Portfolio Unit 7 Linear Equations/Inequalities in 2 Variables

Integrated Algebra
Reflective Portfolio
Unit #9: Systems of equation/inequalities
At the conclusion of each unit, you will create a one page reflective study sheet.
 You must write the title of the unit and its number at the top of the page.
 Label each section on your sheet!
Section #1: Vocabulary: Write a definition for each
Quadratic equation
Axis of symmetry
Linear equation
System of equations
Section #2: Formulas/Equations/Rules (Show the process)
 Use this quadratic equation y  x  4 x  1 to show how to find each:
o Find Axis of symmetry-algebraically
o Find Vertex- algebraically
 Rules for solving a system of equations –graphically
o Include how to find the solution(s) using the graphing calc.
 What window would you need to show the solution for
y=8x + 40 and y= 10x + 20?
o X min:___ X max:____ Y min:____ Y max:____
Section #3: Key methods and concepts
 Does this parabola y  x  4 x  1 have a minimum or a maximum point? Explain
your reasoning.
 Explain the process for each:
o Solve by graphing a linear inequality system (ex.
y  2x  4
y  x2  4
o Solve by graphing a quadratic-linear system (ex.
) solutions (0, -4)
y  x4
and ( 1, -3)
o Solve a system of equations by substitution (ex.
x  y  3
solution(1, -4)
x y5
o Solve a system of equations by elimination (ex.
x  y  3
) solution(1, -4)
x y5