Do Professional Development Practices Impact the Implementation

Do Professional Development Practices Impact the
Implementation of a Reform Mathematics
Curriculum as Measured by Student Achievement?
Jenny Salls
University of Nevada
Tuesday, February 5, 2:40-3:30 MG 107
Refreshments 2:00 in MG 226
Reform in the teaching of K-12 mathematics has resulted in the development of new
curriculum materials emphasizing mathematical concepts and understandings as well as
problem solving skills. Implementation of reform involves changing teacher beliefs as well as
practices. Reformers suggest such changes require long-term, intensive professional
development situated within the context of the school. Providing this professional development
requires financial and human resources not typically available to schools. This study sought to
identify whether typical professional development provided during textbook adoption does
impact the implementation of a reform mathematics curricula as measured by student
Fourth and fifth grade teachers in the second year of implementing a reform curriculum
were surveyed regarding their professional development experiences during the previous five
years. Backward regression identified no teaching practices or professional development
experiences that were related to gain in test scores. Additional analyses indicated differences
between teachers in Title 1 and non-Title 1 schools, suggesting increased professional
development or increased attention to academic standards may support implementation of a
reform mathematics curriculum.
Teaching Session (Math 257)
Tuesday, February 5, 9:30-10:15, MG 107