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Speech 10
See all assignments below, OR
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Personal Narrative | 25 pts (credit / no credit)
Tell a personal story. It should have a plot, characters, and a sort of lesson at the end. It
could be funny, embarrassing, a proud accomplishment, or a turning point in your life.
Cultural Artifact | Speech = 50pts, Outline = 25pts
Each group must choose a culture to present on. This might be a culture that one of your
group members is part of, something that your group members have in common, or a
culture that you simply find interesting. It could be an ethnic culture, a popular culture,
a sports culture, or a subculture.
Each student will give a 4 minute presentation focused on an object (artifact) that
represents the culture. You must bring the object to class and show it to us. Each speech
must have three main points and transitions.
Some possible main points include: Origins of the object, it’s uses, what it means to you,
what it symbolizes for the culture, the cultural values that the object shows us.
Including sources is not required, though you may want to do some preliminary
research to learn about the culture you are presenting on. The first group member to
speak may give some background on the culture as their first main point, but most
speeches should focus primarily on the object and how it relates to the cuture.
Practice using the delivery characteristics discussed in class and in your textbook, and
focus on avoiding distracting non-verbal communication (like fidgeting, swaying,
looking down, having an unbalanced speaking stance, overusing “like” or “um”, etc).
Before speaking, each student must turn in a typed and printed keyword outline, using
Roman Numerals (I, II, III) to show your main points, and Caps (A, B, C) for any
subpoints, including transitions in italics.
Manuscript Performance; 50 pts
For this speech, the delivery style is manuscript--speaking with the entire text in front of
you, in paragraph format. Students must choose an excerpt from a famous speech, or a
monologue from a film, edit it down to 2-3 minutes, and practice using vocal variety
appropriate to the selection. Though students may be reading from the script, they
should make sustained eye contact a few times throughout the performance.
Informative Speech Assignments
The informative speech should highlight an invention, person, process, place, or concept
that is something that we NEED to know, as well as something that is NEAT to know!
Focus on making your speech objective (NOT persuasive), and choosing something that
we might not know much about already.
5 Inform topics (50 points)
Provide 5 different informative topic ideas about objects, people, places, processes, or
concepts. Describe each idea in 75-100 words and provide one MLA source citation for
each idea. Approx length = 2 pages
Informative Outline (50 pts)
Your formal outline can be in an abbreviated OR full-sentence format, and should use
the structure shown in your textbook (I, A, 1, a) to break down each sentence into
You should include source citations (date, publication) in your sentences. Add
transitions in italics, an introduction and conclusion, and a work cited page with at least
5 credible sources.
Informative Speech (100 pts)
Delivery: Minimizing distracting non-verbals and vocal filler, keeping gestures
purposeful, having a neutral speaking stance, sustaining eye contact, using vocal
variation, transition movement, and clear articulation.
Use up to 5 one-sided 3X5 notecards, speak from an abbreviated speaking outline.
Organization: The main points should be arranged logically, previewed and reviewed in
the intro and conclusion, and each main point should have clearly previewed subpoints.
You'll need to use transitions that connect both points and include transition walks, and
use vocal signposts to show when you're reaching a new subpoint.
Sources: Verbally cite, and note in your outline at least 5 sources, using publication and
Time constraint: 6 minutes, 30 second grace period
Media Analysis (Outline 50 pts, Speech 100 pts)
Choose a media artifact that has a persuasive intent. Deliver an extemporaneous speech
analyzing it's use of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos to argue whether or not it was effective.
Intro should address relevant background on the artifact (citing a source to show
significance), explain what it's persuasive goal or underlying motive is, and preview
main points. Conclusion should state whether it was successful in its persuasive goal, in
your opinion, and whether you think it is ethically sound. The body of the speech has
three main points: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.
Outlines should be in a keyword format, and include an MLA citation for the artifact you
Possibilities might include: A music video, an advertisement, a series of billboards, a
television series or episode, a book (fiction or non-fiction), a film, a leaflet or flyer, an art
installation, a play or performance, a song or music video.
Present for 5-7 minutes, with up to 2 minutes showing us the media artifact.
Emphasis in grading will be on your argumentation and critical thinking, as well as
delivery and organization.
Impromptu Speech
In impromptu speaking, you will spend 1:30 preparing a 2-3 minute speech.
The goal of the speech will be to make an argument in response to a prompt.
The prompts will be a slip of paper with two quotations on it, you will respond to one
If you do not understand either quotation drawn, you may re-draw ONLY ONCE before
beginning preparation.
Your argument must be supported by 2-3 specific examples.
You should have either 2 or 3 main points, and use transitions and movement to
connect them.
The speech’s main points can either be the examples themselves if you’re making a
single claim,
Or you can make each main point an individual claim or idea supported by examples.
You may use one note card while you present.
You may bring up a “cheat sheet” notecard filled with examples for your preparation
In your introduction, be sure to:
-Use an attention grabber
-Read the quotation
-State your interpretation
-State if you agree or disagree
-Preview your 2-3 main points
In your delivery, be sure to
-Use eye contact
-Use purposeful gestures
-Use transition movement
-Be yourself and have fun with it!
Persuasive Speech (Outline 50 pts, Speech 100 pts)
For the persuasive speech, you will take on the goal of influencing your audience’s
beliefs, actions, and attitudes by discussing a problem, it’s causes, and solutions.
Within the first main point (problem), you must identify the core problem you are trying
to address, use evidence to show its scope and effects.
In the second main point (causes), you will address the multiple causes leading to your
problem (reasons why it’s happening). If you feel that there is really only one cause, then
you can swap the effects subpoint with this main point and go more in depth with those.
For the third main point (solutions), you must address solutions to the problem. They
must take into consideration the causes to the problem, and can exist on multiple levels:
personal action, policy, and mindset change (you should address at least two).
Your introduction should have all the same parts of an informative introduction, but be
sure to state your persuasive purpose / goal in the intro. Also, avoid generic attention
grabbers, be creative!
Your delivery should incorporate purposeful gestures, balanced speaking stance,
sustained eye contact, vocal variety, and appropriate pacing.
Your outline should be in a detailed, but abbreviated format. Include intro, conclusion,
transitions, a minimum of 5 credible sources (cited the way you will say them within the
speech with date and publication), and a work cited page in MLA format.
Be sure to use the correct subordination for your points (I, A, 1, a), always start with “I”
signaling your first main point, and always have a “B” point if you have an “A” point.
Your speech should also use transition movement, signposts, and internal previews and
reviews within main points, as well as preview and review of main points in the intro
and conclusion.
You must use visual aids, powerpoint is suggested. Aids must have a persuasive
purpose! Follow guidelines given in class.
You will speak for 7 minutes (30 sec. grace period), and can use 5 notecards (one-sided)