Do 5 C-R sentences plus “fixer-uppers”
Roots are “psych” of the mind and “solus” alone/Unit 8
(Not to be confused with another “sol” root that comes from the Latin “solaris” for the
sun as in the words solar, solarium, or solarize.)
1. psychometric, adj., of or relating to the science of measuring
mental abilities or aptitudes.
2. Psyche, noun, a young woman in mythology who loved and was
loved by Cupid; she symbolized the human soul (combining
feelings and thoughts.)
3. solely, adv., for one reason or by one person alone; without
4. isolate, (1) verb, to set apart or cut off from others; (2) noun,
lone person or group; a microorganism grown in a laboratory
5. psychic, (1) noun, a person possessing abilities of perception
beyond known scientific explanation; (2) adj., of or caused by
phenomena unexplainable by known scientific laws.
6. psychiatry, noun, the medical study, diagnosis, and treatment of
mental illness.
7. psychopathology, noun, the study of the origin of mental
disorders, how they develop and show themselves.
8. solo, (1) noun, a musical performance by a performer alone on
his or her part; (2) adj., the being or state of aloneness.
9. solitary, adj., existing or living alone.
10. solitude, noun, the quality of voluntary separation from other
people; aloneness.
11. psychosomatic, adj., relating to the influence of the mind on the
body or having physical symptoms from emotional causes.
12.psychedelic, adj., of or generating hallucinations or distorted
13. solace, noun, comfort or support in times of distress
14.desolate, (1) adj., deserted and alone or hopeless; (2) verb, to
devastate or abandon
PLUS Sentences to fix!!!
In the following sentences that are supposed to be context-rich (C-R),
something is wrong that would cost the student credit. Either they have used
the wrong part of speech, or there is not enough context, or the
sentence is either a fragment or a run-on.
1. Identify the problem. 2. Then rewrite the sentence correctly.
1. He was desolate for a long time.
2. Her solitude nature separated her from most of the teenagers in
the eighth grade.
3. Amazing amounts of uplifting and supportive solace provided
by Janice’s family and friends.
4. The Ghostbusters had a machine that measured psychic
phenomena it also sucked up the ghosts.
5. Emma solely friends with Edward.