Expressive Arts and Design Handprint sunflowers, handprint leaves

Personal Social and Emotional Development
The Little Red Hen- sharing, working together,
cooperating. Make little red hen’s to remind us
that we need to work as a team.
Classroom routines, name cards, helper board,
how many children can play at each activity.
WOW wall- sharing and celebrating to
achievements from home to boost selfconfidence and self-awareness.
Oliver Owl to go home- children to share what
they have been doing with Oliver.
Remembrance Sunday- poppy wreaths- what
have we got to be thankful for?
Weekly circle times following R time- focusing
upon- showing respect and good manners at all
times, positive communication, cooperation,
likes/dislikes, different emotions.
How would you feel if you were Rosie, being
chased by a fox?
How would you feel if you were Peter Rabbit
being chased by Mr McGregor?
Physical Development
Communication and Language
Opportunities for speaking and listening, show and tell timetable, Oliver Owl
sharing, WOW bricks.
Modelling full sentences and good manners at all times.
Phase 1 letters and sounds/6 week phonological awareness programme
focusing upon- rhyme, alliteration, phoneme deletion, phoneme
segmentation, syllable deletion, syllable segmentation.
Phase 2/3 letters and sounds.
Speaking and listening sessions- environmental sounds, what can you hear?
Musical instruments, body percussion. Concentration exercises, who is
missing? Which object is missing? Shopping basket game. Rhyming activities,
silly soup, Julia Donaldson, Roald Dahl, Dr Seuss, etc.
Daily Leap into Life sessions- focusing upon functional
movement, aesthetic movement, movement concepts and
manipulative skills. Objectives explored through farm topic,
which farm animal can you travel like? Can you travel like a
tractor or a bicycle? Discussing importance of exercise in a
healthy lifestyle, can you feel your heart beating faster? What
does that mean?
Fine motor skills/manual dexterity- finger gym- threading
nuts onto bolts, beads onto strings/pipe cleaners, balancing
marbles on washers, finding needles (cocktail sticks) in hay,
keys unlocking padlocks, buttons, zips, drawing
letters/numbers in sand, shaving foam, etc. Dough discomanipulating playdough into particular shapes to music.
Health and self-care- tasting fruits/vegetables from the farm.
Are they healthy or unhealthy? Baking bread with the little
red hen.
Greengrocers snack time- encouraging children to try
different fruits/vegetables.
Why do we only drink water at school?
Understanding the World
Weekly forest schools sessions
Potential farm trip? Pennywell nativity
Growing fruit/vegetables- where does our food
come from?
Meeting farm animals- comparing and discussing
similarities and differences between animals.
People and communities- visit from different
types of farmers? Different types of jobs.
Bonfire night- forest schools, roasting
marshmallows on the bonfire, sparklers?
Christmas- advent calendar. How is Christmas
celebrated around the world?
December- Frozen water tray, ice cubes, etc.
Technology- weekly use of computer suiteeducation city/phonics play.
Ipad available for use throughout continuous
Expressive Arts and Design
Handprint sunflowers, handprint leaves for apple trees
Papier mache fruits and vegetables for farm shop
Paper little red hens to remind children of cooperation, sharing, etc.
Painting pictures of ourselves to go on meet the class display and front of
learning journeys.
Role play- farm shop, domestic play- three bears cottage, dressing up outside
Camping role play, tent, blanket, etc. for children to act out their summer
Christmas play- singing, dancing.
Music and movement within daily leap into life sessions.
Songs and rhymes related to topic- Old McDonald, Peter Rabbit Had a Fly
Upon His Nose, etc.
Phonics- Phase 1/phonological awareness programme
for all. Children to begin Phase 2/3 as appropriate.
More information on phonics teaching to follow during
meet the teacher information evening.
Reading menus/guided reading, pictoral clues, front
cover, back cover, blurb, spine, title, author, illustrator,
beginning, middle, end, characters, setting, how do the
characters feel?
High Frequency/Tricky word flashcards, on book bags.
Phonics homework sent home in phonics books when
children have started Phase 2.
Guided reading- children start in groups sharing Oxford
Reading Tree discussion cards.
Encouragement of mark making in wide range of
contexts, writing receipts in farm shop, etc. Various
materials available for mark making in writing area.
Being to introduce guided/distance writes related to
farm theme.
Recommended reads
 The Little Red Hen
 Rosie’s Walk
 Peter Rabbit
 The Rabbit Problem
Numbers in the environment/familiar numbers.
Birthday maths, matching birthday card to badged
recipient. Playdough birthday cake baking- add correct
number of candles. Ordering birthday cards/numerals.
Writing numerals.
Farm shop role play area/snack time- everyday
language related to money- counting fruit. Weighing.
Number rhymes- 5 Currant Buns/Ten Green Bottles
with props.
100th Day Party- ticking off a number every morning,
celebrating 100th day with a party. Regular counting to
100 from different points.
Rosie’s Walk-discussion on prepositions.
Sorting farm animals by colour, number of legs, etc.
One to one correspondence
Matching numeral to quantity
Montessori maths resources
Autumn Term
On the Farm
The Little Red Hen/ Rosie’s Walk/ Peter Rabbit
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