Review for the First exam

 Pieces names: King, Queen, Rook, Knight, Bishop, and Pawn.
 Parts of the game: Opening, middle-game, and
 Sequence: Analyzing a series of moves in a row.
 Fork: When a piece attacks two enemy pieces the same way
 Passed pawn: A pawn with no enemy pawns either in front or on the sides.
 Promotion: When a pawn reaches the last row and has is traded for a
queen, rook, bishop, or knight.
 Skewer: When you do an attack in which the highest value is in front of the
lower value.
 Chess rules (things about the board and pieces, castle, types of draws,
discovery, etc)
 Draws: When no players wins the game as a result of running out of pieces,
by agreement, 3 times repetition, 50 moves rule, and perpetual check.
 Facts about chess (originated, Chess was originated in India, world
champions, notation, pawn structure.
 Opening/defenses
1. Spanish
2. Italian
3. French
4. Scottish
5. Four knights
6. King’s gambit
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