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COURSE TITLE: ENGT 120 Engineering Concepts in Technology
First Name: Andrew
Last Name: Bell
Phone Number: 260.481.2288
Email (Ivy Tech Email): [email protected]
Blackboard IM ID: abell118
Office/Campus Location: Tech Center, TC1111
Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday 1:00PM – 5:00PM
Instructor’s Supervisor:
First Name: Karen
Last Name: Jones
Phone Number: 260.481.2266
Email (Ivy Tech Email): [email protected]
Blackboard IM ID: kjones82
Office/Campus Location: Harshman Hall, HM2110
Office Hours: By appointment only
COURSE TITLE: Engineering Concepts in Technology
SCHOOL: Applied Science and Engineering Technology
PROGRAM: Engineering Technology
CATALOG DESCRIPTION: This entry-level course will develop a student’s perspective and
enhance their skills in living and working in a technological society. The course explores the
design process, problem solving, technical communication, ethics, the impact of technology, and
technology grand challenges facing global society.
Ivy Tech Community College
Academic Affairs
ENGT 120
MAJOR COURSE LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Upon successful completion of this course the
student will be expected to:
Implement the design process in context.
Identify technology’s impact on the global society.
Illustrate the technologist’s value and responsibility in the global society.
Introduce the infrastructure of computer networks.
Define various career pathways in engineering technology.
Demonstrate understanding and application of basic organizational and management
Form teams and work in collaboration to solve engineering technology problems using
both face-to-face and virtual communication.
Prepare a laboratory report using proper format and data presentation techniques.
Understand how to set up a laboratory experiment, gather and analyze data, and present the
results in a proper format.
Utilize computer graphics software to analyze and explain engineering problems.
Utilize spreadsheets for engineering calculations, data analysis, and data presentation.
Perform dimensional analysis on complex engineering equations.
COURSE CONTENT: Topical areas of study include Engineering technology careers
Problem solving methodology
Working in Teams
Computer networks
Design process
Computer Applications and usage
Working with Virtual Teams
Organizational concepts
Title: Introduction to Engineering Technology
Author: Pond and Rankinen
Edition: 8th
Publisher: Pearson Education
ISBN: 978-0132840118
Graphing Calculator (TI-89 or equivalent), USB Flash Drive (min 2 GB) to save your work.
4 GB cost $10 - $15. Recommended brands; SanDisk, PNY, Kingston, or Memorex (not Lexar)
You are responsible for maintaining your data. I strongly recommend that you backup your flash
drive to your computer's hard drive.
Title: Against the Gods
Author: Bernstein
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 978-0471295631
Ivy Tech Community College
Academic Affairs
ENGT 120
How to Order Textbook/Materials
All books and materials, unless otherwise noted, should be purchased from the Ivy Tech online
bookstore. To order the texts required for this class or any other course, go to Students can order all books and materials for all courses from
this site – regardless of whether it is an online or on-campus course. In the future, it is advised
that students order textbooks and materials before the start of the semester. Students should use a
copy of their course schedule to accurately order books and materials. Schedules can print a copy
of their course schedule from Campus Connect at
Students who live in Indiana and surrounding states will normally receive their book order within
one day from the time the book is shipped from the warehouse. Paying for overnight shipping on
textbook orders from the bookstore is normally not a good use of money as it does not ensure
overnight processing of the order – it only ensures that once the book order has been processed,
it will be shipped out overnight.
Academic Honesty Statement
The College is committed to academic integrity in all its practices. The faculty value intellectual
integrity and a high standard of academic conduct. Activities that violate academic integrity
undermine the quality and diminish the value of educational achievement.
Cheating on papers, tests, or other academic works is a violation of College rules. No student
shall engage in behavior that, in the judgment of the instructor of the class, may be construed as
cheating. This may include, but is not limited to, plagiarism or other forms of academic
dishonesty such as the acquisition without permission of tests or other academic materials and/or
distribution of these materials and other academic work. This includes students who aid and abet
as well as those who attempt such behavior.
Copyright Statement
Students shall adhere to the laws governing the use of copyrighted materials. They must insure
that their activities comply with fair use and in no way infringe on the copyright or other
proprietary rights of others and that the materials used and developed at Ivy Tech Community
College contain nothing unlawful, unethical, or libelous and do not constitute any violation of
any right of privacy.
ADA Statement
Ivy Tech Community College seeks to provide reasonable accommodations for qualified
individuals with documented disabilities. If you need an accommodation because of a
documented disability, please contact the Office of Disability Support Services.
If you will require assistance during an emergency evacuation, notify your instructor
immediately. Look for evacuation procedures posted in your classroom.
Ivy Tech Growing Greener
Ivy Tech Community College–Northeast is committed to the development and implementation
of a comprehensive sustainability plan. We’re emphasizing our responsibility to go green. To
that end, we are asking students, faculty, and staff to actively participate in energy conservation
measures and proper recycling on campus. The recycling bins located in classrooms and offices
are for paper and paper products only. Ivy Tech participates in single-stream recycling for other
Ivy Tech Community College
Academic Affairs
ENGT 120
items. All aluminum, glass, and plastic beverage containers can co-mingle in the same recycling
bins located in the hallways. Please remember to empty the liquid from your containers before
depositing them in the bins. Any materials that cannot be recycled should be placed in garbage
cans. It is also important to turn off lights and computers when leaving a room. Together, we can
make an impact on conserving our limited resources. Remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle!
ATMAE – Requirements
Students wishing to graduate from a School of Applied Science and Engineering or the School of
Technology, from Ivy Tech Community College Northeast must complete at least 12 semester
hours of Management and/or Technical training. This requirement is concurrent with the college
requirement that each student must complete 15 semester hours at this institution. Students
transferring to Ivy Tech Community College Northeast and entering into the School of Applied
Science and Engineering or the School of Technology must also meet the 12 semester hours of
Management and/or Technical training. Credits considered for transfer may be from another Ivy
Tech ATMAE accredited campus or obtained from an ATMAE accredited institution.
Breathe Easy
Ivy Tech–Northeast is committed to providing a healthy, comfortable and productive
environment for the students, faculty and staff of this campus. The use or sale of any tobacco
product is prohibited on college-owned, operated, or leased property or vehicles at any time. The
policy applied to all Ivy Tech–Northeast facilities and grounds, regardless of location. Smoking,
including the use of an e-cigarette, shall not be permitted in any enclosed space and is also
prohibited outdoors on all college campus property, including parking lots. This policy applies to
all students, faculty, staff and visitors. Tickets and fines will be issued to violators.
Method of Instruction
The format of the class includes: Lectures, Labs and Team Projects. Lectures will be derived
from the Text Book and additional information that the instructor may feel is pertinent. The
weekly PowerPoint slides will be posted on Blackboard.
Labs will be conducted at Ivy Tech either in the class room or an appropriate lab. Each student
will create and maintain a “Lab Book”. The Lab Book will capture all of the lab results,
calculations, and observations for all of the labs completed during the semester. Lab Books will
be turned-in prior to the end of the class.
Team Projects will require some contact with other team members during the class and between
classes. Each Team will be responsible to present to the class Team Presentations as defined by
the instructor.
Due Dates & Deadlines
The Syllabus and Course Calendar are 2 important tools to help students understand the course,
student and instructor expectations, and deadlines. Both documents can be found under the “Start
Here” button in the course within Blackboard.
Ivy Tech Community College
Academic Affairs
ENGT 120
Students are required to submit work on time for a chance to receive credit. Deadlines for each
week/assignment are summarized on the course calendar. Students should check the calendar
frequently for deadlines and to be aware of what to expect next. Deadlines are subject to change.
Students are responsible for timely assignment submission. Should a computer system or
network go down, students must still turn in work in a timely manner. Don’t wait until the last
minute. Plan ahead by seeking alternative means for submitting work before needed. Local
libraries and all Ivy Tech Community College campuses can serve as alternative resources.
Contact the closest/most convenient campus or other public lab for schedules and Internet
availability. Not having access to the required software on a home or work computer is not a
legitimate excuse for turning in homework late.
Attendance Policy – Don’t Get Dropped from Class!
Registered students are expected to arrive on time. Come to class prepared for scheduled
activities. NOTE: Failure to attend is not an official class withdrawal. Students wanting to
withdraw must complete and sign an official Drop/Add form and return it to the registrar by
Saturday April 12th, otherwise a Grade of “F” for the class will be entered on the student’s
grade record.
Make-Up Policy
A missed test or other graded material may be made-up only at the discretion of the instructor. If
you miss a class you will need to contact the instructor via email or phone. There is no make-up
for quizzes, labs, homework or exams without the instructor’s approval. You are responsible to
provide all group project team information to your team prior to any presentation.
Last Day to Withdraw
If a student wishes to withdraw from this course, students are responsible for completing an
official withdrawal form with the registrar. The last day to withdraw from this course is 11:59
p.m. Saturday, April 12.
The lab is owned by the college. You are guests in this lab. As such I expect that you will
conduct yourself accordingly. Drinks with a sealed cap are allowed (i.e. water or soda bottles).
Drinks with an open top are not allowed (i.e. coffee cups or soda cans). Non-messy food items
are allowed. If you have a spill or make a mess you are expected to clean it up. You must log-on
using your campus connect username and password. Please notify the instructor of any problems.
All grades will be maintained in Blackboard’s online grade book. Students are responsible to
track their progress by referring to the online grade book
Right of Revision
The college reserves the right to change any statements, policies or scheduling as necessary.
Students will be informed promptly of any and all changes.
Ivy Tech Community College
Academic Affairs
ENGT 120
Instructor Commitment
Ivy Tech Community College instructors are committed to responding to students within two
business days. If a student sends communication, but does not receive a response, they should
double-check that the correct communication method was used and that the correct location is
being checked for a reply.
Messages: all students must use the messages function of the course for course-related
communications. Using messages, students can send and receive information from within the
course. Messages can only be sent and received from within the course in Blackboard. Please
check messages frequently.
To access messages (send and receive):
1. Log into Blackboard & enter the course.
2. Click on ‘Communication & Tools’, then Messages.
3. There are two folders: Inbox and Sent. The Inbox folder will contain all received
messages (so look there for messages from the instructor or other students). The Sent
folder will contain sent.
4. At the top left corner, above the folders, is the button to start a Create Message.
5. After clicking on Create Message, clicking on the “To” button students can select the
name of the person to write. Use the right-facing arrow to move the person into the
“recipient” box.
6. Then, type a message and click on the Submit button when ready to send it.
Email: all students must use the email function of the course for course-related communications.
Students can send email from within the course in Blackboard, but will not receive responses
inside the course. All emails are received in the Campus Connect email system. Students can
also use the Campus Connect email system to send email.
To access email from within the course:
1. Log into Blackboard & enter the course.
2. Click on ‘Communication & Tools’, then send email.
3. Please DO NOT use the MESSAGES feature inside Communication & Tools.
4. Select “All Instructor Users” to email the instructor.
5. To send an email to another member of the class, choose Select Users and choose the
name(s) from the list. Use the right-facing arrow to move the person into the “recipient”
To access Campus Connect, go to:
Black Board IM: all students are encouraged to download and use the Black Board Instant
Messenger. This communication tool can used to gain access to fellow students and the
instructor quickly and in a less formal way.
To download the BB IM from within the course:
1. Log into Blackboard & enter the course.
2. Click on ‘Communication & Tools’
3. Click on ‘Blackboard IM’
Ivy Tech Community College
Academic Affairs
ENGT 120
4. Download the Blackboard IM
5. Launch the BB IM, and you can then select a course and person you would like to IM.
Telephone: you may wish to contact the instructor via the telephone. If you get the voice mail
response, leave you r name, phone number and message and the instructor will get back with you
as soon as possible.
How is my grade calculated?
Grades in this course are determined by the following criteria:
Grades in this course are determined by the following criteria:
Discussions 5%
Lab Notebook 10%
Projects & Presentations 15%
Homework 15%
Midterm Exam 25%
Final Exam 30%
Rubrics will be defined as needed for gradable material.
Grading Scale
90% - 100% A
80% - 89% B
70% - 79% C
60% - 69% D
Below 60% F
Optional Campus Support
Students are welcome to use the services and equipment available at the most convenient Ivy
Tech Campus. Services include academic advising, equipment, libraries, and tutoring. Please
locate the most convenient Ivy Tech campus by reviewing the information at
The Ivy Tech Library is available to students on- and off-campus, offering full text journals,
books, and other resources essential for course assignments. The Library can be accessed from
the “Library” tab in Blackboard or from the “Library” tab in Campus Connect.Click for Help
Log into Blackboard at and visit the “Click for Help” tab for
information about computer downloads. This tab provides students with important computer
information, including security software, viewer software for users without Microsoft products,
adobe reader, flash player, java, and more.
Ivy Tech Community College
Academic Affairs
ENGT 120
Disabilities Services
Students with questions or needs for disabilities support services should contact their local
Disabilities Support Services director/coordinator. In the future, it is recommended that students
contact Disabilities Support Services at least 30 days before the start of the semester. The contact
information listed here is for the disabilities support director/coordinator at the instructor’s
local campus. For information about disabilities support services at another campus, please visit: or Campus Connect (
Disabilities Support Contact:
First Name: Todd
Last Name: Nichols
Phone Number: 260.481.2210
Email (Ivy Tech Email): [email protected]
Blackboard IM ID: wnichols3
Office/Campus Location: Harshman Hall Room 1710
Office Hours: Mon - Fri 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Wk 1 - Lecture 1, Assignment = Read Chapter 1
Wk 2 - Special Project, Assignment = Read Chapter 2
Wk 3 - Lecture 2, Assignment = Read Chapter 3
Wk 4 - Lecture 3, Assignment = Read Chapter 4
Wk 5 - Lecture 4, Assignment = Read Chapter 5
Wk 6 - Lecture 5, Assignment = TBD
Wk 7 - Review, Assignment = Prepare for Mid-Term
Wk 8 - Mid Term, Assignment = Read Chapter 6
Wk 9 - Lecture 6, Assignment = Read Chapter 7
Wk 10 - Lecture 7, Assignment = Read Chapter 8
Wk 11 - Lecture 8, Assignment = Read Chapter 9
Wk 12 - Lecture 9, Assignment = Read Chapter 10
Wk 13 - Lecture 10, Assignment = TBD
Wk 14 - Lecture 11, Assignment = TBD
Wk 15 - Review, Assignment = Prepare for Final
Wk 16 - Final
Ivy Tech Community College
Academic Affairs
ENGT 120