1. ( i) What is common between dxy and dx2-y2 orbital?
(ii) What is the difference between them?
2. The 1st and 2nd I.E and electron gain enthalpy of few elements are given below
From the table, which of the element is likely to be
the least reactive element
most reactive metal
(iii) most reactive non metal
least reactive non metal
metal which can form a stable binary halide of the formula MX2
3. Name the intermolecular forces that exist between HF molecule in liquid state.
4. Calculate the volume occupied by 8.8 g of CO2 at 31.1 C and 1 Bar pressure?
5. A mixture of H2 and O2 at 1 bar pressure contains 20% by weight of H2 . Calculate
the partial pressure of dihydrogen?
6. Explain the following :
(i) Drops of liquid assume spherical shape
(ii) Tea or coffee is sipped from a saucer when it is quite hot
(iii) The boiling point of a liquid rises on increasing pressure.
7. Discuss the significance and application of dipole moment.
8. what is a dipole. Why are some covalent bonds polar?
9. Draw the lewis dot structure for H2S , HCOOH , CO, NO molecules.