Factors Affecting Solubility

Factors Affecting Solubility
We have learned that all matter is made up of particles and that
they are constantly rotating, vibrating, and moving about from one
place to another. (Fluids)
In a solution, this means that solute particles are always bumping
against other solute particles as well as solvent particles.
Rate of Dissolving
 How quickly a substance dissolves in a solvent is variable
 The rate of dissolving is affected by __________, ____________
and __________________
 Stirring a solution increases the rate at which a solute dissolves
in a solvent
 Stirring a mixture of water and drink crystals results in a more
uniform arrangement of flavor crystals and water particles and
makes dissolving occur more quickly
 Particles move more rapidly at higher temperatures
 Since the rate of dissolving depends on solute particles bumping
into solvent particles, when the particles move more rapidly,
more solvent and solute particles will bump into one another
 In addition, the solvent particles will more rapidly carry away the
solute particles from the edge of the solute
Particle Size
 Large particles take longer to dissolve than smaller particles of
the same substance.
 Particles of a solvent will contact solute particles only at the
surface of a clump or crystal of solute particles
 The more the solute is broken up the greater the surface area
available to come into contact with the solvent.
Answer questions #6 & #9 on pg. 236 (you will need the graph from
#7 on pg. 226)