It pays to be bilingual! I want to be a/n I. Read ONE of these articles

I want to be a/n
I. Read ONE of these articles. Links are on my Schoolwires page under
“Culture Portfolio”.
Which of the categories (from your chosen article) does your career fall under?
II. Check out this infographic about bilingual employees .
III. Now, search for two OPEN job announcements for your intended career. Be sure to include
“bilingual” in your search. For example: bilingual nursing jobs The positions must be current. Attach
the announcements to your paper.
Complete the following.
Degree(s) Required
Language and language skills
Education required
Other skills and qualifications
Salary and Benefits
The article (Section I) that you read is old. Based on the search (Section III) you did above, are the
predictions correct about current bilingual job growth in your career field? How do you know?
If you obtain a job at a base salary of $50,000/year, what can you assume if you are bilingual
according to the Voxy infographic above? What if you joined the military and were bilingual?
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