3rd International Workshop on Frequency

3rd International Workshop on Frequency-Dependent
Geophysical Properties, “Rainbow in the Earth”.
29th July-1st August 2007, The Royal Society of Edinburgh,
Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
The importance of the scale and frequency dependence of geophysical
measurements has been recognised for many years. The traditional view
is that this represents a problem to be overcome before we can reconcile
measurements on different scales, for example seismic and sonic
estimates of velocity. Recent research has proposed practical solutions to
such problems, but has also suggested that the observation of frequencydependence itself may be interpreted to provide improved resolution of
subsurface properties.
The aim of this workshop is to bring together scientists with interests in
scale and frequency dependence for a detailed discussion of the current
state of knowledge through theoretical, laboratory and field-based studies.
We hope to discuss the possible mechanisms which may give rise to
frequency dependence and explore the limitations of current theoretical
models, but above all we want to understand how the concepts can be
used to improve the interpretation of geophysical data. The meeting is not
limited to industrial seismic studies, and we anticipate contributions from
researchers working on both earthquake seismology and EM techniques.
Registration and Call for Papers
We invite authors to submit abstracts, whose length should not exceed
two sides of A4, before April 30th 2007 through email to Mark Chapman
at mhch@bgs.ac.uk. A registration form is available HERE. Registration
fee will be £200, to include a reception, conference dinner and excursion.
Conference Venue and Accommodation
The meeting will take place at the historic Royal Society of Edinburgh on
George Street, directly in the centre of Edinburgh and surrounded by
quality hotels. Although the meeting will take place before the Edinburgh
International Festival, we encourage participants to book their hotels as
early as possible since the best city centre accommodation can be scarce
at this time of year. Information on hotels in Edinburgh can be found at
www.edinburgh.org. The Edinburgh University Halls of Residence are
conveniently situated for the conference – details can be found at
Contact Information
All enquiries should be addressed to Mark Chapman, mhch@bgs.ac.uk