Appended below is the agenda for this Thursday`s Water District

Appended below is the agenda for this Thursday's Water District
meeting. We'll meet in the Library Corte Madera School at 7:33
pm instead of the usual room 1001.
0) Public Comment
Members of the public may address the Board on District relevant issues not listed on the
agenda. Comments on matters that are listed on the agenda may be made at the time the
Board is considering each item. Each speaker is allowed a maximum of three (3) minutes.
1) Approval of Minutes, previous meeting (5 min)
2) President's remarks - Ward (5 minutes)
3) Financials - Krenz (10 minutes)
4) Discussion of Grand Jury Report - All (45 minutes)
Required actions
Brainstorm directions for LTCWD
5) 2009 LTCWD Calendar - Ward (10 minutes)
6) Signing new Resolution
Moving setting Water Cost Discount meeting to May each year
7) Project Reports - All (45 minutes)
Water Use Efficiency
Emergency Preparedness
Waste Water
8) Correspondence - as received
9) Set date, time, and place of next meeting.
Mike Ward
LTWCD President 2009