Kilgore Trout`s stories: TAYLAN Everyone is a robot (ch1) Pan

1. Kilgore Trout’s stories: TAYLAN
a. Everyone is a robot (ch1)
b. Pan galactic straw-boss
i. Reproduction in chicken soup (ch 2)
c. Lingo three (2)
2. Minor character’s of midland city: (BERIL)
a. Black servant to Dwayne Hoover – Lottie Davis, descendent of slaves
(ch2 )
3. References to the narrator and “Creator of the Universe”: (EGE)
4. Character description – Kilgore Trout: (GULBERK)
a. Becomes one of the most successful human beings in human history
(ch. 1)
b. Born (1907) and died (1981)
c. Will write 209 novels(ch1)
d. Owned a parakeet named Bill (ch 2)
e. Calls mirrors leaks (ch2)
5. Character description – Dwayne Hoover: (2) (CANER)
a. Widower – wife kills herself with drano (ch 6)
b. Has a dog named Sparky who can’t wag his tail (ch 2)
6. Descriptions of ordinary things: (BARIS)
a. American flag, song and symbols
b. Europeans coming to America (Ch1)
c. Charm (ch2 )
d. Desensitization of sexual references(ch2)
7. Pictures/Drawings: (EKIN)
8. Reoccurring Themes: (METIN ALI, BIROL)
a. Insanity
i. Chemicals, yin and yang (ch1)
b. Racism/Prejudices
i. Color was everything (ch 1)
c. Social isolation/alienation
d. Overpopulation
9. Setting (time period and locations of charactes) (HAZAL)
a. 70’s
i. mention of Communisim as a major political opposition (Ch 1)
ii. Excessive drug usage (ch6)