Medical Assisting Program Application Process All persons who are

Medical Assisting Program Application Process
All persons who are 18 years of age or older, graduates of accredited high schools, or
participants in the Running Start Program are eligible for admission to Peninsula College.
However, admission to the college does not guarantee admission into specific
professional/technical programs. The Medical Assisting Program is among those for which an
additional application and documentation process is required.
Peninsula College does not discriminate and is in compliance with all Washington State and
federal laws and regulations concerning employment and admissions to programs and activities
per Peninsula College Board Policy #501 and Title 132A of the Washington Administrative
The criteria for entry are:
High School Diploma or GED
Ability to receive clear background check
Documentation of required immunizations
Application Essay
All documentation and application information submitted through Canvas
Application Deadline:
Complete the application and submit all required documentation via the Canvas course by 5:00
pm on June 1st. Applications received after this date may be considered on a space-available
basis, but are not guaranteed admission.
For questions or further information, please call or email:
Rachel Pairsh, Medical Assisting Program Director
1502 E Lauridsen Blvd
Port Angeles, WA 98362
Office: M108, Keegan Hall
(360) 417-6414
[email protected]
Medical Assistant Program Application
We want to know more about you to make certain entry into this program will benefit you.
Demographic Information:
Your name
Your address
Zip Code
Your telephone numbers
Home, including area code
Work, including area code
Cell, including area code
Your email address
Educational Information:
Have you attended Peninsula College in the past?
Have you attended another college?
Did you earn a degree?
What degree – AA, BA
Where did you earn your degree?
What discipline is your degree in?
Where did you attend high school?
Did you earn a diploma?
Do you have a GED?
Where did you earn your GED?
Application Essay Questions:
Please answer the following questions as an essay. The essay should be double spaced in a
font size and style that is easily readable.
1) Why do you wish to attend the Peninsula College Medical Assisting Program?
2) Have you worked in the medical profession? If the answer is yes, where and when, and in
what capacity?
3) What are your goals for the next two years?
4) What are your educational goals? (For example, receiving a degree, receiving a certificate,
finding a job, or personal education).
5) How do your goals involve team work?
Required Immunizations:
Hepatitis B – record of series of three injections OR titer that demonstrates immunity.
Measles – record of two doses OR titer that demonstrates immunity.
Mumps – record of two doses OR titer that demonstrates immunity.
Rubella – record of two doses OR titer that demonstrates immunity.
Tetanus – record of booster dose within ten years OR titer that demonstrates immunity.
Varicella – record of two doses OR titer that demonstrates immunity.
PPD – annual TB skin test documentation. If positive, student must obtain a chest x-ray
with written results or signed statement from a healthcare provider stating student is
asymptomatic and poses no danger to patients.
8) Influenza – annual flu shot documentation.
Final Step:
Submit all documentation, forms, and application essay via the Canvas shell course by 5:00 pm
on June 1st. The applicants that are accepted into the Medical Assisting Program will receive an
acceptance letter with mandatory New Student Orientation information by July 1st.
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