Photosynthesis quiz review the role of NADP+ is ___to shuttle

Photosynthesis quiz review
the role of NADP+ is ___to shuttle electrons ______.
NADP+  NADPH is an example of __reduction_________.
Photosystem ___2____ is activated before photosystem __1_______.
The Calvin cycle takes place in the _stroma___.
The light dependent reactions take place in the ___thylakoid membrane__.
___chlorophyll___ is struck by photons in photosystem II
The electron transport train between photosystem 2 and photosystem 1
pumps __H+ (protons)____ from the stroma to the lumen.
8. Diffusion of __ H+ (protons)_______ from the ___lumen__ to the __stroma___
drives ATP synthase.
9. The thylakoids are all squiggly because more __surface area leads to faster
10. Photons of ___700__ nm strike chlorophyll in photosystem 1.
11. __photons__ are particles of light.
12. The three factors that affect the rate of photosynthesis are __temperature__,
_____Heat___, and ____light____________.
13. ___photolysis_ is the splitting of water.
14. H2O  2H+ + 2e-- + ½ O2
15. The electrons lost from chlorophyll are replaced with electrons from __water
or hydrolysis__.
16. The electrons in the second electron transport chain wind up in __NADPH__.
17. The role of the light reactions is to supply energy in the form of _ATP_ &
_NADPH_ to the Calvin cycle.
18. The phase of the Calvin cycle are _carbon uptake_, __carbon reduction_, and
__rubisco regeneration__.
19. ______G3P___________ is the primary product of the Calvin cycle.
20. _______Rubisco_____ is the precursor to the Calvin cycle.
21. _____NADPH_____________ & _____ATP__________ supply ___ENERGY_ that is put
into carbohydrate that are generated by the Calvin cycle.
22. Much of the major components of photosynthesis are ____ENZYMES________.
23. ATP synthase & NADP+ reductase are examples of __ENZYMES.
24. The oxygen given off as a by-product of photosynthesis comes from __water
or hydrolysis__________.
25. _________________ + _________________  ______________________ + ______________________.
26. It takes ______2___________ molecules of G3P to make ____1____ molecule of
27. Plants that complete the light independent reactions at night are adapted to
low _______water________ conditions.
28. Organisms that generate their own food are called ___autotrophs___.
29. Chlorophyll is green because it ___reflects_________ ____green____________ light.
30. The Carbon compounds in the Calvin cycle are ___reduce_____ed by ATP &