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Our Credo
As aerospace professionals, we have devoted our lives to
understanding what many people believe is unknowable. We pursue
the undiscoverable. We work in the uninhabitable. We ponder the
indecipherable. Dream the impossible. Chase the unattainable.
And in the end, we routinely accomplish the unimaginable. We unravel
the mysteries of flight and space, constantly finding new ways of
showing gravity who’s boss.
But if our work is to continue, we must also ignite the imagination of
people outside the profession, convincing them that the things we
learn, and the things we create, are important. That daily life is better
because of them.
And that is our reason for being at AIAA. To foster an environment
that helps our members succeed. Where their work can be enriched,
acknowledged, and advanced. To that end, we provide an intellectual
meeting place where ideas can be exchanged among members in
industry, government, and academia. Where partnerships can be
formed. And global collaboration can thrive.
At AIAA, we celebrate our members’ ingenuity and achievements, from
the small but brilliantly simple to the complex missions that alter the
course of human existence. We lay the groundwork for future
advances by creating an atmosphere that inspires innovation. And we
help the world to understand the need for it.
We provide continuity and camaraderie for our members, wherever
their careers may take them. And we ensure their adaptability in an
ever-changing industry.
We provide a launching pad for emerging professionals. And a
welcoming atmosphere for students pursuing careers in aerospace.
At AIAA, we work hard to make sure that aerospace professionals are
recognized for their contributions in making the world safer, more
connected, more accessible, and more prosperous. And we prove every
day that with enough support, enough intellectual stimulation and
enough collaboration, nothing is impossible.
Our purpose and our goal is to fuel our members’ imaginations. To
support their ambitions. And to inspire the rest of the world to do what
has always come naturally to us.
To dream.
63rd Annual
Awards Dinner
May 29, 2015
Event Program
Jackson Center
Huntsville, Alabama
Shaping the Future of Aerospace
The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is the
principal society and voice serving the aerospace profession. Its
purpose is to advance the arts, sciences, and technology of aeronautics
and astronautics and to foster and promote the professionalism of
those engaged in these pursuits. Founded and based in the United
States, AIAA is a global organization with nearly 31,000 individual
professional members, thousands of customers worldwide, and an
active international outreach. AIAA is the world's largest professional
society devoted to the progress of engineering and science in aviation,
space, and defense. The Institute continues to be the principal voice,
information resource, and publisher for aerospace engineers, scientists,
managers, policymakers, students, and educators. The AIAA is the U.S.
representative on the International Astronautical Federation and the
International Council on the Aeronautical Sciences.
Founded as the Alabama Section of the American Rocket Society in
1952, the current Greater Huntsville Section of the AIAA works to
provide a professional forum for the local aerospace community. The
Greater Huntsville Section is one of the largest in the AIAA with
approximately 1000 members representing industry, government, and
academia. The Section operates year-round, conducting lunch or dinner
events with guest speakers, offering continuing education
opportunities, and providing a means for professional recognition
within the aerospace field. Information is provided through e-mail, our
website, and various social media outlets. Annual activities include
Engineers Week, Science Fair Judging, Sponsorship of the Regional
Student Conference & College Scholarships, presentation of awards for
the NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge at the US Space & Rocket
Center, and playing an integral role in the aerospace community
through events including NASA on the Square, the Space and Missile
Defense Symposium, International Drone Day, and this year the 7th
Annual NRO CubeSat Technical Interchange Meeting. Look for even
more exciting events in the coming year.
Thank you to tonight’s corporate sponsors
Thank you to Lockheed Martin Space Systems for
generously printing the Awards Programs.
Thank you to tonight’s host, The Jackson Center
Special thanks to our pre-dinner reception technical
poster session presenters!
In Memoriam
The Greater Huntsville Section mourned the passing of a great member of
our professional community last year. He will be missed.
Mr. Frederick I. Ordway III
1927 – 2014
2015 Membership Anniversaries
50 Year Member
25 Year Members
Victor S. Grimes, Jr.
Dr. William J. Coirier
Darby G. Cooper
William E. Dietz
Jeffrey L. Finckenor
Dr. James V. French
Dr. James P. Hubner
Joseph A. Huwaldt
Stephen L. Johnson
Dr. Mohammad J. Khan
Michael A. Lawler
40 Year Members
Ray S. Applebaum
John E. Burkhalter
Dr. Lanier S. Cauley
Dr. Basil P. Cooper
Lt. Col. John O. Lassiter
G. Alan Lowrey
Dr. Mark Seaford
Don E. Simpson
James R. Meehan
Lee A. Miller
Prof. Masoud Rais-Rohani
Julie A. Ray
Joel W. Robinson
Dr. Mark L. Underwood
Peter G. Valentine
Joseph Marc Verhage
Dr. David L. Williams, II
Registration, Social & Poster Session
Welcome ............................................... Dr. Kurt Polzin, Vice Chair
Presentation of the Colors ................ Butler High School AFJROTC
National Anthem
Invocation ........................................................... Mr. Neal Allgood
Toast and Dinner ..................................................... Dr. Kurt Polzin
Invited Speaker ........................................ Mr. Richard P. De Fatta
“Current and Future SMDC Technical Center Efforts”
Awards Program......................................... Emcee, Dr. Kurt Polzin
 Recognition of Essay Contest Winners
 Recognition of Science Fair Awardees
 Robert L. Sackheim Scholarship Award
 AIAA Special Service Citation
 AIAA Sustained Service Award
 AIAA Engineer of the Year
Section Awards ......................... Mr. Kenneth Philippart, Chair
Section Council Installation ....................... Mr. Kenneth Philippart
Ed Pruett Young Professional of the Year Award
Earl Pearce Professional of the Year Award
Konrad Dannenberg Educator of the Year Award
Martin Schilling Award
Holger Toftoy Award
Hermann Oberth Award
Recognition of Past Council and Year In Review
New Section Officers and Directors
Presentation of Section Chairperson’s Plaque
Incoming Chairperson Remarks
Retrieval of colors ............................. Butler High School AFJROTC
Adjourn ................................................................... Dr. Kurt Polzin
Dinner Menu
Freshly Baked Rolls with Butter
Mixed Greens Salad with House Dressing
Choice of Entrée
USDA Prime Sirloin (8oz) Grilled to Perfection and
Served with Roasted Garlic Butter
Atlantic Salmon Coated in Fresh Herbs and Baked.
Served with Warm Tomato Relish
Vegetarian Moussaka (Layers of Eggplant, Peppers, Onions,
Tomatoes & Zucchini Topped with a Creamy Béchamel Sauce)
All Entrees Served with Seasonal Vegetable and
Creamy Mashed Potatoes
Chocolate Layer Cake
Iced Tea, Water, Coffee
Soft Drinks, Beer, Wine and Cocktails for Purchase
2014 – 2015 Section Speakers
Dr. John Fay, Jacobs TEAS Team
July 7, 2014, Lunch & Learn Speaker
‘Selected Problems in Dynamics: Stability of Spinning Body
& Derivation of Lagrange Points’
Rep. Mo Brooks, Alabama’s 5th Congressional District
August 21, 2014, Luncheon Speaker
‘Washington Update’
John Dankanich, NASA-MSFC
September 15, 2014, Luncheon Speaker
‘The Iodine Satellite: Enabling SmallSat Maneuverability’
Dr. Michael Houts, NASA-MSFC
October 30, 2014, Luncheon Speaker
‘Space Fission Power and Propulsion’
Col. Gary S. Baker, U.S. Air Force (ret)
November 20, 2014, Luncheon Speaker
‘Wings Over Vietnam: Flying AC-47s (Fire Dragon)
as an Advisor Pilot for the Vietnamese Air Force’
Greater Huntsville Section Pumpkin Blast Team
December 15, 2014, Luncheon Speakers
‘Aerodynamics of Pumpkins in Low Atmospheric Flight’
Dr. Dale Thomas, NASA-MSFC
January 23, 2015, Associate Fellow Recognition Event
‘State of the Center’
Mike Bangham, Bangham Engineering
March 4, 2015, Luncheon Speaker
‘Understanding Launch Vehicle Explosions’
Dr. Linda Krause, NASA-MSFC
March 9, 2015, Luncheon Speaker
‘Sun-to-Mud Space Weather and Effects: A Whirlwind Tour’
April 23, 2015, Luncheon Speaker
‘SMDC Space Initiatives’
2015 - 2016 Greater Huntsville Section Council
Chair – Dr. Kurt Polzin
Vice-Chair – Brandon Stiltner
Secretary – Tia Ferguson
Treasurer – Darby Cooper
Membership – Roger Herdy
Education – Jesse Jones
Public Policy – Robert La Branche
Young Professionals &
Career Enhancement – Cody Crofford
Honors & Awards – Sheree Gay
Technical – John Lassiter
Pre-College Outreach – Megan Beattie
Liaison to Student Branches – Neal Allgood
Supernumerary – Dr. Keith Koenig
Immediate Past Chair – Kenneth Philippart
Region II Director – Dr. Mark Whorton
E-Mail Coordinator – Todd Honeycutt
Webmaster – Dr. Arloe Mayne
Invited Speaker
Mr. Richard P. De Fatta
Acting Director, Technical Center - USASMDC / ARSTRAT
“Current and Future SMDC Technical Center Efforts”
Richard P. De Fatta is presently with U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense
Command/Army Forces Strategic Command (USASMDC/ARSTRAT), where he serves
as Acting Director of SMDC’s Technical Center. He retired from the Army as a
Colonel in 2005, having received the Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit
(two oak leaf clusters), Meritorious Service Medal (three oak leaf clusters), Army
Commendation Medal (three oak leaf clusters), the Army Achievement Medal, Army
Staff Identification Badge, and Parachutist Badge. He spent more than seven years in
senior contractor positions providing systems engineering, integration, test, program
management, and technical support to Department of Defense programs
responsible for the development, production, and fielding of missile defense
weapon systems before joining USASMDC/ARSTRAT in 2013. In September 2013,
Mr. De Fatta became the Director of Emerging Technology Directorate, Technical
Center, USASMDC/ARSTRAT, developing technology and providing support in the
areas of directed energy, interceptors, research and advanced concepts, and Nuclear
Arms Control Treaty.
Mr. De Fatta graduated in 1978 from the U.S. Military Academy with a Bachelor
of Science in engineering and later earned a Master of Science in engineering
physics from the Air Force Institute of Technology and a Master of Science in
systems management from the Florida Institute of Technology. He attended the
U.S. Army War College and U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. A
member of the Army Acquisition Corps since its inception, he completed the
Executive, Advanced, and Military Acquisition Management courses, and is level
III certified in program management.
AIAA Greater Huntsville
Section Honors & Awards
2015 AIAA Engineer of the Year
Dr. William J. Emrich
2015 AIAA Associate Fellows
Dr. N. Jan Davis
Mr. Thomas E. Hannigan, III
Dr. J. Mark Janus
Mr. Tracy L. Lamm
Dr. Michael R. LaPointe
Ms. Dawn R. Phillips
Dr. Rani W. Sullivan
AIAA Sustained Service Award
Dr. Arloe Mayne
AIAA Special Service Citation
Mr. Neal Allgood
Mr. Michael Dunning
First Place (tie), 2013 – 2014 Outstanding Activity
Award: Greater Huntsville Section
Activity: National Engineers Week, Ram Ramachandran,
Third Place (tie), 2013 – 2014 Outstanding Section
Award: Greater Huntsville Section, Ram Ramachandran,
Pre-College Outreach – Megan Beattie
Liaison to Student Branches – Neal Allgood
Supernumerary – Dr. Keith Koenig
E-Mail Coordinator – Todd Honeycutt
Webmaster – Arloe Mayne
Region II Director – Gordon A. (Alan) Lowrey
AIAA Region & Section Programs Director – Chris Jessee
Student Branch Faculty Advisors
Alabama A&M University – Dr. Zhengtao (ZT) Deng
Athens State University – Dr. J. Wayne McCain
Auburn University – Dr. Joseph Majdalani
Mississippi State University – Mr. Thomas E. Hannigan
University of Alabama – Dr. James P. Hubner
University of Alabama in Huntsville – Dr. D. Brian Landrum
University of Mississippi – Dr. Nathan E. Murray
Tuskegee University – Dr. Mohammed J. (Javed) Khan
We are always recruiting new, dynamic members to
participate in our various activities and to shape future plans.
Be a part of the AIAA team!
Alabama Science and Engineering Fair (ASEF)
Hayden Burch, 9th grade at Auburn Junior High School, Auburn. Project title:
“Evaluation of a Novel Wind Energy Capture Device – The Wind Wing”
Kennedy MacDonald, 11th grade at Davidson High School, Mobile. Project
title: “Flying Boats? Using Aerodynamics to Increase Efficiency of
Hydrodynamics: Part 2”
Maya Cassady, 8th grade at Indian Springs School, Indian Springs Village.
Project title: “Surface Ages of Planetary Bodies”
AIAA Space Systems Technical Committee
Section Essay Contest Winners
Ben Calvert, 8th grade winner. Essay title: “Future Space Travel”
Isaac Haynes, 7th grade winner. Essay title: “A Trip through Our Solar System”
2013 – 2014 AIAA Greater Huntsville Section Council
Chair – Kenneth Philippart
Vice-Chair – Dr. Kurt Polzin
Secretary – Tia Ferguson
Treasurer – Darby Cooper
Membership – Roger Herdy
Education – Carla Shackelford
Public Policy – Allison Cash
Honors and Awards – John Dankanich
Career Enhancement &
Young Professionals – Cody Crawford
Technical – John Lassiter
2014 AIAA Greater Huntsville Section Awards
Ed Pruett Young Professional of the Year Award
In recognition of a member of 35 years of age or younger who has
demonstrated extraordinary technical skill and dedication in the
Aerospace Engineering profession, the 2015 Award is presented to:
Mr. Neal Allgood
Mr. Allgood is in the Unmanned Systems and
Aerodynamics Branch at Dynetics, Inc., performing
modeling and simulation, hardware design and
fabrication, payload integration, flight test coordination,
and aircraft performance analysis. He is an instructor for
a Dynetics course entitled "Introduction to UAV Systems:
Components, Construction, and Control," participates on
the Dynetics-sponsored DARPA UAVForge competition
team, and has supported numerous aerospace events in
the community, including International Drone Day and the NASA Human
Exploration Rover Challenge. Neal is the AIAA Greater Huntsville Section Liaison
to Student Branches. Neal has a BS in Aerospace Engineering from Auburn
University and a MS in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Purdue University.
Earl Pearce Professional of the Year Award
In recognition of extraordinary dedication, creativity, and leadership
while engaged in professional work or activity within the aerospace
community, the 2015 Award is presented to:
Mr. Richard Jozefiak
Mr. Jozefiak has over 30 years of aerospace engineering
experience as a government contractor. His experience
includes systems engineering, project management,
launch vehicle processing and operations, satellite
processing and operations, test execution, and years of
field experience. He has worked on the Atlas/Centaur
and Titan IV launch vehicles and Space Shuttle. Since
moving to Huntsville in 2000, he has been supporting
the Missile Defense Agency (MDA). He has worked in a
number of MDA elements, and is currently a senior test engineer supporting
flight and ground tests for experimental technologies. He has a BS in
Mechanical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology, an MA in
Management from the University of Redlands, and an MS in Systems
Architecture and Engineering from the University of Southern California.
Martin Schilling Award
The award is named for the Section's founding president, Dr. Martin
Schilling. In recognition of outstanding service to the Section, such as
major contributions to its growth, technical programs, or administrative
functions, the 2015 Award is presented to:
Mr. Kenneth Philippart
Mr. Philippart is the 2014-15 AIAA Greater Huntsville
Section Chairperson and the Bevilacqua Research Corp.
Sub-Element Lead for SLS RS-25 Propulsion System
Design, Analysis and Test. Previously, Ken served 29
years in the U.S. Air Force as a technology development
leader and acquisition program manager. Assignments
included the AFRPL, 91st Strategic Missile Wing, AFRL
Propulsion Directorate, NAIC, MSIC, NATO Regional
Headquarters Allied Forces North Europe, AFSPC
Requirements Directorate and the Space Situational Awareness Integration
Office. He deployed twice to Afghanistan and once to Iraq. He retired from the
Air Force as a Lt. Colonel, having received the Bronze Star Medal with Oak Leaf
Cluster, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters, the
Afghanistan Campaign Medal with 3 Campaign Stars, the Iraq Campaign Medal
with Campaign Star, the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, the
NATO Non-Article 5 Medal, the Expeditionary Service Ribbon with gold border
for combat zone service. He is an AIAA Associate Fellow. He has a MS in
Aerospace Engineering from Penn State University, a MS in Space Studies from
the University of North Dakota and a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the
University of Michigan. Ken is also a distinguished graduate of Air War College.
2015 AIAA Greater Huntsville Section
Robert L. Sackheim Engineering & Science Scholarship
This $1000 scholarship, named for the late industry giant and Section member
Bob Sackheim, promotes careers in the aerospace industry by encouraging
students to pursue a related engineering or science degree. Candidates must be
high school seniors living within the Greater Huntsville Section area (comprising
of the State of Alabama and most counties in Mississippi), entering an accredited
university in the Greater Huntsville Section area, and pursuing a degree in
engineering, the sciences, or mathematics, to bolster the future of the
aeronautics and astronautics industries.
Paul Last
Paul Last, the recipient of the 2015 Robert L. Sackheim Engineering &
Science Scholarship, is a senior at The Way Home Christian School in Eva,
AL. Paul will be attending Auburn University in the fall and plans to
major in aerospace engineering. While in high school, Paul participated
in the Boy Scouts rising to the rank of Eagle Scout, 4-H, Trail Life USA,
the Boys and Girls Club, and basketball. He was a volunteer for the local
Good Samaritan food bank, and was first in the State in Bible Drill.
AIAA Greater Huntsville Section 2015 Science and
Engineering Fair Special Awards
North Alabama Regional Science and Engineering Fair (NARSEF)
Hunter Phillips, 12th grade at Covenant Christian Academy, Huntsville. Project
title: “Development of a Novel Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: Nanoscale
Transverse Tilt-rotor Helicopter”
Michael Prevost, 11th grade at Covenant Christian Academy, Huntsville.
Project title: “Design and Construction of a Scalable Active Battery
Management System for Electric and Hybird Electric Vehicles”
Past Recipients of the Holger Toftoy and
Hermann Oberth Awards
MG Holger Toftoy
Prof. Hermann Oberth
Konrad Dannenberg Educator of the Year Award
Konrad Dannenberg was a German-American rocket pioneer who was an
avid proponent of education in the community, an active AIAA member
and an inspiration to the Aerospace Community. In recognition of
outstanding service to education and promotion of math and science
within the community, the 2015 Award is presented to:
Prof. Brian Thurow
Dr. Thurow is the W. Allen and Martha Reed Associate
Professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering
at Auburn University. He received his B.S. (1999), M.S.
(2001) and Ph.D. (2005) from The Ohio State
University, and established the Advanced Flow
Diagnostics Laboratory at Auburn University in 2005.
Dr. Thurow has taught classes in aerodynamics,
propulsion, dynamics, light field imaging, optical
diagnostics, flow imaging, compressible fluid dynamics
and turbulence. He has served his department as the AIAA Faculty Advisor,
Graduate Program Officer and is a strong advocate for undergraduate student
involvement in research, resulting in numerous research paper awards for
undergraduate students under his supervision. At the college level, Dr. Thurow
is the founding chair of the graduate student recruitment and fellowship
committee, which established a new fellowship and recruitment program in the
college and he is the founding faculty advisor for the council of engineering
graduate students. His research program has focused on the development of
high repetition rate (order 1 MHz) optical diagnostics for turbulent flow
measurements and, more recently, the development of plenoptic camera
technology for 3-D flow visualization. His research has been sponsored by the
Army Research Office and Air Force Office of Scientific Research, both of which
started with Young Investigator Program grants, as well as the Office of Naval
Research and National Science Foundation. In addition to advanced optical
diagnostics for fluid dynamic measurements, Dr. Thurow is also interested in
aero-acoustics, aero-optics, flow control, turbulence and compressible flows.
Dr. Thurow has received numerous awards including the SGA Outstanding
Faculty Member Award in 2006, 2008, 2009, 2012 and 2013; the AIAA Most
Outstanding Faculty Member Award in 2009, 2012 and 2013; the William F.
Walker Teaching Award for Excellence in 2009; the Auburn Alumni Engineering
Council Research Award for Excellence in 2009; and the Provost’s Award for
Supporting Graduate Scholarship in 2011..
Holger Toftoy Award
In recognition of outstanding technical management in the fields of
aeronautics and astronautics, the 2015 Award is presented to:
LTG (ret) Joseph Cosumano, Jr.
Joseph Cosumano, Jr. spent 36 years with the US
Army, rising to the rank of Lt. General. He was the
program manager for National Missile Defense, the
Chief for US Army Force Modernization, and the
Director of the Objective Force Task Force
responsible for developing the requirements,
technology and resources for the Army in the 21st
century. From 2001-2004 he was the commander of
the US Army Space and Missile Defense Command,
with operational responsibility to support war fighters in-theater and the
additional responsibility to develop the space and missile defense programs
needed to provide that support. His military decorations include the Defense
Distinguished Service Medal, the Defense Superior Service Medal, and the
Legion of Merit with two oak leaf clusters. He has earned the Parachutist Badge,
Army Aviator Badge, Army Staff Identification Badge, Joint Chiefs of Staff
Identification Badge and Office of the Secretary of Defense Identification Badge.
Since retiring from the Army, LTG Cosumano has held several senior executive
positions, greatly improve the quality and value of every company with which
he has been associated. From 2004-2005, he was Sr. VP of Strategy and
Business Development responsible for the company's post-Space Shuttle
strategy that included support of the NASA ARES program and the Navy and Air
Force ICBM upgrade programs. From 2005-2008 he was Sr. VP of Kellogg Brown
and Root, which was on the brink of "default" on several DoD projects. Through
his leadership he turned this into a “resurgent” organization that was
applauded by government customers. From 2008-2011 he was President and
CEO of Agility Defense and Government Services, establishing the policies and
procedures needed for a foreign-owned company to operate in the US Defense
Market. Since 2013, Mr. Cosumano has been President and CEO of CFD
Research Corp., applying the knowledge gained through high fidelity aerospace
modeling to the field biomedical and bio-technical and biomedical fields.
He has a BS (1968) and MS (1970) in Industrial Technology. He is graduate of
the Air Force Staff College (1981), the Defense Acquisition University Certified
Program Manager course (1986), the Industrial College of the Armed Forces
(1988) and the Executive Course of the Yale School of Management (1994).
Hermann Oberth Award
In recognition of outstanding individual scientific achievement in the
fields of astronautics and space sciences and the promotion and
advancement of the aeronautical sciences, the 2015 Award is presented
Mr. Thomas J. “Jack” Lee
Mr. Thomas J. "Jack" Lee received a BS degree in aeronautical
engineering from the University of Alabama in 1958, and
completed the Advanced Management Program at the
Harvard School of Business in 1985.
Mr. Lee began his professional career in 1958 as an
aeronautical research engineer with the U.S. Army Ballistic
Missile Agency at Redstone Arsenal, Ala. He transferred to
the Marshall Center in 1960 as a systems engineer. From
1965 to 1969 he was chief of the Center's Saturn Program Resident Office at the
Kennedy Space Center in Florida. He became the Spacelab program manager in
1974 and after seven years was named the MSFC Deputy Director in 1980. From
1989-1994 he was the sixth Director of the Marshall Space Flight Center. In
January 1994, he became special assistant to the NASA Administrator for access
to space, leading NASA’s effort to help define a technology program for the
future to retain leadership in space.
Since his retirement from NASA, he has been heavily involved in aerospace
engineering consulting for industry and government. He is founder and
president of Lee & Associates, LLC, a consulting company in Huntsville, Alabama.
Mr. Lee has been honored with many awards. He is a Fellow of AIAA, a
registered professional engineer, and was recognized by the University of
Alabama's College of Engineering as a Distinguished Engineering Fellow. He was
inducted into the Alabama Engineering Hall of Fame in 1993. In June of 1993 he
was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from University of Alabama, Huntsville.
Mr. Lee has served in the past on the Habitat for Humanities Board of Directors:
President North Alabama Children’s Science Center Board of Directors
(SCIQUEST); Engineering Advisory Committee, University Of Alabama Huntsville;
Vice President and President of the US Space and Rocket Center Commission
Board of Directors; President of the Alabama Engineering Hall of Fame Board of
Directors; and as President of the National Space Club, Huntsville.
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