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Mike Hanson
MNEP Three Mile Creek
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Date: 3-20-2013
Nick Amberger –City of Mobile; Dave Armstrong – ADCNR; Les Brown - MAWSS; Jim
Connors – USA; Gary Davis - EPA; Jeff DeQuattro - TNC; Bert Eichold – Mobile County
Health Dept.; Dan Everson - USFWS; Tom Herder - MNEP; Bob Howard - EPA; Charles
Hyland - MAWSS; Jim Laier - MAWSS; Bill Melton – Mobile County Commission; Christian
Miller – Auburn Marine; Joyce Nicholas - Alabama USDA NRCS; Lee Reach – ADOT; Ray
Richardson – City of Mobile; Randy Shaneyfelt – ADEM; Malcolm Steeves - MAWSS; Steve
Summersell - ADEM; Bill Swopes; John Valentine - DISL; Grenetta Ward – City of Prichard;
Jason Wilkins – ADCNR; Jeff Herr - B&C; Joanne Chamberlain – B&C; Randall Harvey USACE
List of all data holdings,
Data promised and not provided,
Data gaps, and
Next Steps.
Items Discussed:
1. Mike provided agenda
2. Jeff reported on data received to date (see attached list). Remaining critical items are
listed below:
a. ADEM - Need raw creek and tributary water quality data to allow review of trends,
wet vs dry weather, etc. Need data ranges and dates. Were the ADEM water
samples collected during dry or wet weather? Is there any available enterococcus
(tidal section), pesticides or insecticides water quality data for creek or
tributaries? Is there any additional data from the upcoming pathogen TMDL?
(Randy Shaneyfelt is point)
b. Is City of Mobile GIS land use data from 2006? Land use data is from 2010.
c. What is the date for the MAWSS Aerial imagery? – call MAWSS (Jeff is point)
d. Data from Hickory Street Landfill Brownfield study (hard copy data available at
City via Ray Richardson or Randy Shaneyfelt may get digital data from Larry
Norris at ADEM)
e. Mobile Gas site data – Roberta is point
f. USA data - Jim Connors - Roberta is point
g. Housing Facility - Cole Appleman is point (Roberta will call)
h. March 27 deadline
3. Gaps – Future Needs
a. Sediment physical and chemical characteristics – Jeff to follow-up with USGS
b. Groundwater quality and volume to creek and tributaries
c. Creek and tributary surface water and watershed stormwater wet weather water
quality data
d. Hickory St. Landfill and Mobile Gas water quality (surface discharge or
groundwater quality)
e. Prichard land use or NLCD data
f. Additional information related to the previous installation of water control
structures in the creek
4. Next Steps
a. Track down all remaining data by March 27.
b. Review all data holdings prior to April 3 and report out at meeting.
c. Conduct Field Assessment April 2-4.
d. Proceed with analysis tasks in April/May
Please review these meeting minutes and provide any comments to:
within 5 business days of receipt.
Mike Hanson
[email protected]
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