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Physics I
Unit 2: Vectors
Clarifying Statements
May, 2009
The following TEKS apply to the Vectors unit:
(3) Scientific processes. The student uses critical thinking and scientific problem solving to
make informed decisions. The student is expected to:
(B) express laws symbolically and employ mathematical procedures including vector addition
and right-triangle geometry to solve physical problems
This unit is the foundation for projectile motion; it is important that students have the
opportunity to explore vectors graphically and algebraically. Adding vectors graphically should
include either the “tail to tip” or the parallelogram method, where the magnitude of the vector is
relative to its size and the arrow indicates the direction. Key terms in the conceptual
development are vector, scalar, resultant vector, components, head wind, tail wind and cross
Note that both the regular and Pre-AP Physics I courses should have the same conceptual
development. However, the level of problem solving should differ due to the nature of the
associated math course requirement.
Regular Physics I Problem Solving: Students in regular physics should be exposed to using x
and y components to find the magnitude of resultant vectors using the Pythagorean theorem.
They should also work problems where resolving vectors into x and y components is necessary
using Pythagorean triples and special right triangles.
Regular Physics I equations:
Pythagorean triples: 3, 4, 5: 37, 53, 90 degrees respectively
5, 12, 13: 23, 67, 90 degrees respectively
8, 15, 17: 28, 62, 90 degrees respectively
7, 24, 25: 16, 74, 90 degrees respectively
if m<n and both are positive integers.
Special right triangles
45, 45, 90:
30, 60, 90:
Clarifying statements are intended to deepen teachers’ understanding of science concepts and serve as a guide for instructional
design. They are not intended to serve as student instructional materials.
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