This article must be about issues pertaining infectious diseases or

January Infectious Disease or Healthy Lifestyle
Science Current Event Article: **This article must be about issues
pertaining infectious diseases or healthy lifestyles.
Students will write a summary and answer a series of questions. Articles may be found in
magazines, newspapers, on the Internet, or in kid magazines and periodicals. Links to science
sites can be found on Mrs. Weber’s website.
Internet sites for article include:
Article Format
A copy of the article must be attached to the back of your article write up.
Resource: Magazine/Newspaper/website
Name: Your Name
Date of Resource: Date of article
Today’s Date: Date due
Science Period: ________
1. Write a brief summary of the article: This should be a paragraph or approximately 5 to 6
2. What did you find most interesting about the article? Why did you find this interesting?
(2-3 sentences)
3. How does the information in the article affect you or society? (2-3 sentences)
4. Categorize your article as a regional (Gloucester county), state (NJ), national (United
States) or global (world) issue. Explain your answer. (2-3 sentences)
5. What was one question you had after reading this article?
**Due date--- January 28, 2016