural empathic ability will call up a time when we felt
that. Be very careful not to go there. We bear witness to each others strife and then create
pictures of where we want to go with it rather than hang in the messiness and all feel that strife.
I can not stress this enough and this is a bad habit woman have developed and lower their
vibration through this. We honor the trials in learning but are certain to hold the space for
becoming not what is.
Ending with each speaking what they what to become, all listening and holding that space is how
we create our partnership and use universal energy of the group correctly. However you want to
do this is up to you. You can go around the circle having each put forth their ideas and then hold
hands and meditate on all of you becoming greater, stronger, more fulfilled and beautiful in
expression. Feel your way through it with how you and your friends get to this end. We are
natural at this and you develop this together. The rules and ways are not as important as the
feelings of support and love you generate. This is our nature so develop it as it comes forth from
your heart.
I always have a time near the end of the gathering where you dance. To me this is the quickest
way to create joy and self love together. I would just make it a rule to always dance after a
gathering even if you did it earlier. This creates oxytocin and the vibration of joy for woman so
they may remember what that vibration feels like.
The purpose is to retrain ourselves into that flowing space more often in feminine energy. We
constantly have to remind ourselves and our bodies what this natural state is. Dancing gets us
there quickly and the body flows and moves energy without us thinking about it. The more we
do this creates a habit. Done in the group adds great power. I love Cultural and top 40 songs.
These details are for you all to create. Whatever music you like. The details do not matter. Then
you can all put forth your becoming and do a moment of silence or meditation together to end.
These are the only things that I think are important to speak of. We have been gathering our
whole life so this is just refining for our empowerment so there is little that we have to shift, just
knowing the laws of a group and creating the vibration of joy and play. We are naturals at this so
just go with the flow. Enjoy!
Month One
Laying the ground work for the monthly gatherings.
Let everyone know what your intention is and that you want to use the principles of creating a
feminine culture together that supports each of you in creating a more delightful life. Generally, we
all have friends we gather with and just let them know that you are going to tweak it to be more
empowering for you all. This doesn’t have to be class format, it is an informal gathering. You are
beginning to make your friend groups more powerful and that is it. So you can do the things you
normally do when you gather and are just adding in a few elements to make it productive beyond
your current get togethers.
We are going to start with a combination of chapter 11 and 12 and then go in order from chapter two.
If others want to read the book suggest it and then you are on the same wavelength. We all gather for
the same reasons, have the same discussion and offer each other our insights. Woman love the same
things in every country and culture. Feminine essence and a feminine culture are what we are
tapping into so to begin here makes sense. You could start with the Forward so the idea is put forth
of what woman we want to be. This area gives us a new look at the feminine role that we do not see
and have not been educated on. We are putting forth a picture of ourselves that is new yet in our
bodies it is natural. As woman we long for this because it is who we are. Getting the becoming, the
idea of where we are going is important.
There is great importance in understanding masculine and feminine energy. They are opposing yet
complementary. We need to really get a feeling of what feminine energy is and realize the importance
of operating in this way. We are all in masculine most of the time so this whole process of building a
community is about retraining ourselves to our natural way.
We develop this as we are doing things in feminine energy. We are gathering to reinforce this in
ourselves and together so our body gets the habit. Both chapters have ideas to discuss and a way to
look at a community that will build us together. You are opening your mind to these ways and
practices. Read the chapters and think of how you want to discuss this together. Your knowing will
come forward.
Opening Circle
Once come together and all are there, do some practice to shift you all away from your day. A great
way to do this is have everyone go around and talk about what their state is that day and what is
most important for them to take away. This sets an intention, shifts them from the day and puts forth
a becoming for them to receive from the gather. It helps when all know what one is working on or
dealing with. This doesn’t have to be deep or profound. It could be I had a tough day at work and
knew this would reset me. I needed to get out of the house and do something for myself. Doesn’t
matter. It could be that they needed their friends to giggle and laugh. We are woman, this is open to
whatever we feel. We want to get to the feeling nature not thinking.
Discuss feminine energy and how it is different than masculine. When are you in feminine energy? Do
you know examples and times? Is it often or not at all? We are just trying to connect with where we
are and how we are operating. Let the conversation go where it may and just discuss these types of
energy. The truth is we should rarely be in masculine energy and the sympathetic nervous system.
This is a far reach for us now but we are working toward understanding this. Just know that is the
purpose of this culture. To know flow, flexibility, collaboration, joy, playfulness, water like qualities.
Pleasure in all we do! Artistry at all tasks.
Practice: Breath of Passion
Share the breath of passion and do together. It will surely get you giggling. Do the Aaaa, Oooo,
Mmmm with emotion and sensuality. We are not used to making these sounds so inhabition will
come forth. It is okay and you are friends so you can giggle through it. It will help you all get into
oxytocin. See if you feel the shift, it is subtle. Do it 3 or 4 times together and discuss it.
Talk about how you felt, the oddity of it, the silliness, whatever came up. The bad girl feelings. Our
throat chakra, our voices, our individuality will be developed through pleasurable joyful sounds. It
tells our body we are safe. Singing, beautiful sounds develop our voices and our connection to
oxytocin. Our voices are powerful expressions and we can play with it to create rhythmic angel
voices. So have fun with this. Silly yet powerful.
Put on some music and set the tone that we are going to connect to our flowing nature. It is free form
dancing, turn down the lights so no one feels weird. I tell people to close their eyes so they get into a
trance like state not thinking about things. Play the music loud whatever seems perfect and dance
together. Let your body flow and release, feel the joy and beauty that emerges. Just have fun dancing.
There is inevidibly someone who yells woohoo or some expression of joy. That is all it is, the joy vibe
created together. At the end put your hands in prayer position over your heart and all take a moment
to feel your state. How do you feel? How does your heart feel, your body, your rush of vitality. This is
pleasure and joy state that we are to be creating.
Then have everyone sit and talk about how you felt. Whatever anyone wants to share is perfect.
Realize this joy is so easy to attain through this marvelous movement of our body. Our bodies where
made to flow and have fun. It is truly a prayer to dance the feminine body.
Closing Circle. You can ask everyone what they learned and could take away for knowledge to use.
Then have each put forth a becoming intention for the next month as all hold the space for them.
Then have a silent moment in gratitude for each attending and the learning you are doing. If you like
meditation someone can lead one. Ask that they try dancing and the Breath of Passion throughout the
month and see if it makes a difference. You are creating a community of sharing and shifting so trying
these practices will only enhance them. If they don’t, there is no pressure here.Go around the circle
and close the gathering.
Month 2
Nourish Yourself Wisely
This will be based on chapter 2. Knowing that nourishing with food is the most important to have a
good life. We all have issues about emotional eating on many levels. Our purpose is not to fix
ourselves, it is to understand more emotionally ourselves. It is to shed light on our eating ways and
begin to easily learn how we do this to support ourselves. It is all an experiment so we want to
always remember the element of fun in all we do. This is not a beat yourself up session or anything to
do with diet programs. It is about getting to know ourselves, our emotions and how we fuel our
systems. Everyone can bring a healthy snack so you can share in nutritious food to ground in the
Once everyone is there, go around the room and have everyone offer if they used the breathing or
dance and what they learned. Also, what they need to shift, relating to food and nutrition. It is a good
way to shift from the day and be honest with where we are. No good or bad, just looking at where we
are with food. You could also do the Breath of Passion a few times to shift everyone and get them
used to switching to oxytocin. Will certainly make all giggle which is oxytocin.
Discuss ourselves as an energy management system. We are eating for fuel and this is the purpose.
Talk about how far off the mark we are and how we can begin to switch this. Discuss when you
overeat and why if you know it. What are our comfort foods? How do we use them? Maybe someone
in your group knows nutritional information and can offer some learning there. Do you feel good
after you eat for low emotion? Whatever comes up regarding food, and emotions. Do we have joy in
our preparing of food or dislike it. Any discussion is perfect and helps us shed light on eating and
Practice: Pleasurably Eating
Take the healthy snacks and eat together. In doing so practice eating slow and really enjoying it.
Mmmm. Make sounds, taste it, feel the pleasure of it, feel this slow relaxed way of eating. Make sure
there is something really good and nourishing so this is not a stretch. Hummus or avocados are
healthy foods that I think are delicious. Have something that works for you all. See what eating is like
in pleasure and how it activates your emotions and the svadisthanna chakra. Giggle and laugh as you
do this and talk about how easy or hard it is to eat slow and pleasurable. If one is a fast eating shed
light on it and see how it feels to slow down and really consider nourishing your self.
Conscious Eating Practice:
Now go around the room once and have everyone state a goal or plan they would like to see happen
and eat the bite to that. Conscious eating in the practices section of the book is explained and do this
together. This allows good emotions and thoughts to be part of the process consciously and build
these ideas into your body.
Discuss how you feel with these two techniques. Let all offer how they felt, what they learned, a
moment of commentary.
Speak of oxygen as nutrition. Talk about how you can easily add in more oxygen. Maybe someone
knows yoga breathing techniques. Take 10 deep breaths together by allowing in the breath to the
belly and releasing it slowly. Talk about how this feels. Discuss how you can bring in more oxygen
easily, each coming up with ideas that could institute in their day to use oxygen as part of their
conscious choices to fuel and nourish.
Speak of high impressions. What ones do we use? How can you use more? Music in the office or at
home? Inspirational cds? More prayer or spiritual practices? Help each other come up with ways to
bring this information in and make it knowledge. Come up with ideas on how to use this daily so we
can get the benefits of high impressions rather than always reach for food. Discuss how this triad
could shift your nourishing from just food alone. All things welcome. We are trying to support and
develop ourselves to have more pleasure and oxytocin in life. Our goal is to just create individual
ways to do that.
Practice: Dance
Dance is always part of the gathering. Dance with the most beautiful image of a body that you desire.
Love your body as it is, thank it for doing all it does and dance as though you are the picture of whom
you want to become and feel as you dance like you live in that body. Fueled well with food, using
oxygen to nourish your cells, using high impressions to empower you, beautiful and magnificent you
Circle Close:
Go around the circle and close the gathering. Ask what anyone learned and what intention they want
to put forth until the next gathering. As each speaks have all hold the space for them. Then have a
silent moment in gratitude for each attending and the learning you are doing. If you like meditation
or prayer someone can lead one. Ask that they play with the Conscious Eating practice and the
conscious pleasure as they eat throughout the month and see if it makes a difference. Ask that they
consider oxygen and high impressions you spoke of and putting some ideas into their life. You are
creating a community of sharing and shifting so trying these practices will only enhance them. If they
don’t, they don’t there is no pressure here.
Month 3
Sacred Space
Gather and discuss the impact our homes have on our creativity and peace as woman.
Woman have always realized the impact of their home environment on their lives. Woman are the
tenders of their sacred space and we want to take this to a deeper level and realize how our home
impacts our energy and feminine essence. Chapter 3 reviews a deeper way to look at our homes. Over
the last 5 years the tv, internet and rush of stores getting into the home decorating market has gone a
long way to offer choices for woman to use products and reasonable design elements in their homes.
We are able to reflect ourselves and our interests more cost effectively than ever before because of
this trend. We can make choices that make you feel good and express your femininity, and now with
so many sustainable options a safer home. Choosing safer choices for the earth and our homes is part
of our feminine connection with nature.
Invite woman to come over and open a discussion about our home environments and ways they
impact us. (If there is an interior designer in your community or your group, have them offer design
tips and ideas.)
Discuss different ways our home, color and placement of space effects our energy and spirit. Some
interior designer thoughts listed below to begin.
Discuss what things develop feminine essence and how to change our home to reflect that. Color,
scents, artwork, fabrics and things of life that add energy to your unconsciously as you move about
your space. Truly realize the impact this has on you as a woman, feeling safe, in our relaxed space
which is indeed so healthful. Determine ways for you individually shift your sacred space to nourish
you on a deeper level, this is powerful when consciousness is brought to support your femininity.
Practice: Feng Shui
Review of the Feng Shui chart as effective way to look at your space and the areas of the home that
represent different parts of ourselves. Harmonizing areas that we are lacking or feel out of balance
through this system offers a new way to look at our spaces. Feng shui is based on the belief that a
powerful energy force, chi, connects your immediate environment to what happens in your life.
Changing what is around you, you can change your future and create more harmony between your
goals and your living environment.
(Feng shui is an octogon shape with the 8 areas of your home that can be used for your whole house
or a room. From the top going around clockwise the order of the octagon goes, fame, love, creativity,
friends, career, new knowledge, health/family, money. Money is in the south direction. Having a
compass will be helpful)
Look at the room you are in. Think of areas in your life that need more balance and see what areas on
the chart needs adjustment. Even a basic understanding of Feng Shui and the concept awakens your
innate understanding of your environment. Within, without is powerful here ladies. Consciously,
vibrationally from the heart and emotions review ways to enhance your safe spot of home! Allow
discussion on all of these topics.
Inspiring Elements
Discuss how all elements in the home either offer us energy and inspiration or drain our energy. If
there is books that go unread and when we notice them feel drained, then move them or declare
them finished. Some objects offer us great connections and memories while others remind us of bad
times. Taking an inventory of those objects as we walk through our sacred home, remove the things
that drain you rather than uplift you. Your space should offer you most importantly, peace,
confidence and a sanctuary to nourish yourself and your feminine nature.
Often our homes are based on our family, children or husbands needs and our needs are last on the
list. We need to shift this so we gain from our home and thus can outflow to others. Does the space
inspire you? How are you using the energy of the things around you? Do dull things drain you?
Discuss the home issues, ways to create the artistry of our homes. You are the queen of the home, the
holder of sacred space. You must feel relaxed, calm and in joy as your rest in your haven.
Practice: Feeling a Space
Have everyone look around the room, feel the room. What gives you energy? What kind does it give
you? Calm, soothing, exciting, relaxing? Do you lose energy from anything in the environment? Maybe
not your style, it is nice but not overly motivating to you?
Talk about clogged areas in your home. Could you unclog them now knowing they drain your
unconsciously even if you don’t know it. Paying attention to our environment in more detail to notice
if it energy producing or a draining space. Complete tasks to be done because each time you go by an
area that is incomplete or messy, subconsciously it drains your energy. A little awareness and action
here has a huge effect on your energy. We naturally like things balanced, beautiful and ordered. Find
ways to give yourself oxytocin from your home environment! Discuss these ideas after the practice.
Color is emotional and powerful.
Color is a powerful element to your home and paint is the easiest and most cost effective way to
impact your space. It invokes moods from relaxing to energizing spaces to your space. Color is
emotional, bright happy hues create energizing spaces and bring optimistic moods while neutrals
calm down the jitters. A trend to have more resting, sanctuary type spaces that ground us with nature
inspired pallets. Color is intuitive and powerful. It changes how people feel, influences their choices
and how they perceive pain. Is there a way to use color more for self expression rather than white or
neutral environments.
Last year the biggest color is sustainably drive that support and reflect nature. Greens, blues and
neutrals gaining the most popularity as the green movement gets more momentum. Remember that
we are vibrational beings. Color, sounds, smells, sensual, textural things raise our vibe. How can you
feel your house and make it feel even better. This is an important part of being a woman. Ground into
this role. We create most all the environments we are in. Going home to a truly lovely home to us is
crucial to our health! Our cozy nook, our sacred space.
Easy ways to switch up your space and how you feel!
Add flowers and other nature objects to connect the outdoors to your home space.
Consciously place sacred items in an alter or a space that represents you and your goals and dreams.
Create a dream board in a special place that you look at to remind you of your purpose. This could be
a gathering one month if you are so inspired.
Order shelves and books by color and decorative objects in between to add peace to crazy shelves.
Create a spa bathroom by adding whites giving a clean and open feel.
Make a room look higher and warmer by using the wall color in a shade lighter for your ceiling
instead of standard white.
Put candles or plants in a fireplace in the off season to add coziness.
Add new accent pillows or a throw blanket in new colors to change your space.
Cost effective way to add new drapes is to use one of the newer shower curtains that come in many
great patterns.
Change placement of your things, move your artwork or objects to new places in a room or different
Personal Care Products
The Chapter talks about healthy personal care products. Have a discussion about if you use organic
or who in the crowd does. Discuss whatever you want about organic and why you do or don’t spend
money for it. Know that the better quality things are put on your body because they clearly become
part of your physical system. We are trying to get more involved, more emotional and heart felt about
our choices for our selves. We have lots of thinking that doesn’t support this. “ Oh they are too
expensive!”” I can’t afford!” These ideas do not support us loving ourselves. We have to retrain and
break through the thinking that we are not enough or allowed the finest. All of this discussion is
trying to awaken your innate desire to luxuriate in your space. Know that programs and issues will
always surface. That is good, you are bringing light to outdated thinking that must shift for you to
truly understand self love and self care!
Look at your home as your most protected sacred space and fill it with beauty. We are artists at this.
If you don’t think so then sink into your womb. Find your creative space, we add a woman’s touch to
things. Enjoyably inhabiting your home so it inspires and motivates you to go out and be in the world.
Ground into this role. Why do you or not? Just talk together on ways you could rework your home to
be your great safe space. This is not a competition on who gets this grand addition or whatever. We
are looking for ways to reclaim our power, our energy, our inspiration and artistry of life. How can
the home we inhabit be created to better serve our becoming.
Practice: Dancing
Always have a dance at the end. Dance to being in the most beautiful palace. What would be there
with us? How can we use our creative imagination as we dance in joy thinking of the beautiful things
we want around us. You are a princess with the most beautiful things around you to inspire you. You
dance in gratitude as you take on the role, to create a sacred space that flourishes you. End with the
prayer position, hands at your heart and notice this wonderful vibration you created. This pulsating
life force of joy within you. This is how we are to be artists. Go home and create your lovely respite!
Circle close. Ask that we use these ideas to shift our sacred space. Have everyone put forth and
intention forward.
Month 4
Gems of Wisdom
We are truly one human family and woman easily can see the world this way. We have the same
issues no matter what culture or country and in our highest, we know how to connect with others
easily in empathy. The svadisthanna chakra is about flexibility, communication, connection and
collaboration. We naturally offer others our empathy so we are going to strengthen that quality and
challenge some of our judgements toward others.
Practice: What do you believe?
Create a space where no judgement is to occur and each decided that you will be open to learn and
understand the girls you are with. The rule is never to discuss religion with others but lets challenge
that. Openly say briefly the way you see the Great good of the world. Have every one go around the
room and speak of what they believe regarding God, Source or no source. Generally. Once everyone
has said their ideas, is there a belief that you all believe? Can you find common ground, a way that
assures you that even though we all do certain rituals regarding our beliefs, we are on the same
page? With your group see if you can all agree on something that allows you to be open to how others
receive spiritual guidance and faith.
Belief in a greater good should not have conflict. It is greater good! Understanding we all can live that
differently goes along way to clearing tons of judgements and connects you to each other deeply. Did
this challenge you to hear another’s belief and want to judge it? Not agree? This is good light on
communicating and collaborating, see what comes up for review. We are woman so it is natural for
us to find common ground.
Woman have an incredible group power together. When we discuss this topic in light of
commonality, open not to judge with each other we call in universal energy. The power of this
conversation can clear so many judgements together in the power of the group. A deeper connection
takes place towards becoming less of a judge and more of a blender, a collaborator and connector.
You awaken the harmony of nature when you do this, your self development , tapping into your
essence can grow so quickly this way. You are awakening the great gift of femininity. Adaptable,
flexible, negogiating, communicating on a real level. This is a power feminine gift you are supporting
and a culture you are building together. I want to sing at the beauty of it. We are breaking down
invisible walls to connecting to each other deeply. We don’t judge each others beliefs and connect
with our hearts in our commonality.
Other thinking
Does anyone belief an extreme belief or something out of the box that you want to understand more?
Does anyone do yoga? Meditation? Prayer? If so how does it affect their lives? Is there something you
could learn to bring wholeness to you? We are all experimenting in life and can share volumes of
information on what works for us. It is important that we do, we share what works, what we can
become curious about. Being curious means being a student instead of a know it all. A open mind
ready for new ideas and ways to flow with life. Let this lead you where ever it goes.
Practice: Visualization, Meditation or Prayer
Take 10 deep breathes from the belly. Lets feel what relaxation is together. Let of of anything came
up in trying to collaborate deeply. Any judgements that occurred, let them go, go to your heart, feel
love in comraderie of other woman. Let go of anything that makes you feel bad or unsettled and just
relax by letting go. For woman the exhale is the most important. Let go, exhale, sink in, relax you are
safe in the company of woman, brilliant oxytocin. Envision a huge human family! You are creating
one amongst yourself. We all belong! We are one group, one community, feel your connection to the
commonness we are part of. Feel the grounding of knowing we together share love to others just
because. We are open to difference looking for the flowing way to share our goodness.
How do you feel? Always when you are with woman, feel yourself, feel your feelings. This is the space
to open your feeling nature, your intuition. We develop it together through each other. Learning to
feel compassion toward each other inspires compassion in our lives. This is the space to release
outworn thinking together and express honor toward others, as individuals, seeing the gem of the
Practice: Does anyone know yoga? If not then dance!
As always I like to end with a joyful movement. Movement is important in these gatherings. Our
feeling emotion is flowing. We bring it forward in conscious movement of our bodies. It clears and
brings light to feeling ourselves and what the vibration of joy, connection and community feels like in
our physical, emotional and mental bodies.
Circle and close. Have everyone say something they learned, that opened in them. This is a practice
in opening your heart in safety. How did that feel? Put forth an intention of that learning. Meditate,
Pray or whatever your choice.
Month 5
Artistic Environmentalism
Let us develop an awareness about how things can move about in the world towards less waste. This
enhances our creativity tremendously, knowing we can find ways to reuse and repurpose. I suggest
everyone bring a few items from their closet that just aren’t working for a clothing swap at this
gathering. It is fun to find new items, stretch yourself toward fashion you may not buy but will look
good in. This will open your minds and hearts on artistic environmentalism. Jewelry, earrings,
bracelets, shoes, scarves, anything is welcome.
Open: Do the pleasure breath together and allow others to share ways they feel they already recycle
or reuse in life. We can learn from others ways how to repurpose things and how to honor the cycle
of our resources. What areas do we find we could do more without must pain and toil. Remember,
these practices are to inspire our femininity, not be a list of things that we must do and will be
penalized! Too masculine!
Have everyone add any reuse resources they know of. A church donation, a collection of old coats at
school, whatever is around that offers support to others with your unwanted things. Is there second
hand stores that you all need to be made aware of? Is there a housing project that could use old
furniture. Learning about the community and the ways to move things is important for us and often
we don’t know until we talk about it. Can you commit to doing a clearing of your home and
collaborate someway to get your stuff together and do some donation? Even food pantries need items
for folks so find a way you can fuel your community in unison.
Practice: Clothing and Accessory Swap
Put on some music and get out the clothes. The more each brings the better so all can get some new
items. Have each layout fashions or parade them, whatever way will get you in the oxytocin of
dressing fun! Have others suggest who would look good in what or ways to add flair to others. Try
things on, show them off, have fun with this. We used to love doing this together with my friends.
Earings, braceltets, scarves, whatever you have that could move to another.
Practice: Dance
After everyone has some new pretty piece or pieces, it is time to dance. You could have on your new
clothes or not. Dance to your beauty and adorning of yourself. I like to think of myself as a lovely
adorned princess or priestess that has all the lovely things around her. Sinking into your beautiful
body, full of wonderful jewels, fabrics and gems. All to enhance your femininity, accent your traits,
color and feelings for the day. Hands in heart center and feel the joyous state of beauty.
Circle closing. Intentions of how you are becoming and can reuse ,recycle and end prayer,
meditation or other close you chose.
Month 6
Garden Goddess Wisdom
There is a powerful gift of nature that offers us great healing with negative ions filling our bodies and
creating balance and relaxation. You are now more aware of the true healing of it so possibly have
this gathering outside your home or at a great nature spot. You could engage in hiking or yoga
outdoors, just sit on a patio, whatever works for your group.
Open and have others offer what they feel about nature and healing. Do they find themselves utilizing
the outdoors in their life?
Discuss how the atomic structure of our indoors and technology has suppressed feminine ions. How
could this unstable environment affect our bodies? Do we notice when we are inside too long or at
our computers for long periods of time? Does anyone notice or realize the magnitude of this? Talk
about our childhoods, where we outside more? Do we remember the creative spaces we had as
children outside? Could we bring this more into our lives, our families lives, our kids lives? Does
everyone vacation in nature? Where? What is it that draws you? When you are in relaxation what is it
that creates that? Learning about ourselves and our connection to nature is important.
Practice: Natures Energy
Go outside if you are not and notice the difference of nature. Can you sense what is going on in your
body? Look around and really try to take in all of the beauty around. Can you feel any difference? Be
in silence for about 5 minutes and see if you can feel the energy balancing you? Notice the high
impressions nature offers and how you are feeding yourself on many levels. Really look at the trees,
flowers or plants. See the details, can you feel the beauty? Does anything talk to you or do certain
birds or things call your attention? Do you feel your spirit getting relaxed, nourished, healed? Sink
into your womb, your intuitive center and see if anything occurs. See if you can begin to sense the
subtle vibrations nature offers.
Discuss this practice and see what commentary others have. Open the door to anything felt, noticed,
learned from this practice. Discuss how this can be used daily in your lives to deeper your experience
with nature and add in these high impressions.
Practice: Aharaj Yoga Chakra Clearing in practice section of the book
After you have done the clearing, discuss if you feel energy in your hands as you expanded your
fields? Some do some don’t, nothing is ever wrong. How do you perceive nature now that you have
done this? Is there a difference? How do you feel after this? Could you find time to use this practice to
bring more awareness and clarity? You can do the other practices if you choose as well. You decide
what works.
Allow any discussion to come forth regarding nature, healing from it, how to open to this beauty and
become more beautiful and centered in your body. Does anyone know a grounding practice that you
can do to connect with the earth? A simple one that I use is to think of the point at the base of your
spine. Think of a point in the center core of the earth. Now just connect the dots or points and feel the
grounding energy fill you.
In nature we are receptive, we have to do nothing. How does it feel to receive while just sitting? Can
we find more open ways to receive from others as well? Discuss receiving and how woman are not
trained to receive. How can we be more open to receive when we are so open to give. Someone needs
to receive our giving. How can we make a conscious effort to receive more from others, nature and
our environments?
Practice: Dance.
If you are at a public spot you may feel uncomfortable however others will probably join in! If you
want to be some fun girls, stretch and do this. If this is not your thing, come up with maybe a yoga
sequence or some other stretching to move while healing in nature.
Circle close. Put forth learning and intentions of becoming. Agree to bring in nature more daily to
create a more relaxed oxytocin space in life. Prayer and meditate if so chose.
Month 7
Release and Rejuvenate
This is a healthy practice that you can choose to do together. Maybe a day fast of the Master Cleanse
that you could google the details. You could do a 3 day smoothie fast or some other form of rest for
your digestion. Prior to this you could see what people feel could be managed and see if together you
could do this learning . I highly recommend any type of fast just for the learning about yourself and
how you eat. It is a great tool to learn about emotional eating and what triggers you to gorge. To me
this is fine understanding that will help balance your body.
Open, do the breath of passion so you all giggle and shift, then open discussion about any religious
rituals or fasts they have done or heard of. Is there interest in doing something together? Could you
all find a way to do a few days of release and rejuvenation? You could be each others support.
Talk about the Law of Sacrifice and how we use this law. Understand that it is the old and
unnecessary that we sacrifice, not the joyous things. If we sacrificed some things that are outworn,
what more would that bring forward to each? Who needs room in their life and for what? Put out
some ideas of becoming that would build the individuals.
Practice: Green Smoothie
Together learn to make a green smoothie, a great way to have a snack, replace a meal and get more
vegetables and fruit in your life. Be open to try this if you never have. A simple recipe to start is 1 cup
spinach, 1 pear, 1 apple, 1 frozen banana, 3 chopped dates and 1 cup of water. You can add collards,
swiss chard, cucumber, strawberries, carrots, lettuce, mango anything. More vegetables to me is
always a good way to get nutrients and less fruit. Fruit does make it sweet so be sure to add some but
vegetables are key. Drink up. Feel the nourishment.
Discuss how easy it is. Is it good? Does a glass fill you?
Could you add this in daily or weekly to up the nutrition? Could you make this as a sweet snack? How
could you use this high nutrition in your life to add health and good clean energy to your being?
Using only fruits and vegetables allows your digestion to rest in processing meat and carbohydrates.
Could you do these for a day or 3? Can you plan a little release rejuvenate practice together? Could
you try to use this smoothie at the 3 o’clock hour when we get the munchies and need a jump start?
Does anyone have nutrition knowledge about digestion and how a meal of many types of food
blended can often slow us down. If you have meat, carbohydrates, fruit, vegetables, each needs a
different digestive enzyme so the digestion works harder to digest, taking energy for tasks away from
you. How could you use this knowledge to help you with your meals?
How else do we use the law of sacrifice in our lives? Have we clear out closets to get new things? Can
we add in artistic enviromentalism to these tasks to make them more meaningful and heartfelt? Have
we had to clear friends out whom were not supporting us and new ones came along even though we
toiled to clear them? How can we let go of things, people, memories and patterns that no longer serve
us and get more joy in life? Be open to whatever ways you all can improve by using this law more
often, even daily to add higher vibrations of joy.
Practice: Clearing the old
This practice is used in many systems and can be done on a full moon or shortly there after if you so
choose. We as woman are tied to the moons cycles, we have about the same length of days between
our cycle as the moon does. Remembering the moon runs the flow of water on the earth reminds us
that we are flowing as well.
You can create a ritual however you would like. Opening with a visualization, meditation or prayer of
gratitude and thanks for support in release of things. Using a fire in some form, even a candle adds
more to this ritual. Have everyone write down a few things they want to release. Allow each the time
to put forth some ideas of what is outworn in their lives aloud or just silently, you chose. One by one
go to the fire or candle and burn up your list. Feel the release emotionally, physically watch it
transmute, and mentally honor the new space you have created. It is wonderful to use the moon cycle
because it naturally is waning after the full moon and a perfect time for us to release things. If you so
chose you can get some sage and sage each person at the end, allowing this plant to support them
clearing their field of whatever they let go. End it with a gratitude, prayer or meditation.
Discuss how it felt. Do you feel lighter or less clogged? All answers welcome. Rituals where we
engage our mind, body, emotions and spirit help us align ourselves in presence and purpose. This is a
lovely way to allow releasing of things. The details are not necessary to be done in a certain way, it is
more about intention and alignment. Fire is a natural purifier so it helps us see things transmuted.
Create what you can with the group you have and discuss if it helped your in anyway. These are the
ways we build ourselves in community, using the energy of the group to become better woman.
Practice: Dance
Dance to the delight of your releasing! See yourself lighter, more free, more open to new ways and
ideas. Swirl yourself about, open and clear to be joyous and knowing that release and rejuvenation is
part of our cyclical way. Have fun, feel beautiful and growing in the directions of joy, love and
Close and set becomings. Put forth details if you choose to fast in some form.
Month 8
Modern Day shamanism
This is about other paths to healing than conventional medicine. All medicine should be used, I have
no right or wrong belief about it. I want others to open to the complementary medicine options
available that can be helpful on all levels. Often when we know someone who has tried something
and it has worked, we are more open to investigate.
Open, Breath of Passion and have everyone offer if they have an ail they are dealing with and may
want to investigate new ways to approach. Often putting forth what issues we have with our bodies
into the group of woman can call in the universal help and support to aid one in healing. Similar to
the prayer studies conducted, we have this energy as our ally as woman.
Let anyone who has tried some form of alternative healing talk about it and how it affected them. Let
this conversation go where it goes. Massage, reiki, chiropractic, nutritional testing, flower essences,
cranio sacral, acupuncture, hypnosis, all are forms of complementary practices. Learn and discuss all
the ways the group has investigated. See if anyone could investigate one of these solutions to support
their healing. Throw anything you heard, know or have interest in learning out there so you all can be
informed and learn from others.
Practice: Boil some ginger root tea.
Put some ginger root in water and boil for 20 minutes at the beginning. Allow everyone the
opportunity to drink a cup of such healing a root. You can add honey to sweeten which is another
lovely healing food. Make this a sacred or ritual practice knowing that you will add health to others
with this fine root. As you all share in it remember that this comes from a plant and is medicine. Your
body recognizes it because it is plain food . We are made of plant, animal and mineral kingdoms so
anytime we can feed ourselves straight from these kingdoms without preservatives or additives, it
quickly helps our body. If someone knows more about making tea or has knowledge of plants to heal,
let them share. Bringing consciousness into any act makes it more powerful. Sip using the conscious
eating thinking, knowing whatever ails you have are being handled by the tea.
You could add other herbs if you have knowledge. Ginger tea to me is so healthy and such a great
easy ritual to engage that all should know how to atleast create this. For woman rose buds and
raspberry leaves are another wonderful elixir if you have any of them.
Does it taste different than regular tea bags? Can you see how the ritual of boiling it, preparing it
from raw food could make it more meditative, more medicinal than a bag of tea? Even loose herb teas
have more power and potency because they are often fresher than grocery store brands. Can you see
how have a simple cup of tea is enough to bring you to your presence and even create relaxation.
This evening can go so many ways and that is why this is all just a guideline. Maybe someone knows a
massage girl who can come do chair massages, or ask a reiki practicioner to share their medicine.
The idea is to open ourselves to many new modalities that are really quite old. Notice its effect and
find ways to add these complementary practices as healing and prevention to our lives. Remember
we are on balance to get off balance to get on balance again. Finding many ways to help us adjust to
life is so important to us. Woman like these other types of practices as well. It fills our emotional
nature and connects us more to our body and the earth. This is open ended in how you and your
group want to investigate. Be creative, it is all just practice to become more feminine.
Practice: Essential Oils
If anyone has essential oils have them bring them, if not please go out a purchase a few that call you.
Realizing their power to shift our mood, bring us present and add to our sensuality is the practice.
Try different types, usually they have emotional attributes on the bottles. They are indeed more
powerful than their scent, help our organs, have frequencies that illness can not continue to grow in,
many healing attributes. Being a grower and as a woman, I could not live without them. Once you
open one, put a few drops on your hands, rub them together and take 7 deep breathes of the oil. Then
you can rub it on your body where you see fit, your hair, your arms, maybe on your torso. Do this
with a few different oils and see how it feels, if they shift you, where you sense them, whatever you
can feel intuitively. (Some people have sensitivity issues, allow them to smell and use the oils as they
feel, a good intuitive practice for them if they are concerned. We know our own bodies and this is
good practice to connect to it!)
Have a commentary about how you felt with the oils, how they differ, if you like them or not. Usually,
if the scent bothers you, it is a oil you need. Rose is lovely and increases self love, I put that on my
heart often. Any citrus oils are uplifting and create a pleasant mood. Talk and discover what you felt,
how the scent, the breathing them in, all that you did with them and review you ideas. This is a
powerful tool and way to awaken your creative emotional nature. These effect your olfactory nerves
to your brain as well and offer such healing on so many levels. An easy alternative to mood altering
drugs, the oils alone shift your emotional state. A simple tool to use for beauty, bringing in presence,
shifting your state and truly healing your body. See if others find them something to add to their day,
a way to bring in simple plant medicine and connect them to themselves in awareness.
Dance to the wonder of all the great tools of healing we have. We have each other, we have so many
ways of healing available at this time to us. Dance knowing your ail is a lesson to adjust and learn
from. Dance to giving it movement and accepting it as part of you and see it doing its job by alerting
you. Dance knowing it will leave and clear as you welcome its message and find greater health ahead.
Dance knowing you are connected to your body, receiving its messages to adjust and find health.
Dance knowing your attitude, your investigation, your seeking of healing is always answered. Dance
to your wonder of femininity!
Close circle. Set intentions of becoming. Solidify ways you learned today and opened yourself to
your body, its messages and other ways to treat yourself kindly. Prayer, meditation or whatever.
Month 9
Energy Management
Finding ways to use our energy correctly is so important since we have more tasks than time. Being
aware of your energy, when it is low, finding ways to lift it and paying attention to your body are all
important practices. Often we run ourselves really hard day after day until illness lays us flat. We
would be healthier, more vital if we could just listen more to our bodies, our energy level and work
with it. Knowing we are cyclical as woman is an important piece to flowing. Retraining ourselves to
listen, follow our energy, our cycle and be more mindful in moving.
Open and offer thoughts on how your energy levels currently are and where you may need to tweak
them. Do the breathe of passion sounds to shift everyone and get the giggle going. By now you should
be so much more comfortable making these sounds knowing they heal you and finding your way in
your relaxed space.
Discuss how we are energy fields and see if anyone has any knowing about this. We have an egg
around us considered our energy field and we want more awareness of this. We can feel others effect
us more and keep out unwanted energy or atleast notice it and get rid of it. Discuss how dancing
swirls this field in an amazing way, mixing it up and blending and balancing your field. Does anyone
feel their field? See fields? Just talk about this invisible field and how mixing and blending with others
can effect us. Discuss how being near people in a bad mood can effect us and cause a bad mood. This
is because of the energy fields mixing.
Practice: Aharaj Yoga
Do all the Aharaj Yoga practices in the book. After the first do really concentrate on the third, Ha
practice. Have everyone come up with something, someone or a situation in life they want to clear
out and give expression too. Using our voices gives expression, our bodies in jumping and our minds
in focus shifts us quickly. I use this practice often to clear the ranting situations of life. Most
importantly, this is a use of your will, anger, stress, anxiety emotion, digestive fire, manipura chakra
where fire is the element. We are using the power of these emotions directed to transmute whatever
we are clearing. The power of emotion makes this very effective so call it up and use the power of it
to Ha and jump. Once done jumping 20 times together, do a cleansing breathe and move around a bit.
Most important part of energy field learning is notice how you feel now afterward. Compare it to
before. These are subtle shifts but powerful presence and clarity can be gained!
Talk about the practice, the silliness or the power of it. Do you feel better regarding the situation you
had? Does your body feel different? Discuss anything that comes up.
Discuss the three personality types, physical, emotional and mental. Have a discussion on what you
think you are. Have others who know you well offer their thoughts. This is not as easy to figure as
you think but see if you can practice and learn. We often use two quite regularly.
Learning this about yourself is very helpful in getting through and out of situations. When you know
how you react to things, what provides and release automatically, this tool can help you motivate
yourself when you are low or involved in a project that is less than glorious. I am a emotional person
first, physical second and lastly mental in reaction. I will move to help others emotionally upon bad
news. I will also use how I can help the world through doing something to get me motivated, started
on projects I don’t want to do. This has been great learning for me. If I dance a song before doing a
project I do not like, it is much easier to make it through and quickly with joy. So help each other find
your way with this. You could even spend the month noticing and report back. Is anyone in
partnership with someone of a different type? Do they see when conflict comes or how it can affect
the relationship justby the different way they see the world?
Discuss the ways of nutrition again since it has been a while since you had that topic. Review if
anyone has learned anything through the process on nutrition and how to care for themselves
through eating. Eating lighter through out a busy day allows more available energy to use that day.
Come up with ways you could all use this eating practice for pleasure, listening to your body, letting
your innate health system run it. Does anyone have any great learning about emotional eating and
how they have moved through some of it. This is a learning process, so we never require others to
master things, all is a process.
Talk of oxygen and high impressions. Maybe review the topics of chapter two again. Are you using
any of this knowledge and it is helpful? Are you able to see effects? Can you add in more oxygen to
your day or if you have has it helped? Come up with a list of high impressions to use for energy. Have
you used a few and it is time to pull in some more? Inspiring yourself is a life long process and a
continual revamp of techniques and ways is always important. Through discussion they become part
of our awareness and we can begin to call them in. All is practice, simple tools to bring us back to
presence and joy are truly the main mission. Energy works the same way. Any time we need more or
run down, using a tool is key. Some days you do just need a rest. Do you take it? Could you? Learn
from watching all these things.
Dance to your energy management. Dancing to me is the easiest energy raising tool there is. Dance
knowing you are mixing your field to balance the energy and create a higher field. Dance with your
hands and see them as wands to mix all about you. It is a great gift to dance and feel good. Know this
practice is easy to use, easy to generate joy, easy to feel more beautiful. Beautiful girls you are!
Month 10
Harmonious relationships
This is a powerful learning as well. Understanding the dynamics of masculine and feminine energy
within yourself as well as in your relationships. We naturally switch and shift depending whom we
are with. Being more conscious of this and how to use this natural ability to collaborate more. It is
important to understand ourselves and how you use this blend of energy within yourself. Then you
are less solid in your approach and more flexible to shift and switch at will to get along with others.
Open and offer what may need attention in your relationships. Is there one that is challenging you
that you could bring forward for becoming? Some people we work with or have to engage with are
challenging. It is important to know that in using your knowledge of this you can blend you way so it
is less challenging and less stressful. Remember, adrenaline ages us and creates illness. Our goal is to
be in oxtocin whenever we can. Do the breathe of Passion sounds together to let go of the day and
relax into learning in the fun of woman.
Talk about yourselves and identify who has feminine, who has masculine, see all the mixes it takes to
make humanity. Some are naturally gifted with great order and logic. Others roll in creativity.
Working together these two can be great support to each other. I always work with woman who love
details because I do not. I need them to keep it going. They like my creative energy and collaborating
style to get others involved while they are more behind the scenes. Identjfy these things in your
group. See how it takes all to work together at times and the beauty of the gifts you offer.
Practice: Share the gifts each other offer in relationship.
Take turns focusing on one girl. All offer her a compliment on how she moves and works in
relationship. Name a quality that you see that she offers the group or when working together on
things. This is important for you to reflect in genuine honesty what it is they offer. This gives them
value to themselves and allows them to revel and know their gifts others see. In doing so they are
not allowed to say thank you. They are just to receive even if it is uncomfortable. This helps us learn
to receive compliments and revel in them for a minute before we have to respond. Let it all settle in.
Do for each in the group so they can see parts of themselves and how they are good in relationships
strengthening these skills!
Discuss how it felt to receive. How did it feel not to be able to say thank you? Did anyone learn
something new or see something new about themselves? Talk about the experience for a moment.
Now talk about the areas that you feel lacking that may need to develop or that helps you identify
what traits you can look for when collaborating. It is so important to know ourselves and clearly see
who we are. It is good in a group because their reflection can help us learn about ourselves. We don’t
easily see ourselves clearly.
Do you all see why the feminine trait of flexibility and connectivity is so needed in our world. Do you
see that if we all carry forth rigid, focused thinking, get her done attitude, less fun and blending
occurs. Discuss how this masculine thinking, competitiveness and win/lose effects our lives and
families. Do you see it in your relationships when each is one upping the other? Or when deadlock
stubbornness on both sides makes getting along a challenge? We all complain about this so together
see if we can transmute being this way and bring in more blending intentionally.
Can you each identify one way or topic that you could bend more in a relationship. A point where if
you let go of being right and let finding a solution rule how this would make things easier. How can
you use this fun of tantra knowledge to play with things so they are easier and less stressful. Leaving
the ego at the door and playing more with others and ideas so it is more of a game than a solid way is
one of the gifts of femininity. We shift, switch and change. We don’t have to be the same in all
relationships. We know the fun of dynamic movement. How can we add this into our lives and
Practice: Play the Role ( Under Energy Management for review if necessary)
Break into groups of two. Have mixes of physical, mental and emotional people in the sets. Have them
put together a small skit or discussion trying to work together and how the different dispositions
In in my book, I talk about how taking a trip to the city is viewed very differently by the roles. You
could have them lost and finding directions, any easy scenario that we may come up against in life.
See how the different types interact and could argue or have an issue just because of your
dispositions. When you play, we call it theatre, you get the sense of it through acting, a vibration. The
learning becomes clearer and you are more involved than if you just think about it. This little role
playing will truly teach you more about the types, how you feel the emotion of that type playing the
role, seeing the other side and how there can be issues. It is very learning to play empathetically
these sides and get a emotional understanding, it makes it clearer than just thinking of others
Discuss how it felt to play the roles. Was it hard to play one? Was it different than your disposition?
Did it help you to see how collaboration and the roles really effect our harmony with others? Will this
allow you more understanding and leeway to others know that you played a different perspective?
To learn to see the world as others do allows us to be more collaborating and flexible with others.
Practice: Dance
Dance to the wonder of being fluid. Dance to the flow and flexibility we offer the world. Feel how
flowing, bamboo like actions help us to be more remembering of this way. Dance with others
knowing our relationships are a dance where we can shift and change, be here and there, be
whatever we choose to make life easier and more joyous. Dance like the wind, free and flowing, about
to swirl about and enjoy the game of life!
Circle close and set intentions of becoming. What will you do to find your more flowing way? Prayer,
meditation or what you chose.
Month 11
Feminine Essence
We again will review this chapters after all the others. It is so important to understand our feminine
energy and to get to living in oxytocin. After all these months you should have so many new little
tools and ways of awareness. We can look at this information again and see how it seems to us now
that we have been bringing it into our lives.
Open Circle
Have everyone say what they have learned about feminine energy thus far in the journey. Are they
finding more oxytocin in their lives?
Discuss feminine energy again after all these other months of learning. It is so important that we
retrain our bodies to be in a relaxed state or we are killing ourselves and our true purposes will not
unfold in fight or flight. I continue to be aware of myself and pay attention to my state so I can
remember to relax. This is a journey and mastering it will not happen in a year. It will however begin
to create habits that will grow and become a way of being for us which is so necessary. Be open to
talk about this in all ways and what you have learned since you first discussed it. It is a fascinating
topic! All could offer their little ways they get themselves in relaxation that they find calming so you
can learn from each other.
Practice: Dancing both energies
Pick out a hard, long, quick song and have everyone dance to it. You are doing it in a rush, moving
fast, speeding through it and in adrenaline. Think of your days when you are in it and dance your
heart out. When done, feel how your body feels. Are you tired, exhausted, out of breath. This is the
feeling of adrenaline that is killing woman. Do you see when you exaggerate this state how high
speed just is not good for you? I don’t care what has to be done, do you feel the intensity of it?
Now dance to a soft slow beautiful song that is like soft flowing feminine energy. Move beautifully,
slowly, gracefully like the most beautiful dancer. Dance as though you are dancing with air. Relaxed,
pleasurable, easy pace dance. Now feel how your body feels after this dance?
Discuss the difference of the too. Can you see how tiring adrenaline is? Can you see how much easier
and calmer the oxytocin feminine energy is? It is important that you feel the difference in this
vibration so your body can be an ally in identifying when you are in the wrong space. Makes sense
why you are exhausted from rushing around in the adrenaline state day after day? This is a powerful
practice of understanding these energies deeper. Discuss what comes up and how you can learn and
notice this in your day.
Truly try to come up with ways for your group to learn how to notice their state and relax when they
can. Someone has learned through your year to be in a more relaxed state so have them tell. Share
whatever ways you can learn to shift your awareness to more joy and vibrance in life. This is your
circle, your sister sangha of support. Learning how to be more calm and playful with life adds
incredible health to us ladies.
Practice: Dance
Dance again. This time to your feminine energy and the flowing way of our bodies. Play a flowing
song that allows us to enjoy dancing for the fluidity and flexibility it offers us and our bodies. Really
feel what joy, relaxed movement feels like so you can call in ways to have this in your life. Or you
could do a song that has both hard and soft music, playing between the two, adrenaline then
oxytocin, blending the two as we do in life, feeling the ease of shift from power to ease continually.
Circle close, consider using the lessons, set a becoming then prayer, visualization, meditation or
whatever you chose.
Month 12
Modern Femininity
This has been a year of building a genuine support group in learning the ways of woman. Our
gatherings can produce so much more health and wellbeing when we use the right principles so be
aware of what you learned and how this circle helps you. Discuss what you have noticed.
This you can take many ways and I will leave it up to you what you want to do. Knowing what you
now know, bring together your group in a feminine way. You could do facials and paint toe nails
together. You could take a trip to the spa, you could plan to go out dancing dressed to kill. Whatever
your group wants and has learned over the year about feminine culture can be brought forward to
some fun. You could all just stay in and dress up anyway for a fun night of dancing practices and
discussion. If you decide to stay in and do a gathering here is a way to lead it.
Practice: Goddess Glow in the practice section of the book.
This is very powerful to learn to move the parts of your torso. Our organs are in this area of our body
so any ways you learn to move them in separate sections allows energy stuck in our bodies to
release. These are powerful woman’s moves that we need to get in our lives. It provides magnetism,
joy about ourselves and oxytocin as we sensually dance and warm up. We start to shift how we see
and live in our bodies. If we are hunched from a life a hiding our boobs it is time to let them stand
forward in correct posture. Our heart is behind them and a great gift of woman that we need to own
and give space. Do the moves as a warm up to dancing. It is not easy and quite a workout if done
correctly. Truly the only work out you need for beauty and health.
Discuss how it feels to move so sensually. Does it bring up the voices “do not act so sexy?” Do you feel
more sensual when you are done? What is good and bad about these feelings and beliefs.? Does it
make sense to you as a woman that you are not supposed to delight in your body? Does it feel good to
be feminine and move in feminine ways? Let the conversation go where is does as you learn about
yourself, your beliefs and feelings toward the sexiness of a woman’s body.
Talk about how you were as kids, teenagers and had slumber parties. Do you see how this disconnect
to our body came about. Is there ways to heal this and move more cyclically in life and support our
flowing way. Does the red tent sound lovely to you? Is there a way we could modernize the idea to
support ourselves in menstration? Could we find ways to go lighter on ourselves during our cycle
and make the to do list less? Does our flowing cycle tie into our intuition and emotions in your mind?
Did we misunderstand our way and our cycle? Does the way we move in feminine energy seem
These ideas must be discussed to see how we can become more aligned with our bodies and how we
are meant to be in the world. We are building this modern femininity and discussion as well as ideas
in evolving it are part of our time. Has this year using a more practical program to discuss our issues
and ways of woman helped you all? How and what have your created for yourselves? This is so
valuable and important to all woman this learning. Do you find the closings helpful to ground in your
intentions of becoming with the group energy? Do you see how not always complaining your tales
has shifted the support you add to each other? These are easy concepts you have been practicing now
as you build your community. How has it effected you all?
Practice:Dance of course.
Dance remembering that we are in cycle, we move through each month and week with a different
mind set. Our bodies are in constant flux of energy level and emotions. Dance honoring this
magnificent way rather than fighting or resisting it. Dynamic movement and change is our gift. Dance
to the joy of each day being different and beautiful.
Close Circle. You have created a lovely group to become with! Let us all connect ourselves through a
weaving web to support our world in unison with our intuition awakened and guiding us through the
emotional journey of love!
Alluring Beauty
Chapter 13
I love this chapter and these practices the most for enhancing my life and beauty. I hope you have
come to truly honor yourself just as you are. If you have been dancing daily, I know you do.
Connecting to our body is so key to our intuition. It helps us navigate the world with more knowing.
We are safer and more beautiful as well.
Open circle and share issues of beauty you may want help with. Or parts of yourself you don’t love
and need to new look at.
Practice: Compliments
Have one person be in the middle of the circle. As they are there, each of you will go around and offer
them a truly genuine compliment of their beauty. It must be genuine! You could also have them close
their eyes and have a few scarves of soft fabrics. As each compliments her, they can flow the scarf
about them and whisper the compliment in their ear. The one in the middle is not allowed to say
thank you and just revel in the compliments. Take turns until all have been in the middle.
Discuss how this felt? How was it to be in the middle? How was it to compliment? How was it not to
say thank you and compliment back? Often we are complimented and we don’t even take a moment
to receive it. We are saying something trying to devalue the compliment or feel obligated to
compliment back. This is not a good practice and demonstrates how horrible we are at receiving. It is
important to revel for 3 seconds in a compliment before saying thank you. It is a gift and needs no
return. I never compliment expecting to get one back. We need to learn to receive the fine words
people have for us and accept them with grace. Discuss this in your group.
To see beauty is to be beauty. Complimenting others is a way to see beauty around you. When you
notice it, you reflect more beauty yourself. It is the within without law. So see beauty everywhere you
go and you will eminate beauty. You will appear so much more beautiful to others because you look
for genuine ways notice beauty.. They will feel your genuine way and you will look more stunning
and loving. Easy way to gain beauty for yourself!
Practice: Self love
Put on a soft song and each of you look at your hands and their beauty. Really look at the
exquisiteness of your hands and your how wonderful they are. Now slowing touch your whole body,
your arms, your shoulders, your legs and torso. All your parts slowly and in amore, in love of it. Rub
your whole body softly and touch yourself as you would want one who was caressing you to. Your
face, your hair, all parts. Do this in a slow loving way and let your body know you love every inch,
eyes open or closed.
Discuss how this felt to do. Was it weird? Did it seem silly and nonsensical? Did beliefs come up about
it or parts of your body? Where parts hard to love or see beautiful? This is a powerful exercise in
beauty. How can you possibly have someone touch you wonderfully if you can’t even to it for
yourself? I did this in the shower each day and the first time I thought it was odd. Then I realized how
odd it was that I could not love every inch of me and how sad that was. I do this in the shower and
when I put on my coconut oil afterwards. I slowly honor my body in a slow luxurious way. This is so
profound that you get how important it is for you to connect with your body in love.
Talk about makeup and dressing up as ways of self love and beauty. Do you use these rituals in
artistry and creativity. These are natural ways of a woman. Are you using these tools for beauty, the
clothes, the make up, the adornments? If so could you be more conscious of how it is lifting you? If
you don’t, can you find ways to use this for your beauty? If we don’t do this for ourselves, we are not
honoring ourselves. These ways are more for us than others. These are ways of self love. We need to
learn and use them for more beauty. Discuss what comes up.
Movement is important. Do you all do some sort of movement for health? If not could you start with
just one dance a day and see how it feels? You have been dancing with each other and you get the
vibration of joy. Could you do this as your health regime?
How about yoga? Yoga is another great form of flexiblitly and flow that helps our body. Discuss how
important movement is and how to bring more into your life. This will add so much beauty because it
adds oxygen, moves energy and creates the oxytocin state . If you are doing a masculine workout,
could you add in some more feminine movement to help with oxytocin? It is important to notice if
you work out is in adrenaline. This is not supporting you as much as you think. Keep the oxytocin in
mind. Can you all take a class together or get together once a week and do the Goddess glow warm up
and then dance three dances as your work out? I have a Friday morning class that is just that and we
do it outside in nature. Builds magnestism, joy and great beauty for the weekend.
Dance in joy of the girls and the learning you do together! Dance in the beauty you are and those
with you in all your glory! Magnificent girls, learning the ways to shine themselves in the world! Feel
your beauty to the core of your bones, the glowing love in your cells of how blessed and beautiful you
are. Your magnificence is a vibration, you feel it within, you call it in and feel it for you!
Circle close, prayer, meditation or how you chose. Put forth intention of how to bring in more beauty
and self love and care for yourselves.
In completing this program with your sister circle, woman of beauty is how I see it, please send me
any comments about the experience. I would love to hear of your learnings! I think woman have such
power together and we have known this for years and just have not utilized it as fully as we could.
Now, knowing some of the traditions of ancient culture, taking just talking to a new level of self
growth as we gather, what are your thoughts? Love to hear them at [email protected]!
So enjoy sharing and caring with others. It is our time ladies to bloom forth!!
So love it!
Love and Light,
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