Review Test 1 ST315

Review Test 1 ST315
Material allowed on the exam
1. A TI calculator
2. Copy of normal table
3. Copy of binomial table (upto n=12)
4. A formula sheet 8.5x11 (one sided) to be attached with the exam.
Given a data set , compute the mean , variance, range , median interquartile range.
Set theoretic presentation of the sample space S and the events in S(e.g. Exercise
3.12 and 3.14
 Three axioms of probability
 Probability of union of k events
 Probability of intersection of any two events
 Probability of intersection of independent events
 Mutually exclusive events and complementary events.
 Exercise 3.49
 Conditional probability and multiplication rule of probability
 Rule of total probability (i.e. partition of an event into disjoint parts)
 Bayes theorem (just statement and proof no problem solving)
 Exercise 3.64
 Find probabilities of different events from the given classification table (exercise
Chapter 4
 Moments of a discrete distribution
 Binomial distribution its probability mass function, its mean, its variance,
parameters, Interpretation of parameters
 Use of binomial table/ use of a TI calculator to find binomial probabilities.
 Prove that mean of binomial is np and variance is npq.
 Poisson distribution its pmf, mean variance parameters, interpretation of
parameters. Interpretation of poisson random variable.
 Approximation of binomial probabilities with poisson probabilities
 Properties of hypergeometric, geometric and multinomial distributions
 Exercise 4.7, 4.4, 4.57, 4.48, 4.79, 4.83,
Chapter 5
 Moments of a continuous distribution
 Exercise 5.1, 5.6, 5.11, 5.12
 Normal distribution, its probability density function and density function
 Standard normal variate and its properties, the transformation formula
 Use of normal table
 Parameters of normal distribution
 Normal approximation to binomial.