#51 What protections did the framers put into the Constitution to

#51 What protections did the framers put into the Constitution to ensure or it would protect the rights of the individual
and the states as well as prevent any branch of government from gaining too much power? It also provided for
amending the Constitution as the nation changed or confronted new conflicts.
Seven Principles of the Constitution (page 262-265)
1. Who gives the government its power? ___________________________________________
2. How are the People’s views represented in its government? _______________________________________
People exercise their political power by _________________________ for their representatives.
3. Federalism: How is power shared? Federalism is a system where power is shared between a ________________
government and smaller units like states. Powers are _________________________ to the National
Government (given to it by the Constitution). Powers are _______________________________ for the State
Governments (all others not specifically given to the National/Federal Government)
4. How is Power Divided? * SEPARATION of POWERS*
Article 1: The _____________________________ Branch. ____________________ makes the __________.
Article 2: The _____________________________ Branch ______________________ the laws.
Article 3: The _____________________________ Branch _______________________ the laws.
5. Checks and Balances. Each branch of government can exercise __________________, or _________________
over the other ___________________________. Congress passes a law but the President can ______________
to sign it into action and the Supreme Court can declare that a law passed by Congress, signed by the President,
violates the _________________________________.
6. Limited Government: Preventing the abuse of power
Limited government is closely related to “___________ __ __________”.In the American government everyone,
__________________ and powerful __________________ must ______________ the law.
7. Individual Rights – The Bill of Rights
Page 282. Federalism: The Powers of the National (Federal) and State Governments
True or False – correct the false statements in the space provided beneath it
8. ____ The National Government/Congress can tax you but NC cannot.
9. ____ NC determines the size of the Army and when to send it in harm’s way.
10. ____ Only the National government is allowed to borrow money.
11. ____ Only NC can write laws that determine the requirements for middle and high school graduation.
12. ____ The National and State governments can regulate the sale of red wolves across state lines.
13. ____ President Obama can appoint members of the Wake County School Board and County Commissioners.
Page 281 Checks and Balances:
14. Congress thought President Clinton had committed high crimes and misdemeanors so they _________________
him in order to remove him from office.
15. President Obama issued an executive order for immigration officials to ignore illegal aliens if they have a child
born in the US. This order has been declared ______________________________ by a Federal Court Judge.
16. When the Supreme Court Judges agreed to hear a case on the Affordable Care Act aka “Obamacare” they did
not have to worry that they could be fired because ________________________________________________.
17. The Supreme Court declared that President Clinton could not veto part of a law or budget but accept the rest
because this action was ________________________________________.
18. President Obama cannot place his friends on the Supreme Court because the _________________________ can
refuse to confirm presidential appointments.