Fall 2014 & Spring 2015 Essential Studies information.

Integrated Studies Program (ISP Classic & ISP Lite)
Essential Studies (general education) Advisement Information:
Fall 2014, Spring 2015
The University of North Dakota’s essential studies requirements are as follows (see
http://und.edu/academics/essential-studies/ for more info):
Essential Studies Category
Required credit information
Social Sciences
Arts and Humanities
9 credits minimum (minimum 6 credits written, 3 credits oral [“O”])
9 credits minimum (minimum 2 different departments)
9 credits minimum (minimum 2 departments and 3 credits in fine arts,
3 credits in humanities)
9 credits minimum, including one 4 credit lab science
3 credits minimum
Capstone course
Special Emphasis coursework:
a “Q” quantitative reasoning course
a “U” United States diversity course
a “G” global diversity course
an “A” advanced communication course
3 credits
3 credits
3 credits
3 credits
Almost all courses offered in Integrated Studies work toward completion of Essential Studies requirements at
UND. Listed below are the fall 2014 and spring 2015 Integrated Studies classes that were offered, the credits for
each course, and the UND Essential Studies category into which the course falls. This information will help you
determine what Essential Studies requirements you have already met and what you still need to fulfill. In addition
to helping you with course planning, you should show this sheet to your advisor. Remember, you may not have
received credit for all of these classes.
Fall 2014
Comm 110
3 credits
Arts &
Humanities 101
Social Sciences
4 credits
Humanities 224 *
* a “U” course
3 credits
Math, Science,
& Technology
Humanities 270
3 credits
Spring 2015
Arts & Humanities
Humanities 102
(humanities emphasis)
Social Sciences
4 credits
Humanities 225 *
* a “G” course
Math, Science, &
3 credits
Humanities 271
3 credits
Humanities 271L (opt)
(lab credit, if students
have credit for or take
1 credit
NOTE: You may not have taken all of these courses. You may also have taken other courses outside
Integrated Studies, even - perhaps - other courses in the Humanities & Integrated Studies Department, or you
may have transferred credit to UND when you started college; those course credits may also fulfill UND Essential
Studies requirements. Visit with your advisor about any additional credit(s) on your transcript.