RA essay

Resident Assistant application essay
By: Khash-Erdene Ganbat
As a second-year-student that has been engaged in plethora of events on
campus, I believe I am getting the best out of my college experience and in the same
time I am giving back to my community. The opportunity to become Resident
Assistant will enable me to develop my skills and to become a successful role model,
listener and an advisor. Additionally, it will equip me with the necessary knowledge
and interpersonal competence, so that I can become a conflict solver, caregiver and
event organizer. Being an RA will be a corner stone in my personal development,
because it will prepare me for my future career as a business person, as well as for
the teamwork and interactions with my future fellow workers. As part of the RA team,
I will become more communicative, organized, punctual and with great time
management. I am just an ordinary student, with a primary goal in my life to gain a
lot of experience and knowledge. The only constant thing in my life is selfimprovement. Furthermore, I want to constantly grow and live as a better human
being. Being a Resident Assistant has been my dream ever since I became part of
this university. One of the reasons for this is that I will be someone to whom one can
count on, someone who can tell others about everything they need, just like a parent.
As I build my skills to help those with whom I communicate and give advice to, I will
be able to exchange ideas and to effectively communicate with my fellow students
and to break down barriers of misunderstanding, and to create healthy yet active
relationships with one another. Moreover, I will bring more social activities and
events that will provide them with the essential information that they exactly lack, as
well as concentrate on their academic well-being. Below I will describe few of the
ideas that I have in mind about how to improve the student life on campus.
First of all, my peers come to me while I am on duty in counseling center,
often having a problem with financial situations, which results in them getting in
psychological depression and temporary loss of willingness to study or eat.
Sometimes, I manage to help them because I have gone through all that problems
myself. Especially, Work and Travel experience can be an enormous problem for
each and every student. I have gained a lot of information like how to find your job on
your own, how much money you will spend, what are the documentations that are
required, and other things that a person needs to be aware of. Therefore, I truly want
to share these valuable experiences I gained with my community through this
position, and thus help them to have better and greater experience.
Secondly, our community is full of potential students who came from their
countries with the goal and ambition to learn and get the best out of the liberal arts
education. Thus, another thing I would like to bring to our residents regarding their
academic life, is to solve one of the most fundamental issues – the concern of
personal computer usage. Many students do not know about the existence of
“Dream spark”. A branch of Microsoft Company that supports universities by
providing them with original software for free, for instance, Windows. Starting off with
this, I would like to make an event concerning this common problem on our campus.
Installing certain application, program, or anti-virus, many of my friends got my help
and I still love to use my knowledge to support them. Obviously, it will be difficult for
me to get the things settled, but our university has awesome club called CSSU, that
would most probably gladly assist me.
I have a lot of experience in my past regarding being a role model to others.
Especially during high school, when I was team captain in the volleyball team. Every
single member of my teammates used to look up to me. That is when I started to
have the ambition that just like this I could do good things and they would follow me,
as I do some activities. Later on, I was really active member of volunteer clubs
among teenagers, and social welfare organizations. For instance, Mongolian
National Pupils organization that helps student to learn better, also, Mongolia Tree
Planting Voluntary Association called “My club” which plants trees everywhere that
has open spot funded by public sector development. They would always be expected
to do better than they could do. So, I gradually learned how do good things that are
just right to society, so that I would teach or even ask other people to do the same.
To sum up, things that I would like to start off with by becoming a Resident
Assistant and enforce myself to do better than I could do, are Work and Travel
presentation that covers various problems regarding it and essential software update
for students’ laptop, etc. In my opinion, getting this job is one form of having a power
to do something good to the community. I am passionate about helping other
because I just simply love to do it, seeing their smile, and gratefulness. For me it is
work that I considered better than any other work-study position. Summarizing my
observations, I can confidentially say that a Resident Assistance’s responsibility is to
maintain good order in the residence hall, a positive living environment, and
promoting academic, interpersonal growth among students. This is challenging fulltime
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