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Laurea degree in Geology (cum laude), Università di Roma “La Sapienza” (1995)
PhD in Earth Sciences, Università di Roma “La Sapienza” (1999)
Contract Professor for Diploma Universitario, Università di Camerino (1999-2000)
Marie Curie Individual Postdoctoral fellowship, University of Munich LMU (2002-2004)
Researcher, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia - INGV (2002-presente)
Scientist-in-charge, Analog Modeling Lab @INGV-Roma1
Scientist-in-charge, Linea di Attività V3 @INGV-Roma1
Guest Editor, Physics and Chemistry of the Earth
Guest Editor, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research
Associate Editor, Bulletin of Volcanology
Co-Supervisor of several MSc and PhD students
55 publications, 1068 citations, 19.42 average citations for publication, 19 h-index
20 pubblicazioni più rilevanti
Taddeucci, J; Edmonds, M; Houghton, B; James, MR; Vergniolle, S 2015 Hawaiian and Strombolian Eruptions In: Sigurdsson, H,
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Del Bello, E; Taddeucci, J; Scarlato, P; Giacalone, E; Cesaroni, C 2015 Experimental investigation of the aggregationdisaggregation of colliding volcanic ash particles in turbulent, low-humidity suspensions Geophys Res Lett 42 1068-1075
Gaudin, D; Taddeucci, J; Scarlato, P; Moroni, M; Freda, C; Gaeta, M; Palladino, DM 2014 Pyroclast Tracking Velocimetry
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Taddeucci, J; Sesterhenn, J; Scarlato, P; Stampka, K; Del Bello, E; Fernandez, JJP; Gaudin, D 2014 High-speed imaging,
acoustic features, and aeroacoustic computations of jet noise from Strombolian (and Vulcanian) explosions Geophys Res Lett 41
3096-3102 doi:101002/2014GL059925
Taddeucci, J; Palladino, DM; Sottili, G; Bernini, D; Andronico, D; Cristaldi, A 2013 Linked frequency and intensity of persistent
volcanic activity at Stromboli (Italy) Geophys Res Lett 40 3384-3388 doi:101002/grl50652
Jacopo Taddeucci
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Taddeucci, J; Valentine, GA; Sonder, I; White, JDL; Ross, P-S; Scarlato, P 2013 The effect of pre-existing craters on the initial
development of explosive volcanic eruptions: An experimental investigation Geophys Res Lett 40 507-510 doi:101002/grl50176
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their application Bull Volcanol 72 75-83 doi:101007/s00445-009-0298-2
13. Sagnotti, L; Taddeucci, J; Winkler, A; Cavallo, A 2009 Compositional, morphological, and hysteresis characterization of magnetic
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14. Taddeucci, J; Spieler, O; Ichihara, M; Dingwell, DB; Scarlato, P 2006 Flow and fracturing of viscoelastic media under diffusiondriven bubble growth: An analogue experiment for eruptive volcanic conduits Earth Planet Sci Lett 243 771-785
15. Taddeucci, J; Pompilio, M; Scarlato, P 2004 Conduit processes during the July-August 2001 explosive activity of Mt Etna (Italy):
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Jacopo Taddeucci
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