Pulpit Curriculum

Pulpit Curriculum
Enjoying Life with a Big God Complex
by Pastor Kurt Gebhards
Ecclesiastes 3:1-15
You are not expected to cover every detail of this Pulpit Curriculum, rather, consider it a resource to
help you in guiding your group to a deeper understanding and application of the Word. As you
participate in your Lifegroup use the box to the right to identify GETTING AFTER IT NOW moments
to help you plan and be better equipped to grow in your response to the Word. After Lifegroup dig
deeper into the truth you have discovered.
What does it mean when someone says to you, ‘just trust God?’ Is it being polite,
being fatalistic, being religious or just words we say at church? Sorting out this
question will provide for you one of life’s greatest benefits. When we see God as
does the writer of Ecclesiastes, that He is sovereign, all is at His disposal and we will
never in our sojourn fully comprehend it, we will conclude that it is best to trust
Him. When we gain a Big God Complex we can enjoy everything that God brings
along, either good or bad.
Pastor Kurt identified two contrasting complexes that are characterized by our
culture. Can you explain the big funs complex? Why do some embrace the misery of
a big problem complex? How might you direct these points of view to a better
guiding principle?
1. The Battering Waves of Life’s Realities v. 1-10
The realities of life can suddenly toss you for a loop. Relate a time when a curve
thrown your way left you beaten or bruised. How did you recover? Have you
recovered? How will a Big God Complex help you?
The writer crafts a beautiful poetic refrain to the puzzles of life. Take each of the 14
time couplets and briefly verify them. What is the overall theme that he relates to
us? Where is God in each? As an application of a GAIN moment, should a believer
hate and should a believer war as mentioned in v.8?
If we read these verses without a personal knowledge of a sovereign God, what
might our conclusion be? Why must we carefully analyze these verses
understanding they are a description and not a prescription for life?
If life is filled with waves and can be burdensome, what does a proper focus and
knowledge of God do to our despair?
2. The Anchor for Your Soul; Our Sovereign God v. 11-15
What is the purpose of an anchor? How does God enable our souls to be held
secure no matter what comes?
Read verse 11 and consider what happens to someone who forgets are rejects that
God is in control? What does it mean when it says that He has set eternity in the
heart of everyone? Why might the end of that verse create frustration for those
who demand answers from God? Pastor Kurt shared how poison ivy is actually an
allergic response to the oil in the plant. How does our culture betray an allergy to
God’s sovereignty? How might you have an allergic reaction to the sovereignty of
GAIN moments
Read verse 14 and consider the meaning that after all is said and done, God’s work still remains. What is the
core response He calls for in the final phrase of the verse?
Conclusion: Life is filled with chaos. When things are going along smoothly we are happy but throw in a
hurdle, a detour or a tragedy and we may fall to pieces. The only hope to sustain you is a Big God Complex.
You will get answers that you need and you will be willing to leave the rest in His hands.
As a prelude to our ongoing study here, answer the question, what is the sovereignty of God? Also
consider, what should I do when I find unanswered questions about God?
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Mutual Ministry: What has caused you to lose a Big God perspective? What
are the triggers for those moments of faithlessness? What others are
for The Well: A Match in
touched by those reactions? What are some helpful Scriptures that you and
Heaven Mar. 28-29. Join us
your Lifegroup friends can bring to this struggle so that you can apply truth,
as we learn how to find
faith and hope?
fulfillment in marriage and
If you have been doubting or allergic to the sovereignty of God, take time
joy in serving Christ
to confess this sin to one another (James 5:16), to exhort to love and good
deeds (Hebrews 10:24), to encourage the weak (1 Thessalonians 5:14), to
bear one another’s burdens (Galatians 6:2), and to offer biblical edification
to one another (Ephesians 4:29). Encourage through the week to keep your
eyes looking higher.
Pray for a dramatic change in the hearts of every listener to the Word this week. Pray as our people to
build relationships Pray for unity in Christ and fulfillment in serving the King. Pray for Lifegroups to lovingly
support one another in the battle. Pray for The Well conference.
The “Intercessory Prayer” groups during our worship services 03/09/14:
1st hour – Quinby
2nd hour – Cerrito
Go deeper and as you go through your week draw on a fuller understanding of
the sovereignty of God by examining these websites that explain, examine and
expand this essential doctrine. Simply click on each to develop the scope of this