Math A

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City Planning Project
You have been asked to design a new city by Mayor Frain. This city
has many different parameters that need to be followed to satisfy the math
loving mayor. You must complete a rough draft, and a final version of the
drawings for approval.
The city parameters are:
1. There must be a minimum of three (3) parallel roads.
2. There must be one perpendicular road, and a minimum of two (2) additional
transversal roads
3. A school must be on a transversal and stop signs must only be located on each
90° angle.
4. There must be cars and people in your city. Name your city
5. The police station must be at a supplementary angle with the barber shop.
6. The soccer field must be at an adjacent angle with the playground.
7. There must be school buses on every parallel street.
8. City hall must be on a corresponding angle from the post office.
9. The Museum is on the intersection of perpendicular lines.
10. There is a police car parked at a vertical angle from the post office to catch
11. You must determine where two (2) additional buildings will be and describe
their relationship.
12. All streets must be labeled with names.
13. On the back of this paper…
a) Describe the relationship of your two additional buildings
b) Write the measurements of the angles where all of your buildings are.
c) Describe the relationship between corresponding angles when lines are parallel
(look in your notes).
d) Make up and solve a corresponding angles problem using numbers and
** Use a little color and a straight edge for full credit **
a) Describe relationship of 2 additional buildings:
b) Angle Measurements
-Post office:
-Soccer field:
-City Hall:
-Police Station:
-Police Car:
-Barber Shop:
-Additional building 1:
-Additional building 2:
c) When you have parallel lines cut by a transveral, what do
you know about corresponding angles?
d) Create and solve a corresponding angles problem: