Press release

Zielona Góra, 21st August 2012
LUG S.A. as a TOP PICK on NewConnect market
The analysts of Infinity8 placed LUG S.A. on the list of recommended companies, appreciating
the large dynamics of results, the innovation of products and plans of building of a new
manufacturing plant.
As informed by Puls Biznesu on 20.08.2012, the analysts of Infinity8, an authorized advisor of NewConnect
market aspiring for a brokerage house license, in the second issue of its original report “TOP PICK” selected
their own 3 favorite companies from the NewConnect market: Plasma System, Synektik and LUG.
The positive aspects which settled this choice were innovation and large potential for growth of
companies and markets on which they conduct the their businesses. Additionally, in LUG’s case, the
analysts emphasize the positive effect of plans for a new modern manufacturing plant for LED
components, as well as innovativeness of products and the observed large dynamics of results.
The overall rating awarded to LUG is 5. It is composed of detailed ratings in the following categories:
innovation -4,5; experience of the Executive Board – 5; liquidity of shares – 5; Altman Z-score – 4.
We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full version of TOP PICK NewConnect report, where you
can find detailed information on the criteria and the awarded ratings.
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Customers. The goal of Infinity8 is helping companies which are looking for ways of further development
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LUG S.A. is a holding company of LUG S.A. Capital Group – a supplier of comprehensive lighting solutions, one
of the biggest manufacturers of luminaires in Poland. The company sells its products in Poland and several
dozen other countries in the world. Having 20 years of experience, the company seated in Zielona Góra
conducts its business as a Capital Group since 2008.
The group consists of: LUG S.A., LUG Light Factory Sp. z o.o., LUG GmbH, LUG do Brazil Ltda and TOW LUG
Ukraina. LUG S.A. is listed on the NewConnect market, governed by WSE, since 2007. More information:
Monika Bartoszak
Investor Relations Manager
Phone: 510 183 993