An Optical Fibre Sensor for Measurement of Harmful Algal Blooms

Ciência sem Fronteiras (Science Without Borders)
PhD Project Template:
PI name & contact details:
Professor Elfed Lewis
[email protected]
Electronic and Computer Engineering
Has project been agreed with head (or
nominee) of proposed registration school?
Project Agreed
Research Centre / group affiliation:
Optical Fibre Sensors Research Centre (OFSRC)
Research group / centre website:
PI website / link to CV:
Brief summary of PI research / research group / centre activity (2 or 3 lines max):
The OFSRC is engaged in the investigation of optical and optical fibre sensors for a wide range of
application areas. Sensors have been designed for biomedical e.g. bladder pressure and total
haemoglobin concentration as well as environmental e.g. atmospheric pollutant gases and
radiation level.
Title & brief description of PhD project (suitable for publication on web):
An Optical Fibre Sensor for Measurement of Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) in Freshwater and
Marine Applications
It is proposed to design, construct and test an optical fibre sensor for the measurement of
contamination of freshwater lakes and marine environments based on a novel design of a coated
optical fibre sensor. The sensor to be investigated will be based on the evanescent field
detection, a method extensively investigated within OFSRC coupled to enhanced sensitisation by
use of Long Period Gratings (LPGs). The sensors will be fabricated in all silica optical fibres as well
as Plastic Optical Fibres (POFs) and both types of sensor will fully tested in their environment.
Extensive Sensor Fabrication facilities are available at the Labs of OFSRC and through its
participation in COST Action TD1001 to state of the art optical fibres and internationally unique
research facilities e.g. specialist optical fibre draw towers and specialist fibres e.g. Photonic
Crystal Fibres. Access to Marine and freshwater systems will be available through linkage with
the National SMART BAY initiative of which OFSRC is an active member.
Unique selling points of PhD project in UL:
Access to Unique Optical Fibre Sensors Research Facilities and Expertise at UL (
Linkage of research to SMART BAY Marine Sensing Infrastructure in Ireland
Access to Mobile and Marine Research Centre at UL with ROV Latis
Access to European Network on Optical Fibre Sensors through COST Action TD1001
Name & contact details for project queries, if different from PI named above:
As above
Please indicate the graduates of which disciplines that should apply:
Electronic Engineering, Physics, Mechanical Engineering
Please indicate whether students can apply for:
Sandwich programme only
Full PhD programme only
Either of the above
Ciência sem Fronteiras / Science Without Borders Priority Area:
Please indicate the specific programme priority area under which the proposed PhD project fits- choose only
one (tick box):
Engineering and other technological areas
Pure and Natural Sciences (e.g. mathematics, physics, chemistry)
Health and Biomedical Sciences
Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)
Oil, Gas and Coal
Renewable Energy
Nanotechnology and New Materials
Technology of prevention and remediation of natural disasters
Biodiversity and Bioprospection
Marine Sciences
Creative Industry
New technologies in constructive engineering
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