Partner search form for cooperation in Tempus IV project

Erasmus+ Call for proposals, 2015
(to be completed in English)
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General information
Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute (TPMI)
Since 1972, TPMI preparing Pediatrician and leading researches in
Pediatrician. TPMI have 4 faculties: Pediatrician, General
Medicine, Medico-Pedagogue and Higher Nursery. There are 38
Departments by 120 directions of Medicine and Humanities
subjects. 3764 students studying in TPMI from them 3030Bachelors, 396-Masters, 304-Internship students, 34-Doctoral
degree students.
MAHMIT, UZHELTH, TechReh ( better to give full title with links to
Sabir Nurkhodjaev, Mr, Head of Department of International
Relations, Tel.: +998 71 262-34-03,
Project description
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Joint Project (JP) or
Structural Measure (SM)
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B, C or D
category A Curriculum
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Brief need analysis
Health/Psychiatry and clinical psychology.
The project is in line with national priority under category A.
Current problems in Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology in the
contemporary health care and medical education are
Psychohygiene, Psychoprophylaxis and Psychotherapy need
modernization curriculum. One of the National and regional
relevance actuality of this direction is Law of the Republic of
Uzbekistan “On State Youth Policy in the Republic of Uzbekistan”,
where is based on one of next principles: the continuity of the
national and cultural traditions, the spiritual connection between
For implementation above principles need the Psychoprophylaxis
and Psychohygiene, because the informational world, many illegal
extremist organizations is recruiting youth who previously had not
been informed or spiritually weak.
Erasmus+ Call for proposals, 2015
Objectives and activities
Proposed methodology if
Expected results
Target groups and
stakerholders (enterprises,
student organisations, for
SM – Ministry of Higher and
Secondary Specialised
Education of Uzbekistan)
If possible information about
other HEIs in Uzbekistan to
be involved in project
Modernization directions of Psychiatry and clinical psychology,
particularly Psychohygiene, Psychoprophylaxis and
Psychotherapy. Reorganization curriculum and practical skills of
Medical students.
Lectures, seminars, workshops, training courses, meetings,
including on-line conferences with EU partners Universities.
· Mastering the students new knowledge and skills in the field of
mental health;
· Awareness of the students that mental health - one of the major
component of quality of life;
· The reduction in addictive (self-destructive) and deviant behavior
in educational and family environment;
· Increased interest in mental hygiene, psycho-prophylaxis and
· The development of mental abilities;
· Enhancing the role of student government in the formation of
· Willingness graduates to work among children and youth.
Bachelor, Master, Internship and Doctoral degree Students.
Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute’s Nukus branch, Samarkand
State Medical Institute, Tashkent Institute Postgraduate Medical
Education, Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education
of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Ministry of Health of the Republic of