low density residential district (r-1)

Section 800. Purpose
The R-1 district is implemented to accommodate and promote continued low-density residential
development in a setting that will continue to contain some rural and open space characteristics.
It shall provide for the orderly development of single-family type residential areas; provide for
the public health and safety and prevent overcrowding through density control; and exclude
activities incompatible with single-family residential development. Limited public and quasipublic uses appropriate for residential neighborhoods shall be permitted. Efforts are made to
adequately protect residential areas from changes, nuisances and intrusions which may cause
deterioration. The district shall also provide for adequate daylight, ventilation, quiet, privacy and
recreational opportunity. The areas chosen for these districts are those which currently reflect a
harmonious residential atmosphere or which would logically develop as such in the future
according to the Comprehensive Plan Objectives.
Section 801. Permitted Uses
A. Single-family detached dwellings.
B. Houses of worship and all related uses including parish houses and parsonages (Section 351);
C. Parks, playgrounds and recreation areas when owned or operated by the Municipality.
D. Federal, State and Local Municipal buildings and uses and essential services.
E. Bed and breakfast homes and inns. (Section 333)
F. ECHO housing. (Section 344)
G. Cemeteries and related uses (Section 336)
H. Accessory buildings and uses customarily incidental to any of the above permitted uses and
which may include a no-impact home based business. (Section 356) No accessory day care
use shall be permitted in the R-1 district.
Section 802. Conditional Uses
A. Public utility facilities.
B. Public, private and parochial schools (primary or secondary) for the educational needs of the
community (Section 360)
C. Neighborhood outdoor recreational facilities and organizations when not operated for gain or
Section 803. Minimum Area and Density Requirements
A. All buildings including accessory buildings shall not cover more than thirty (30%) percent of
the area of the lot.
B. Minimum required for all uses not otherwise listed.
Lot Area*
Water & Sewer
10,000 sq.ft.
1 acre
Lot Width
70 feet
140 feet
Lot Depth
100 feet
180 feet
Front Yard
35 feet
35 feet
Each Side Yard
15 feet
25 feet
Rear Yard
25 feet
35 feet
Height (maximum)
35 feet
35 feet
Off-Street Parking
per dwelling unit
16 feet
16 feet
Building Width
Impervious Coverage (max.)
*When on-lot sewer facilities are to be utilized, the minimum lot size may be increased
by the Township Sewage Enforcement Officer or the Department of Environmental
Protection for factors relating to health and sanitation.