Position #1 - Postdoc at the Department of Theoretical Research

University of Ostrava
Faculty of Medicine
Department of Clinical Pharmacology
due to the new project "Strengthening research teams at the University of Ostrava" reg. nr.
CZ.1.07/2.3.00/30.0010 of the Education for Competitiveness Operational Programme
announces newly open postdoc position.
Position - Postdoc at the Department of Clinical Pharmacology
Research topic:
TDM, phenotyping and genotyping of psychopharmacs in clinical praxis.
Duration of the position covered by project CZ.1.07/2.3.00/30.0010: September 2012 - June
Possible prolongation of the contract: Yes
Mentor: Assoc.Prof. Milan Grundmann, PhD.
Salary: 45,000 CZK per month (approx. 1,800 EUR per month)
Requirements given by the project:
Ph.D. degree (not from University of Ostrava) obtained since March 29, 2008 (not
Very good knowledge of Czech, Slovak or English language (expected level of
knowledge: CAE or similar).
Job features:
Accepted postdoc will absolve a fully covered research stay at a closely related foreign
research centre (duration 3 months).
Accepted postdoc will have a duty to devote 3-5hours per week to educational duties
(standard university courses, seminars, lectures, workshops, consultations with students etc.).
Accepted postdoc will be supposed to intensively participate on research and publication
activities of the Institute. Quantitatively, postdoc will be supposed to (co)-author three
articles published in JCR journals and five articles published in proceedings from
international conferences.
We search clinical pharmacologist who is already very active and successful in TDM,
phenotyping and genotyping and who will be able to fulfill the above introduced
publication load that is given by the project!
Choosing the postdoc among applicants:
If an applicant meets the requirements given by the project (language skills, Ph.D. since 2008
from a university different to the University of Ostrava) a committee consisting of three
professors will evaluate applicants according to the following criteria:
number and mainly quality of articles published in JCR journals and other sources –
weight 50%,
previous scientific career and its coherence with the scientific focus of IRAFM –
weight 25%,
involvement in grants and projects, obtained scientific awards and other criteria –
weight 10%.
Attestation in clinical pharmacology or internal medicine is appreciated
How to apply for the postdoc position:
Applicant is supposed to submit (only in electronic version) the following documents:
scanned Ph.D. diploma (official English confirmation may be additionally required),
filled in the official application form,
structured CV in PDF format,
to the email address of the contact person to May 31, 2012.
[email protected]