Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Public Health

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Public Health
University of Colorado Denver
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and
Colorado School of Public Health
Required Course Listing:
I. Public Health (23 cr. hrs.):
PBHL 2000 Introduction to Public Health
PBHL 2020 Introduction to Environmental Health
PBHL 3001 Introduction to Epidemiology
PBHL 3030 Health Policy
PBHL 3070 Perspectives in Global Health
PBHL 4040 Social Determinants of Health
PBHL 4099 Capstone Experience in Public Health
II. Statistics (3 cr. hrs.):
This may be fulfilled with a wide array of statistics courses offered in a number of
disciplines. Examples: Sociology 3121, Psychology 2090, Math 2830, Anthropology
4050, Biology 3763.
III. Biological Sciences (8 cr. hrs.):
Possible courses to fulfill this requirement include:
BIOL 1550 Basic Biology: Ecology and the Diversity of Life
BIOL 1560 Basic Biology: From Cells to Organisms
ANTH 1303 Introduction to Biological Anthropology
IV. Electives (9 cr. hrs):
Examples of available electives
PBHL 3021
PBHL 3031
PBHL 3041
PBHL 4080
PBHL 4200
PBHL 4021
GEOG 4235
CMMU 4500
CMMU 4620
PSYC 3262
Fundamentals of Health Promotion
Health and Human Behavior
Health and Society
Global Health Practice
The Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic
Community Health Assessment
GIS Applications in the Health Sciences
Health Communication
Health Risk Communication
Health Psychology
Total credit hours for BA option
*Revised by AJF 3/18/13 per PBHL team meeting 3/14/13