Michael Cross: Curriculum Vitae Born: 1952, England ADDRESS

Michael Cross: Curriculum Vitae
Born: 1952, England
California Institute of Technology 114-36
Pasadena, CA 91125
E-mail: mcc@caltech.edu
Postdoc and Member of Technical Sta_, AT&T Bell Laboratories, 1975-84.
Professor of Theoretical Physics, California Institute of Technology, July 84-present.
Ph.D. in Physics, Cambridge University, England 1975.
B.A. in Natural Sciences, Cambridge University, England 1972.
Fellow of the American Physical Society
My review article \Pattern Formation out of Equilibrium" has over 2000 citations,
and is the 20th most often cited paper published by the APS
Transport in mesoscopic systems, emphasizing non-electronic transport such as heat
(phonons) and spin transport.
Mesoscopic oscillators, including nonlinearity, collective behavior, the e_ect of noise
and quantum mechanics.
Driven, non-equilibrium systems, including: pattern formation; selection principles;
chaos and the role of spatial structure in chaos (spatiotemporal chaos); the application
to physics, chemistry, and biology
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