Active Learning Checklist

Active Learning Checklist
Use this checklist to self-evaluate lessons planned and/or implemented.
A lesson in which students are engaged in their learning would have multiple checks on the list!
In the lesson is the following planned, or did it occur?
1. Lesson objectives are clearly communicated to students: “Today you will learn and/or be
able to do…”
2. Information is well organized and “chunked” realistically to be understood by students and
accomplished in the class period.
3. Breaks occur periodically throughout the lesson to allow students to process information.
4. Open-ended questions are deliberately pre-planned and used by the teacher.
5. When students are asked questions, non-volunteers are called to answer.
6. Generalizations, rules, relationships between facts are discussed:
New information is related to what was previously learned by…
New information is part of….
Characteristics of new information are…
Evidence of new information is…
New information leads to…
7. Multiple examples of each new concept are presented.
8. Outlines, diagrams, demonstrations were used to make the connection of already learned
material to new concepts.
9. Frequent checks for understanding are incorporated.
10. Activities are designed to insure that all students are held accountable for participation.
Students talk specifically about the concepts being covered more than the teacher.
Students discuss concepts with their peers.
Students generate their own examples related to the new concepts.
Students paraphrase or put the information into their own words.
Students are encouraged to formulate and ask significant questions about the material.
Students self-assess understanding of concepts.
Students are allowed to use different methods and materials to reach goals.
Students “think their way through” concepts or solve problems.
Students explain why answers are correct.
ALL students summarize their learning at the end of the lesson.