On-Time Graduation Guarantee The keys to an affordable education

On-Time Graduation Guarantee
The keys to an affordable education and great career momentum are the same – on-time graduation.
Juniata expects all full time students who are admitted to be able to graduate in four years or less. In
fact, at recent graduations, 92-96% of the graduates had completed their degrees in four years or less.
This has been possible because students at Juniata are motivated, focused and well advised by the
College’s faculty. Remarkably, they also are able to study abroad and complete significant research and
internship experiences which are career enhancers while maintaining the pace for achieving their
Of course, not all students are in a position to graduate in four years. Some may need or prefer to work
more than the 17 hours per week that are permitted and attend school part-time. Others may just
choose a different pace or the opportunity to take a wider range of courses that are not directly related
to their field of study. This program is designed for those who want to complete their degree program as
quickly as possible.
The College's Commitments
The College will provide eligible students with advising about their academic programs and with the
courses they need to complete them. To assist students in their plans to graduate in four years, the
College will:
Ensure that its students are well-informed about College Degree and Program of Emphasis
requirements and provide students with qualified faculty advisors.
Advise the students if any of their planned semester’s activities will prevent them from fulfilling
their commitments.
Provide timely access to the courses students must take to meet degree requirements.
Encourage and support the students in pursuing study abroad. It is important to note that not
all study abroad opportunities provide the diversity of coursework necessary for the guarantee
to remain in force. Students considering study abroad must consult with their advisors to
determine if their course of study while abroad will allow them to complete necessary College
and Program of Emphasis requirements and therefore are permissible under this guarantee.
Encourage and support the students in obtaining research and internship opportunities that will
enhance their careers and maintain required progress to on-time graduations.
Stop the plan's clock if students must withdraw from the College because of serious health or
family problems or take approved leaves of absence (e.g., church mission, National Guard
deployment, pregnancy). If the student is unable to complete any credits due to this withdrawal
and the circumstances are reported and satisfactorily documented to Student Services, the
interruptions will not count toward the four year totals.
The Students' Commitments
Students shall follow the academic advice provided by their advisors and must take the courses which
are available to them. If they are committed to graduating in four years, they must:
Be first-time Juniata College domestic freshmen (including freshmen with Advanced Placement,
but excluding freshmen admitted on conditional or part-time status and those required to
complete an English as a Second Language course).
Declare their final Program of Emphasis prior to earning 60 credits. If students change their
Program of Emphasis after that time, they may be unable to complete the requirements of the
new Program of Emphasis within the four-year time frame and therefore would not be eligible
for the guarantee.
Meet with their academic advisors every semester to ensure that the courses they select will
meet all program requirements (College degree and Program of Emphasis) within their
commitment periods.
Register for classes as early as permitted by the College for each semester, promptly notifying
their advisors when a required course is not available. Students may need to adjust their
preferred schedules to take courses that are offered at times other than those preferred by a
Complete thirty credits each academic year and not drop any course required for their degree or
Program of Emphasis after their third semester.
Maintain satisfactory qualitative academic progress as outlined in the student handbook and as
required for their declared Programs of Emphasis. Students must earn grades sufficient to allow
them to enroll in the next level of required courses in order not to repeat courses and thereby
lose time.
Remain in good disciplinary standing.
The Guarantee
The conditions described above apply to the guarantee only and not to any specific graduation
requirements. In the event that a student has met all of the student’s commitments and is unable to
complete the degree in four years or less, the College will:
Not charge the student for any tuition that would otherwise apply to credits earned after the
fourth year that are required for the Program of Emphasis or degree. The student will be
responsible for any room and board expenses, books and fees other than course fees.
This program does not cover students wanting to complete double majors that would require
more time or students seeking dual certification in education who must pay for credits which
are earned after graduation but are needed for dual certification.
This does not apply to international students or to transfers.
This does not apply to any student whose graduation is delayed for failure to make full payment
of all fees incurred for graduation or that otherwise apply in a fifth year.
Students are presented this guarantee after completing 40 but not more than 60 credits. By signing and
providing two signed copies to the Registrar’s Office, they accept the College’s offer of a guarantee and
agree to meet the required commitments. The Registrar will record the commitment and return a copy
to the student.
I commit to a good faith effort to graduate in four years or less and agree to be bound by the
requirements of this guarantee. I acknowledge that the Registrar of the College may waive in writing
any specific deficiency I may have without voiding other requirements. Barring such waiver any
deficiency on my part will void the guarantee of the College.
Seal of the Registrar
Student’s Name Printed
Student’s Signature
Date of Acceptance by Registrar
Date Submitted by Student