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9/13/11spg, rev. 9/16/15
Will do a complete reload of records in fall 2015 in order use an individual operator ID for each subset.*** Back in Jan.
2015 there was a complete pull and reload due to discrepances among the LION webpage, LION files, and our catalog.
Updated files are few and far between and follow no set schedule. If Helen hears about updates she will let you know, but
don’t rely on that. Check the Literature Online website a few times a year to see if any of the files have been updated.
Go to http://literature.proquest.com/ and click on Adminstrator Area at the bottom of the screen. Click Download MARC
Records page. We subscribe to:
 Texts database (a large, consolidated set of poetry, prose, and drama)
 Criticism and Reference database (Companions to Literature, Criticism and Reference, and Penguin
Introduction, but not Full-Text Journals)
 Video and Audio (Poets on Screen, Shakespeare Audio Plays)
Download the zip files. Open and save the .mrc files to the specific ProQuest Literature Online folder. Append date as it
appears on the Literature Online webpage to the end of the file name, e.g. lion_refworks_us 2011-08.mrc. Records are
The “complete set” collections--the Texts database and Video and Audio--include all the records in the set as of the
specified date (they are not “completed” sets). The Criticism and Reference database comprises updates only.
Note the file date on the website; you will append this to the end of the file name after downloading. Because updates are
hard to follow, record the most recent loads here as well as in the ELECTRONIC RECORD SETS CHART.
Except for the Texts database, the complete-set files are of reasonable size such that you can load the entire file. If the
Texts database has been updated, consider contacting the publisher to request updates only; see instructions at end.
Take note of the bulk import rules and operator IDs, which are specific to each collection.
General edits for all databases
Check for duplicate records on the basis of 001. To date, only Poets on Screen have had dups.
001. Sufficiently unique as is, e.g. =001 Z000374512
003. Change 003 to indicate the LION subset:
There are no 035’s or 050’s.
Change 440’s if any to 490/830’s (see MarcEdit guidelines)
Change any series not traced, 490 0\, to traced: 490 1\
Add 830 \0$aLiterature online.
If there is no added entry for the particular set/subset you must add one or more 830’s unless noted otherwise
Leave as is. They are long but help users see exactly what’s being accessed.
Some files have $s (file size) as the first 856 subfield but it doesn’t display in the OPAC
Add 902 \\$aSubscription - Literature Online (this has not been added to Text records to date; go back and
re-do them if you have time)
***When reloading use the specific operator ID for each subset. Use bulk import profile EBADD, ETADD, or ESADD
which add records only; they do not overlay. Old records (operator ID “LION”) will be deleted after all reloads are done.
Texts database
Last checked: 12/22/14
Most recent file date: 2013-09
Number records in file: 17,708
Record numbers begin with “Z.” This is the complete set of poetry, prose, and drama. The file includes several
different collections, each of which needs its own 830. The collection name appears in the 773 (“in” analytic) field
and must be copied to an 830 field and the 773 deleted. One of the 773’s is retained to show copyright: Literature
online copyright (c) 2011 ProQuest LLC:
1) Find:
=773 0\$tLiterature online copyright (c) 2011 ProQuest LLC
=973 0\$tLiterature online copyright (c) 2011 ProQuest LLC
2) Copy the remaining 773’s to 830’s using Tools--Swap Field. Be sure to check “Copy Source” so that existing
773’s are retained:
Capital letters and no periods at the end are okay as is
3) Change the 973’s back to 773’s
Bulk import rule: ET0350 (currently says Electronic Book rather than Electronic Text)
***ETADD for reload.
Criticism and Reference database
Companions to Literature
Last checked: 12/22/14
Most recent file date: 2012-09
Number records in file: 219
Total records in catalog: 219
Record numbers begin with a digit. These are actually Cambridge Companions to Literature, very similar to
records as we get for the Cambridge Companions Online set. Even though the 245’s begin with “Cambridge
companion to,” add these two entries since they parallel what we do with Cambridge Companions Online:
830 \0$aCambridge companions complete collection.
830 \0$aCambridge companions to literature and classics.
There should already be an added entry 730 0\$aCambridge collections online.
Add 830 \0$aLiterature online reference edition.
Bulk import rule: EB0350 ***EBADD for reload.
Criticism and Reference
Last checked: 12/22/14
Most recent file date: 2011-08
Number records in file: 55 (285 minus 230 KnowledgeNotes' Student Guides which we did not want to load)
Total records in catalog: 55
Record numbers begin with a digit or “R.” If present, delete KnowledgeNotes’ Student Guides records. They
have 001’s like EALKN002, EALKN004, etc.
Add 830 \0$aLiterature online reference edition
Bulk import rule: EB0350 ***EBADD for reload.
Penguin Introduction
Last checked: 12/22/14
Most recent file date: 2013-09
Number records in file: 386 (URLs needed correcting)
Total records in catalog: 386
Record numbers begin with “R.” These are actually Penguin Classics Introduction. Since the 245’s begin with
that there is no need to create an added entry.
Bulk import rule: ET0350 ***ETADD for reload.
Video and Audio
Complete set of Poets on Screen
Last checked: 12/22/14
Most recent file date: 2013-03
Number records in file: 880
Record numbers begin with “ON”
Add 830 \0$aPoets on screen.
Bulk import rule: EV0350 ***EVADD for reload.
Complete set of Shakespeare Audio Plays
Last checked: 12/22/14
Most recent file date: 2010-06
Number records in file: 38
Record numbers begin with “ARK”
Add 830 \0$aShakespeare audio plays.
Bulk import rule: ES0350 ***ESADD for reload.
Deletion files
These are very rare. If a file pertains to a particular collection, save it in the folder for that collection. Otherwise, create a
general Deletes folder and save it there. When deleting, adjust the 003 field to the collection codes we use in LION
records. A file of 17 records named Deletion MARC records for Ishmael Reed Poets on Screen clips was placed in the
Poets on Screen folder and deleted in Feb. 2012. Also, records for seven volumes of poetry were Josephine Miles,
Michael S. Harper, Dave Smith and Michael Anania were deleted in May 2004 for copyright reasons.
Note: Literature Online is a dynamic service, and the contents are continually growing. If you downloaded previous sets of MARC records, and do not
wish to reload the full sets above in order to update your catalogue, smaller sets of update records are available. This includes update sets for batches
of new content added from July 2003 onwards (for all three data sets), and deletion records for seven volumes of poetry which were withdrawn from the
service in May 2004 for copyright reasons (the volumes are by Josephine Miles, Michael S. Harper, Dave Smith and Michael Anania). [These were
deleted in our catalog.] To request these, please use the webmaster form, letting us know which data set you require, and when you last downloaded
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